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  1. Well, how are you going to protect rights when you have greedy inbred West Virginian capitalist millionaires like Joe Manchin and that ugly Cruella DeVil cunt in Arizona blocking Democratic agendas? Anyone with half a brain, as you say, would clearly see what the real obstacles are. Get real. If you want to play the field the right way politically, if you're a coward and won't lash out at the theocracy through violence, then you need to start electing people who are equally as dirty as the Trumpers in terms of vilifying violently the enemies of the state that are the Republicans and their voters. We need to end the wishy washy pussy PC California politics that people like you favor and get downright nasty, Eren Jaeger style.
  2. Frankly: a second civil war is a better fought battle ideologically than any war that Americans have been involved in since the second World War; we don't have a modern military, just mercs littered with a majority of retards who don't know they're being used in the name of capitalism.
  3. And if any of you have any problems with my sentiments, then you're just as bad as the centrists who believe nothing will happen and feign shock when it happens and when even more rights are taken from citizens of this nation. I am the descendant of Tom Quick, Avenger of the Delaware and I will not allow mongoloids and the intellectual dull to make me a second class citizen without a fight, in the nation that my family fought to establish. This is the tyranny that the Founding Fathers warned us about and wrote the 2nd Amendment for.
  4. If liberals/real Americans had any balls, they'd pull a 1/6 on the Supreme Court. I'm gay and I know my rights are next; they're going to have to pry my rights out of my cold dead 3% hands and I'm willing to take as many degenerates with me as possible.
  5. Lumbar stenosis sucks. Lexapro, not so much.
  6. Care to elaborate, or will I be ignored for asking? He's one of the premiere composers still doing symphonic work and these things called motifs and themes. If it wasn't for him, we'd be listening to the same generic noise that we've gotten from Zimmer, more recently with Dune. Please, expand and offer examples.
  7. Old age is terrible. I'm the opposite; Giacchino I can remember like Goldsmith and Williams. It's Zimmer and Desplat who make those themes that work in the moment but for the life of me are instantly forgettable.
  8. Casting: Jacob Elordi as Commander Shepard Maude Apatow as Liara Joel Kinnaman as Garrus Idris Elba as Saren Anya Taylor-Joy Algee Smith as Kaidan Alenko Hailee Steinfeld as Ashley Williams Colman Domingo as Captain Anderson Sigourney Weaver as Udina Jeremy Irons as Vigil Andy Serkis as Wrex; Sovereign Kieran Culkin as Joker
  9. I've been out of work for a few weeks with a now Lumbar Stenosis diagnosis; so, after the rumors of an Amazon TV series hit, I got busy writing up a spec treatment for an Amazon series that is both faithful and yet differentiates itself from the original trilogy. Here's a breakdown of the four seasons in episode form, without summary, that gives an idea of how I'd break the three games down... MASS EFFECT: Season 1 1. Eden Prime 2. Citadel 3. Spectre 4. Terra Nova 5. Feros 6. Noveria 7. Cerberus 8. Virmire 9. Conduit 10. Sovereign MASS EFFECT: Season 2 1. Lair of the Shadow Broker 2. Lazarus Project 3. Omega Heat 4. The Team 5. Clan Urdnot 6. Horizon 7. The Collectors 8. Specters 9. Overlord 10. Subject Zero 11. Sins of the Father 12. Legion 13. Vas Normandy 14. Trojan 15. Omega-4 MASS EFFECT: Season 3 1. The Arrival 2. Ghosts of Mars 3. The Lost Empire 4. Grissom Evac 5. Primarch 6. Eve 7. Honor 8. Shroud 9. Kai Leng 10. Vendetta MASS EFFECT: Season 4 1. Ashes 2. Rannoch 3. Brighter Days 4. The Ruler of Omega 5. Leviathan 6. Sanctuary 7. Catalyst 8. Sword Fleet 9. London 10. An End, Once and For All
  10. I watched them all (in 4K mmmm 'sploosh) on September 21 and it was a lovely experience; I don't often do a back to back to back of the EE, but it really is an experience to sit down and do it and see how well it just flows together. And as far as The Hobbit is concerned, they aren't perfect but they aren't nearly as bad as we all made them out to be. Maybe it's because some really subpar efforts have come out that have just made The Hobbit productions just a bit more polished by comparison within the last decade, but the films do make more of a positive impact on the LOTR film trilogy with what Jackson and Co. achieved. I would have done things a bit differently - the Necromancer subplot could have been it's own film and I have a rap sheet of editorial changes I would make with The Hobbit material - but I don't hate them. Behind the MCU and the Planet of the Apes trilogy, Hobbit was probably third overall in franchises during the teens. As for the Amazon production: the trailer didn't leave me with any red flags. Pretty sure you can't bring back Blanchett and Weaving if they're supposed to be Galadriel and Elrond in what would probably be their Elven 20s. Give me the Pilot before I make any real condemnation on it.
