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  1. I'm so happy I have to elope now in order to appreciate my rights for a moment before they're stripped away while you make the whole process out into a joke reflective of your existence, pissant loser.
  2. Orville was cancelled. Surprised it even lasted three seasons; thought it was mediocre. Oh well... there's always DISCO and real Star Trek. https://www.thecinemaspot.com/2020/08/01/exclusive-the-orville-canceled-after-third-season-at-hulu/?fbclid=IwAR1QEmUxRwcHY3WOEskwxv-T8OpmIWaDdwBqIfvqUZIqlh-mOvE7xTXDfG8
  3. I think I got as far as the Rikers and I called it. This was awful and totally unnecessary. When does Mass Trek: Discovery come back? It's the only show produced post-TOS that actually was consistently entertaining in it's freshman and sophomore seasons. People just need to recognize that television's landscape has changed AND a portion of the audience also needs to recognize that they haven't paid attention to a single moment of Star Trek for the "SJW" snowflake remarks I see with EVERY anti-DISCO rant I've seen. Like, what have these incels been watching the last 54 years?
  4. So much cringe watching the clip of The Fiend with Bliss. Then again, this is the same brand which thinks the Sheamus/Jeff Hardy piss test and overall the same company that enjoys cuckolding is entertainment. The rapey vibe of that final segment Friday night was disgusting. I know the only people who are watching is whoever was watching back in the 80s when they were in high school, but good **** this ain't, Vince!
  5. Note to self: cancel HBO Max next year for the summer and keep my VPN and BitTorrent handy because while it's bad enough Jar Jar Abrams is likely going to have his phallic snoot up DC's bottom in the next couple of years, I'm not giving WarnerMedia any ideas that me watching and subscribing equals wanting to see Snyder near another DC property ever again. Dude should have been fired in 2016 and Justice League should have never been made.
  6. Taker's retirement is long overdue and I honestly haven't been a fan of any of his bookings post-WrestleMania 26. The Streak shouldn't have been broken by Brock and the one match that would have been bank at Mania they made into a squashed joke. Taker and Cena would have been a better bout than Taker and Brock and they should have saved the Streak for Roman. The way the Streak was handled, with nothing to show from it, it really impacted Taker's legacy on top of him just limping along the last ride. I hope he's done for good and rests in peace.
  7. I'll give a fuck about what zoomers think when the ones I've observed can figure out how to do anything without needing YouTube or wifi to tell them how to do it. I'll also give a crap about their two cents when they find a work ethic and not rely on people to carry them.
  8. Probably the best game I've played since ME2 and I never played the original.
  9. If I could go back in time, tell myself to wait two years and not buy the PS3: SE that they paraded as a new system, I would have held out and just gone with the One S and bought the PS4 when an exclusive came along. In six years, I think I've only finished three or four games on the PS4 whereas, thanks to the revolutionary Game Pass Ultimate (the best streaming service available IMO), I've probably played three times that on the One S in 8 months. The DS4 also is extremely uncomfortable and the Xbox controller is flawless and fits in my hand like a glove. I love the fact that the controlle
  10. Only chance I'm taking with the theater is with Tenet and that's going to be if they hold onto the film for about a month or two, the first matinee showing of the last week, and I'm buying seats around me so I'm not being coughed on because I have no doubts that people will get sly and not keep a mask on for the duration of the show because theaters don't keep in house ushers and don't check the houses at all during the FP.
  11. Just from my own point of view, it's scarily similar to an AIDS related case where it may not be the virus that kills the person but will accelerate a condition that will. I agree with you. What's just more scary is that there's never too careful with this thing and the tragic cases of people who were doing their best social distancing still catching it and dying. Pre-diabetic and chronic bronchitis, not risking exposure at all. Be well.
  12. I was illegally terminated because of the virus when I went out sick at the end of March because of an ill timed case of chronic bronchitis and self quarantined after. Actually fought me on the self quarantining and I got a notice of termination dating it back to when I went out sick. Unemployment took three days all together for 8 weeks of back UI and PUA because I explained the exact circumstance to the woman over the phone. NY has it's perks. I've just been writing a book and keeping healthy and laughing at the mental deficiency of some of the states in the country.
  13. I'm less interested in J.J. Abrams films now since his last three were all creatively bankrupt. And if I see the name Kasdan on the writer credits, I know not to give it the same credit as the name that's attached to two of the best films in the start of the 80s. The only ones I'd trust with Star Wars are Filoni, Favreau, and Johnson; Johnson has shown potential to make great Star Wars stories, he just doesn't need to be handcuffed and handicapped by J.J.'s bad habits. Probably the best writer/director the franchise has had that was met with the grossest neanderthalic behavior I've seen fro
  14. It's pretty obvious that there's nothing left in the tank and WWE is pretty much on its last legs before the industry finally becomes the niche market it's been gravitating towards and loses primary coverage outside of cable. The pandemic has definitely proven the emperor has no clothes. You would think that if your live attendance was plummeting and you need to keep your revenue flowing in your TV deals to stay viably afloat on top that you'd try with your creative! I'm looking forward to Fox wisening up and using their Disney money on better investments because Murdoch also showed his age
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