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  1. According to a lot of sources, that was the breakdown between Michael Arndt's draft and the Abrams/Kasdan one. Arndt focused much more on Luke, Leia, and Han.


    I feel like he choked, but I hope his draft is released some day.

    I'd like to see it as a comic, like they did with The Star Wars.

  2. In theory that should be bad, but I love the characters so much I was tricked into not caring. That probably means I wouldn't watch it again in fear it would fall apart.

    It doesn't fall apart after repeated viewings. (Even in my less-than-modern local theater.)

  3. So I guess it is taking place before the movie, which is the only way there would still be Mystics and Skeksis around. I wonder how much before this will be?

    In my opinion, this is still one of the best movies for kids to ever come out, even though it can scare the crap out of little ones, like I was the first time I saw it. I still get creeped out by the scenes where the Emperor is clinging to his scepter before he dies and when the Chamberlain is chasing the Gelflings as his cries of "Please?!" get more sinister. O_O

    Losing the striders kinda traumatized me.

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