  11. Man, if only we had the means to access their own defense systems and point them directly at their military and political leadership. BSG did have a good idea or two. If only there was a president who wasn't compromised or didn't have the stomach to carry out that kind of death toll. Gonna be frank: nuclear is going to be the endgame at some point within the next twenty or thirty years. I'd rather it be us as the messengers.
  12. Moment TK made the announcement for ROH, I knew Regal was getting a phone call at least for that job. It was a mark moment and it'll be interesting to see where that grouping goes now that Mox has bled Bryan. I wonder when Joe's coming in.
  13. I'm thinking that it will eventually get tied to whatever deal TK makes with Warner Discovery and a streaming deal. We may have to wait for the next day for Dynamite and Rampage, but ROH would an HBO Max exclusive and they can also run the inevitable War of the Worlds PPV on HBO Max. If anything, this was a good investment because with the ROH library behind what they've already built up, they get a nicer deal when it eventually happens.
  14. Outside of the Punk entrance and his match with Max, and the William Regal moment which was expected because ROH needs a dude for Tony to direct and that's a smart pick up, the PPV was meh. Kind of like the last Revolution. I'm assuming Punk and Page will go, but I think it's a missed opportunity to have gone with a program with Joe and bring him in and had Punk and Joe while MJF went after the belt and Page. My booking: Give MJF the belt for a cup of coffee and have him be the shortest reigning champion and then just have him pull a Jericho late 90s conspiracy route. Because if anyone should have a short title reign, it should be MJF. It would be a newer layer to his annoying character.
  15. Oh, that kid of yours is evil. It may have all that but it has more in line with Zodiac and Seven than 66. But the gadget work did have me a bit giddy. The four year old from 89 grew chest hair after this one.
  16. I enjoyed that nugget because it made her Flashpoint break plausible, and I'm not even a fan of that particular story. Didn't mind it so much. Never got that insinuation that this one be a one off and this definitely felt like Court of Owls building with the clues that were left throughout. If this was a one off, it works as well as the original Star Wars in that respect.
  17. This film was almost like the Copycat Killer in the Hannibal TV series was for Will Graham: it made me realize how amateur a lot of the Dark Knight trilogy was by comparison and while they're good, Reeves has a much better handle on The Bat than any filmmaker to date, save the Timm/Dini group. My only complaints are Dano being Dano in the third act and I wanted to take a bowling pin to his screeching. I still think he would have been a better Ventriloquist but he was a good Zodiac proto-Riddler who will get fashion tips from the poorly cast neighbor at Arkham. If you've seen Succession, then you kind of know Kieran's been doing The Joker for three seasons. Not sure if I want the Ledger/Phoenix version which I think we're gonna get a riff of again but I hope Barry can do classic Joker.
  18. Nothing about Clones has aged well at all. At least Sith was a step in the right direction with digital cinematography. Clones is the cinematic equivalent of Dragon Age: Origins in how dated it looks in the history of digital filmmaking.
  19. I'm generally attracted to originality. The bottom six are probably the most repetitive and what I grew tired off as a fan since 86. It's really sad about SOLO because there was a lot it has to it that could elevate the film but a lot of the retconned Disney Han Solo origins were crap and the guy was poorly miscast as a young Han; Baby Driver is more of a Han Solo origin story than Solo itself, despite the best efforts of Childish Gambino (that whole droid freedom subplot stemmed from the random line in Empire is almost as bad as the entire plot of Rise of Skywalker). Bring me more Filoni/Favreau/Howard/Johnson (Breaking Bad POWER!). 1. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 2. The Last Jedi (2017) 3. The Mandalorian (2019-) 4. Star Wars (1977) 5. The Book of Boba Fett (2021-???) 6. Rebels (2014-2018) 7. Rogue One (2016) 8. The Clone Wars (2008-2020) 9. The Phantom Menace (1999) 10. Clone Wars: Micro Series (2003-2005) 11. The Force Awakens (2015) 12. Revenge of the Sith (2005) 13. Return of the Jedi (1983) 14. SOLO (2018) 15. Attack of the Clones (2002) 16. The Rise of Skywalker (2019)
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