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  1. Did the Main Character get voice actors? Only way this is a proper remake is if You Know Who can actually talk. Probably just going to wait for it's exclusivity to run up and go to Xbox after the fact. From everything I had heard, this wasn't supposed to be a straight remake so more details would be great. Would be awesome if they really did go hard and make it an entirely new game. About time Darth Revan became canonized in the Disney era.
  2. Great trailer; blew No Way Home out of the universe for me. I know this won't happen but I hope this ties back into Neo being able to control the machines in Reloaded and Revolutions, Morpheus spent his whole life looking into that phenomena, and then it's discovered that it's pretty much a maze of Matrixes and that we've never seen the real world and it turns out that the real world is actually a small sect of humans who've either made a pact with the machines to harvest humans or it turns out that they've controlled the machines the whole time or there were never machines and it was just
  3. Bryan Danielson and Omega are happening too quickly. And, just by the way the way the promo went, I'm getting a sneaky suspicion that their program is going to mirror Piper/Hogan from WCW and it's going to be a non title win for Bryan and then a rubber match title victory for Omega. All pit stops to whenever Khan pulls the trigger on Page and Omega.
  4. 1. Do you actually watch and pay attention, re: Page? 2. Why would you make that original statement and then end the follow up wondering why an average in ring performer on the same level as The Miz isn't in the world title scene?
  5. I didn't think the main event was anything special and I question it's place in the main event. I would have flipped the placement of the match with the Elite/Danielson spot. The ME was "here's your home town boy" and it was just alright. I wish I had made it in time to watch Black and Dustin as Black has been the MVP of every show he's performed on since his debut. But Hunter Hurst Cody will probably derail that in a few weeks.
  6. The Snaps weren't enough of a window? We don't need more FoX-Men.
  7. It doesn't really look that good and I suspect, just like Black Panther, the reviews are being too generous because of certain aspects and instead of judging a piece of work on it's actual merits, it gets a free pass from the SJW infestation in film criticism circles. Will probably get a Best Picture nomination, too.
  8. Miranda doesn't have an ass. She has flapjacks.
  9. They both should have survived Virmire and Ashley should have been blown out of the Normandy with Shepard and set up as an Illusive Man insurance policy had Shepard gone rogue as he did. Or, that's what they should do in the movies/streaming series instead of the generic Kai Leng nonsense. Also... it's amazing how right people are about the Indoctrination theory and yet so wrong about the actually nature of it. The whole game is about Indoctrination and the choices are whether or not the Reapers successfully were able to capture Shepard. There are numerous signs pointing at the Reapers t
  10. Wow, looks like I was right for the last year or so. Now Cole costs Omega the title against Page at Full Gear and we'll be off. Best show AEW has produced since prior to the pandemic. It's true, it's true!
  11. He was enough to force me out of "wrestling" when The Company fucked him, and he's enough to bring me back into it full time. I haven't bought wrestling merchandise in eight years; that's going to change when Shop AEW lets me. Give me Danielson and Cole now. Even better: get me Johnny Gargano so we can actually have the best wrestler in North America in a talent pool where he belongs instead of dork circus fests in NXT.
  12. AEW is All Elite and finally lives up to it's name. Just need The Final Countdown in a month from now and I might actually go back into the company after taking a break from the sex scandals in 2020 turning me off. The sooner Punk takes a dump on the Elite dorkfest and they get flushed down the toilet, the better. And please, Tony, cut a 1/3 of the indy performers. And everyone in Dark Order except for Silver. If you need inspiration for culling your stables, see the Tournament of Power arc from Dragon Ball Super. You're welcome for the idea.
  13. I don't. They're for weak minded people. Or at least the ones who died who I went to school always were. In the age where cannabis is more available, I don't understand why anyone would still be popping pills.
  14. I'm so happy I have to elope now in order to appreciate my rights for a moment before they're stripped away while you make the whole process out into a joke reflective of your existence, pissant loser.
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