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  1. This board looks busy now...

  2. The last few episodes have been so solid I was expecting tonight's episode to be lame-and I was right.
  3. http://www.wired.com/underwire/2009/05/sar...nor-chronicles/
  4. I just saw the show last night. Was Charles fired?
  5. I kind of took it that Connor kind of takes over as the leader in the resistance in the coming years after the time travel.
  6. The guy that said that line is Derek. I think the movie and the TV show are two completely different stories with no relation to each other. If they do use the chip, won't it have Cameron's memories on it as well?
  7. Interesting, I haven't encountered this.
  8. It looks like they just tied everything up and that is it for the series. Mom and Ellison died in the Skynet attack. Connor is sent to the future with Weaver. Cameron is made after that one chick we saw abducted in an earlier episode. I suppose we could see Connor try and find Cameron's chip but that is long gone and I doubt he will track hew since he now has human Cameron. I thought it was a solid episode-but yeah--that seems to be all she wrote.
  9. I always thought DM and MSPC were just the middle men between the vendors and the end users.
  10. I LOVE the John Henry plot. It is my favorite part of the show. I cannot stand the flashbacks-they do not add anything to the show. This twist of Skynet trying to hack into him is freaking awesome. Why does the liquid terminator in the sub have to be Weaver or the "Have you seen this boy?" terminator? Why can't it be its own thing--reminds me of that one kid from TPM= Boba Fett. Overall, my favorite part of the show is Cameron clomping around in boots.
  11. I think people would get tired of a Terminator of the Week with no real plot. I wouldn't have watched it past the first half of the first season. This show should have been on cable abd packaged like Battlestar Gallatica.
  12. I didn't like this episode. Sarah Connor is my least favorite character on this show (maybe it is the actress). No Ellison, no Asian hotness, very little Cameron--no thanks.
  13. link Yeah-it doesn't look good. It was a good show, but it is slowly getting redundant. If it is axed, I am glad it is axed while it is still good. I predicted that if the show went on for too long it would turn itself into Lost.
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