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  1. More info keeps "leaking" on LFL's disappointment with Lord and Millar. Turns out they weren't getting the coverage that was expected. Limited camera set ups, not enough angles, not enough range of delivery from the actors. I'm guessing LFL learned from what went wrong on RO and wanted to limit their exposure by having enough footage that they could basically take over in editing...I guess that didn't happen and Lord and Miller were let go.
  2. Durty D

    Iron Fist

    I thought this was the weakest of all the showings on Netflix so far. This was the entry point to the Netflix Marvel universe for my girlfriend and I've never seen someone roll their eyes so often. I think a lot of the problems with this series was Danny's character. What were his motivations? Why did he leave Kung Lau? Why not address that straight away? Why was his power level so erratic from episode to episode. One episode he's an untouchable Matrix type, next episode he's getting his ass handed to him by some schlub in a mobile shipping container. Why did they water down the Hand f
  3. I'm 100 hours in with no desire to rescue the princess...yet. Like Wader, I want to finish side quests and shrines and continue exploring. This game rewards the inquisitive mind like no other - something Nintendo is bringing to the new Mario game if the trailers and hands-on reviews are to be believed.
  4. I got it on switch and have been figuring out ways to get out of work and play it ever since. Beautifully realised world and an absolute pleasure to explore...never actually feels like a chore or a grind which lots of games have become over recent years.
  5. He's been alive since TPM, he basically escaped after being cut in half and hid away for 10 years going mad in the process. The clone wars introduced his two brothers Savage and Feral (true story) who eventually tracked down Maul after a tip off form some darkside cult sisters. When they found him he had spider legs (another true story) but eventually they got him some super battledroid legs (yet another true story) as they teamed up to have revenge against Kenobi. Maul and his brother then killed a load of Jedi and had a few unresolved encounters with Kenobi. I think thelast we see of Maul
  6. Durty D


    New trailer came out today - looks half decent and the yellow costume is in it!!!!
  7. They did, how can we forget the amazing character-building droid factory sequence from AOTC.
  8. I only do world wide because it's not worth discussing NZ's box office haha - no wonder I thought you guys were being ultra conservative!
  9. Put me down for $600m. I feel if Doctor Strange can cross that mark then this will have no problem doing the same. I'm thinking the usual Star Wars repeated viewings crowd will help.
  10. 46 shots not in Rogue One: https://vimeo.com/196155136
  11. I've seen it a total of 3 times now. 2D big screen, 3D big screen and a 2D more intimate screening. I've gone from man-flu grump in the first viewing to acceptance in the 2nd and complete convert by the 3rd. Overall, my main concern remains: it's very patchwork. Much like the worst part of the prequels you can tell that there was significant rework. The most jarring is Jyn's interaction with Saw at the base. It feels like they kept Jones' original performance and rehsot Whittaker. The two don't really share a frame...and when they do I think they use what I assume is a stand in fo
  12. I saw it at the NZ midnight showing on Thursday...and I have to say that overall I didn't like it. Now, to be fair, I did have flu and I was probably in a grumpy mood but it seemed very patch work to me. As an avid video gamer I thought the Tarkin and Leia footage was sub-par for the big screen and more at home on a PS4...I've already heard one person call it BFG-like. I also thought the Tarkin scenes were too much, should have been used much more sparingly because it actually took away from the character of Krennic. Mendelsohn is an amazing actor so I'm not sure why they made the decis
  13. I think they dropped the ball on the timeline stuff (ironic). I'm sure some of the awards in his cabinet were dated 2016 yet the movie features Avenger Tower in the NY skyline.
  14. Durty D

    NES Classic

    if they'd have included Duck Hunt and a gun I would have been in !
  15. I have questions (spoilers) What becomes of the worm that was in Barb's mouth? What about the one that was in Will's mouth? So they turn in to the monster we saw or something else? Are there possibly more worms inside Will? What was in the egg the cop saw in upside down? Seemed awfully large for a worm
  16. I saw it this weekend with 2 friends and when we came out we agreed that overall we 'liked' it. Then we spent the next 30 minutes picking it apart. There are so many dumb decisions, editing problems and plain content inclusion problems in this movie. From massive 'how did person x know about situation y' type of problems to minor nitpicks like 'why does kryptonite glow like a lightsaber in some scenes and then not at all in others?' I think someone else nailed it earlier but this was like a greatest hits of Batman and Superman and much like those hastily thrown together at
  17. Enjoy is not the right word but I enjoyed that scene.
  18. Saw it about 9 hours ago at the NZ midnight showing. Overall: Better than ant PT entry. Not better than any OT entry but draws on what made the OT great. Kylo Ren is a very interesting bad guy in that he inherently just isn't bad enough - this isn't a criticism of the movie - his character is written this way. He's been led to the dark side under false pretence and carried out some terrible acts but ultimately he's conflicted, weak and malleable. I 'really' liked Rey and this film is all hers.
  19. I watched the phantom edit over the weekend - worthwhile exercise if you are struggling to binge watch all of the films before Wednesday night
  20. I don't mind the new Superman either. Similar to the destruction of New York in Avengers, I was astounded by the carnage in the first film but on reflection it's more believable than guy with all those powers and enemies having zero repercussions. That said, not liking this second trailer. Hopefully what we've seen from Lex so far is his professional/billionaire/geek/eccentric mask and we get to see some underlying menace in the movie.
  21. Grabbed the 1st episode the other day - loved it. Same spirit of the movies with a bit of down-trodden Bubba thrown in for good measure. Effects are a bit wishy-washy but completely in-keeping the state of the originals.
  22. They are all alien types...in a galaxy far far away We saw Chewbacca
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