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  1. Where is NumberSix? This will suck without him! The Mysteries of Laura: 24 Grey's Anatomy: 24 Heroes Reborn: 13 Last Man Standing: 20 Grandfathered: 20 Scream Queens: 12 Supernatural: 22 Rosewood: 13 IZombie: 20 Code Black: 13 Won't Be Cancelled: Sleepy Hollow
  2. Madam Secretary (11) Resurrection (13) The Originals (22) Selfie (9) Stalker (12) Chicago PD (20) The 100 (13) Survivor (26) Gotham (13) Constantine (13) Won't be canceled: Arrow
  3. This series is fantastic. I've consumed almost all of it this summer while laid up with a broken leg. Books comfort you in a time like that in a way that little else does.
  4. I could fall in love with this movie if it plays out like that.
  5. Anybody gonna read JK Rowling's new book?
  6. Kitty Kitty Meow WOW

  7. It's spelled "ratchet" ... just an FYI.

  8. When internet guys ask for a picture of my tits, I ask for a picture of their credit score.

    1. Darth Krawlie

      Darth Krawlie

      oh sweet this is so totally a win for me

    2. Baalzamon


      You show me yours, I show you mine? :}

  9. Yeah, I think the thought scarred us all. ;)

  10. Thanks for making me think of TR's dick. I could have gone my whole life without that. LOL

  11. That old assed ****? Really?

  12. How long has it been since you've turned on IM? 5 years?

  13. I'm in a bad mood this morning. Probably not a good time to have a keyboard in hand/

  14. I drove all niiiiiight to get to you.

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