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  1. I'm on the other side of the fence with this. I really want to see Jim get taken down a peg. He and Pam are getting too high and mighty.
  2. Michael's breakup was squirm inducing. There are just sometimes when his stupidity rises to the point where it is unbelievable and I don't really like those moments. I liked the Dwight/Andy subplot a lot better.
  3. I thought it was a fairly week episode this week. The A plot with Michael and the mafia guy seemed like an undercooked version of a plot that you'd see on It's Always Sunny. The only part of that plot I really enjoyed was Andy trying to fix the car. I enjoyed the B plot with Kevin a great deal and wished they would have had a little bit more of that. His conversation with the credit card company was great. I always watch the episodes twice so hopefully it will improve on a second viewing.
  4. I felt like this episode had a lot of good stuff in it and a lot of bad stuff as well. The Jim and Pam stuff is starting to wear on me at this point, but obviously that is unavoidable in an episode dedicated to their wedding. They came off like jerks when they were asking everyone to change their habits (different soap for two months . . . reallly?). I could also have done without the Andy tearing his scrotum subplot. The dancing stuff at the end I didn't enjoy too much either because it was just a straight ripoff of that internet video. I was reading the AV Club's review of the South Par
  5. I thought this episode was much better than last week' as the laughs pretty much kept going throughout the episode. I can't wait for Charles to get taken down a few notches though.
  6. I honestly thought that this was one of the Office's worst episodes. I continue to lose patience for the dramedy aspect of the show. And while I realize that Michael has a tendency to act out, no one would be that much of a baby to a new manager. I guess I just miss the days when wacky stuff would happen at the office without consequences.
  7. Eh, it was an ok episode. I know a lot of the Office is based on awkwardness but it's almost getting too awkward. I dunno, I haven't been too pleased with the recent episodes aside from little parts of them. Andy Bernard had some good scenes this episode and he is continually a guy who I want to see more of. The Kevin subplot was the better part of the episode, I felt. "Nice . . . Boobs."
  8. During the party, a woman walks in and asks, "Is this the party?" Everyone looks down and mumbles. She walks out, disappointed. That was her. Michael's seat at the blood drive had faced away from her, so he had no idea what she looked like. He was still waiting for his dreamgirl to come in asking about her missing glove...assuming that glove was hers in the first place and hadn't been left by a previous donor. Oh I thought that was someone else. Sucks for Michael.
  9. When did she show up during the episode after the initial blood drive scene? Also I agree with Six that I prefer this show to be more comedy and less dramedy. That said, there were some solid moments in this episode like when Jim and Pam listened at the door to the handicapped restroom and the conversation that they had with Bob Vance and Phyllis following that.
  10. The best part of the superbowl episode was when that lady was teaching CPR and Creed says out of the blue "Oh that's where I know you from . . . the parking lot!"
  11. I actually thought it was a pretty weak episode. The beginning part was filled with overacting and cheap jokes the likes of which I've never seen from The Office. I could have dealt without the Pam's dad divorce subplot, which was only at all worthwhile due to Andy's scenes where he kept interpreting the movie from what Pam said about her dad. The roast part was pretty funny, I will say. I also laughed at the "cameos" that they advertised in the episode. I was wondering how they were going to do it and the movie that they were watching was a pretty good way.
  12. I thought it was a pretty weak episode overall. Each storyline had a few funny parts, like when Dwight said "I'm your son now. You can visit him on holidays," or Stanley's impassioned speech. Overall though, it was kind of flat.
  13. I thought it was a pretty weak episode tonight until the end. It felt like they took Micheal's dislike for Toby a little too far. The scene at the end with Pam and Jim was good though. All in all, I'm glad I made the right choice when I had to choose whether to watch my DVR of The Office or It's Always Sunny first. Something about this episode just didn't jive with me. And what's with these "webisode" things that are so in vogue now. I don't want to watch The Office on my crappy 15 inch laptop screen if I don't have to. Put that stuff on TV or something.
  14. Yeah I really liked that episode last night. Dwight had some classic scenes with the "Hobbit" and the "Amazons." When Michael was talking to his mom at the club was pretty great too. Toby was just downright creepy though. I didn't like that so much.
  15. PSN name: goblue20 I can't remember my Wii friend code, so, yeah. When I go home this weekend I'll look it up since I left my Wii there.
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