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  1. Cereese asked me to weigh in here, since I'm working toward my counseling license. Honestly, I think what MG said is truly spot on. She brought up a lot of excellent points and suggestions that I fully support, and there isn't anything more I would add other than STRONGLY suggesting scheduling an appointment with a counselor for yourself. This is a hard situation with a lot of history feeding it (it must have been hard growing up with a mother that acted like that), and a professional can help you not only deal with and proceed in the current situation, but also overcome the difficulties both
  2. I haven't posted in here yet because I didn't have any digital pictures readily available of my heavier days, but I'm getting ready to move to a new apartment in a few weeks and we've been going through boxes trying to seriously downsize (ah, how appropriate for this thread!). As I was going through one box, I came across some old photos of me in my raver days and it so happened that I was the same T-shirt in one of the photos that I was wearing today to go through the boxes (it had long since been turned into a grungy-work shirt). It also so happens that I was 30 pounds heavier in that pictur
  3. Ericka - perfect! I was going to post those same three guys when I got home from work today. Thanks for representing! .: fist bump :.
  4. I submit the following: BOWM BOWM - Ohhhh yeahhhh. Chicka BOWM BOWM - Ohhhhh yeahhhh... But while Simon was my first love on Misfits and the next guy took me a full season to warm up to, he has since become another delicious Misfits treat in my eyes: Those tattoos. That wiry body. That ass. That british accent. That ***hole attitude... UHGN!!
  5. Ericka - who dat? I got tingly with the picture of that guy dangling a cigarette while cooking an egg...
  6. LOL - awesome. Thanks for both those finds, Icey!
  7. YOU JUST REMINDED ME OF ANOTHER ONE!!!!! OMG, HOW COULD I FORGET?!?!?!?!?!? (I know mine did...) But also: (do you think he'd let me touch his crossbow?) And: (it takes a sexy man to play sexy characters) And no fangirl list of delicious men could be complete without: (but when it comes to Boondock Saints, I can't seperate the two characters for the bank... they are always together... doing everything together... everything...) Dear lord, do I have the hots for Norman Reedus. He was at the New Orleans comic con, but we missed his panel. I did breathe the same air as him for
  8. I am really a drooling fangirl for Skarsgaard, but I like imagining the three of them in a shakey H... yum! Other people mentioned some great ones, but I need to add one that many may overlook: Peter Dinklage - he is straight up hot, short stature or no. His confidence is both through the roof and deserved, and that is very, very sexy. Kevin Bacon - I have always thought he was sexy in a brooding sort of way, but his turn as Ryan Hardy really takes the cake for me. I am a Voice addict. The day that Adam Levine does not come back as a judge is most likely the day I'll stop being
  9. I love that Carroll has truly become a super-villian, now complete The show has only just gotten started...
  10. I freaking love The Following and I am shocked it is on a non-cable channel. It is well written, very well acted and super interesting. Kevin Bacon is amazing and the heartbeat sound speeding up during his action scenes is a fantastic device, both for eliciting concern for the safety of the character and for paying homage to The Telltale Heart. Clever, intelligent, dark and suspenseful - great show all around.
  11. Looper - A-****ing-plus!! I don't agree that it is the next Bladerunner, but it was a truly terrific film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was terrific as a young Bruce Willis, nailing subtle mannerism in a way that was almost eerie, and the story was thought provoking.
  12. Hey comic book collectors! Check out this thread in Hobbies: http://nightly.net/topic/75207-comic-book-collecting-the-art-and-the-prize/
  13. The Change Up - B+ Yes, it was another Freaky Friday rip off, but it presented some new elements previously unexplored, such as, is it simple mastubating if you are in your best friend's body while you are doing it? Very funny, if not very original. And both actors did a fine job portraying each other's characters, with a few moments that were golden.
  14. I don't understand, Six... All I have picked up on in Saga is a message of protecting one's family / child at all costs. I guess certain characters can be a little gritty, but it seems to be the bad guys who are the ones doing really bad things in the bedroom. I don't think it's meant to push the boundaries so much as remind us what our boundaries are, to ensure we understand who the good guys are supposed to be.
  15. I love Swinton! I will have to check that one out, RC. ***** Hugo - B It was visually interesting and great storytime fun, but there was something missing... it was almost as if some of the whimsy was forced, rather than occuring naturally. The kids were great, though, and it was a surprise to learn that the innocent bookish girl in this movie was the same actress who played the butt-kicking Hit Girl in Kick Ass. Sasha Baron Cohen was pleasantly tame and I am more willing to give him a chance in the Freddie Mercury biopic...
  16. I need to add Saga to our monthly list - since it has quickly became one of my favorite comics
  17. The Hangover 2 - B+ Everyone I know said this movie sucked because "it's just like the first one." Well yeah - it's a second movie in a comedy franchise, so what did they expect. Was Hot Shots Part Deux much different than the first one? What about any of the Naked Gun movies? It was exactly what I thought it would be, and even had a few fun surprises. I liked it. Dark Knight Rises - A+ As usual, Nolan delivered.
  18. Prometheus - A (I find myself pondering this movie occasionally, and it's been weeks since we saw it. Mark of a good story, IMO.) Abraham Lincoln... - B (I knew what I was getting into, and it was a lot of fun.) The Goon - A (Surprisingly good. Better if you are a hockey fan. Very funny and even touching at times.) The A-Team (I LOVE dumb action movies, but I always kind of fogert that until I am watching one. Chris turned this movie on the other day and I started mildly griping about it and said the movie looked stupid - until I started watching the sweet helicopter chase scene and I wa
  19. Today has been a good day so far. This week has been a good week so far. This month started off rocky, but it's been getting better. Are things finally starting to look up? Stay tuned, boys and girls, for another exciting episode of Jen's CRAZY Life!! LOL

  20. There's a Goodreads app?! Neat!
  21. I started the 3rd book in the Song of Ice and Fire series last night. Oh, by the way... I GET TO READ AGAIN!!! (picture me as a muppet running around screaming "YEAH!" because that's how I feel right now.)
  22. Your Highness - A I love it when movie titles instruct you on exactly what you need to do to get a better experience out of the film. Everyone I know hated this movie, but I don't think they read the instructions. Chris and I both loved it. It was silly, campy, and retarded, but it also had gore, nudity, explosions and other fun effects. What's not to like? LOLed all the way through - good times!
  23. Senoritis may be setting in... I keep putting off doing homework and all I can think about is that I graduate in less than a month. What do you think, doctor?

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