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  1. Where is NumberSix? This will suck without him! The Mysteries of Laura: 24 Grey's Anatomy: 24 Heroes Reborn: 13 Last Man Standing: 20 Grandfathered: 20 Scream Queens: 12 Supernatural: 22 Rosewood: 13 IZombie: 20 Code Black: 13 Won't Be Cancelled: Sleepy Hollow
  2. Madam Secretary (11) Resurrection (13) The Originals (22) Selfie (9) Stalker (12) Chicago PD (20) The 100 (13) Survivor (26) Gotham (13) Constantine (13) Won't be canceled: Arrow
  3. This series is fantastic. I've consumed almost all of it this summer while laid up with a broken leg. Books comfort you in a time like that in a way that little else does.
  4. I could fall in love with this movie if it plays out like that.
  5. Anybody gonna read JK Rowling's new book?
  6. Anyone else find it weird that we're getting new V and Universe threads every week but this thread has been around since 2004?
  7. People who say "brah," especially people who aren't douchebag frat guys. Tell me about it! He's like a ****ing ferret with a shiny new piece of metal when he runs across a new word or an old word used a new way he likes! He sees it, he snatches it, and he runs it into the damned ground for 6 months until he finds a shiny new word. Six months ago it was moist this and moist that and now it's brah this and brah that. This would be a little thing that annoys me.
  8. If you ever see me apologize to ShadowJerk for anything, run and check the temperature in hell.
  9. Suuuuure you did, fatass. Oh, I wasn't calling you a fatass, fatass. I mean, Shadowdog. I meant no offense, Destiny.
  10. I hate it when I screw up like that. On the male names I have to admit I don't respect a grown man who insists on being called Mikey or Bradley or Johnny. Others like Kenny or Terry or Sonny are fine. Weird. Never really thought about it out loud until now.
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