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  1. Here's my question at this point: how does attacking and burning the Lannister army not make Dany, to quote Jon, "just more of the same?" I realize she's not burning the common folk but, as Mr. Young Soldier very clearly illustrated for us, that army is not a faceless, stateless entity. I know a lot of people hate the Lannisters and will rejoice at their destruction, but that doesn't exist in a vacuum even if she just attacks the army. She still has to deal with the optics of melting her enemies and running them down with a foreign horde. Also, logistically speaking, unless the Dothraki have been neutered, they're going to slip up and cause her massive PR problems. Once the war is won, do they just give up their way of life and become Westerosi? Is Drogon totally over his burning-small-children-to-a-crisp phase, or did he work those problems out over his extended vacation?

    I'm pretty sure the attack was to destroy the grain and gold. Drogon was pretty accurate in his strafing the convoy. The Dothraki were certainly overkill, however.

  2. Oh, and I couldn't believe how uselessly obtuse Bran was. He has the ability to give real answers (their "brother" Jon, Littlefinger's plots) and he just talks in circles: "I am the Three-Eyed Raven now." "The Three-Eyed Raven taught me." It's a stupid cliché/trope just to slow the narrative. I don't know if it's the show not have real text to write from, but no character seems to show the same nuance like in previous seasons.

  3. It's pretty amazing how well Cersei has come out on top these past two episodes. Very well-played.


    Of course, I loved the Olenna and Jaime scene. That even in defeat, she still can hurt people. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau really shined, wearing emotion on his face the entire episode, dealing with her and Euron.


    I can kind of get Dany now demanding what she wants, but her character was so much better when she was facing adversity at every step. She's just posturing. I want to see her in armor, on the back of dragon, ****ing shit up. It may be interesting if/how she changes when Jorah returns (again).

  4. If you want to give Who a fair shake try out the two-parter Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead. Doctor Who has been many things over the years-- a monster of the week show, a hard scifi show, an action adventure, a time travel-travel weirdness show... these two episodes manage to do all those things at once, showcase the best qualities of The Doctor, and not be too overly cheesy (outside of some low-level base cheese that comes with all things British Scifi).

    Add "Blink."


    Along with "Silence" and "Forest," I think they are great examples of how good the show can be.

  5. The Dems had their version of this as well during the Bush years- Iraq. You talk to any Dem circa '07-'08, and Iraq was pretty much the worst atrocity since the goddamn Holocaust, it was all they could ever talk about and wouldn't shut the f-ck up about it. Name a problem- blame it on Iraq. Whether it has anything to do with Iraq or not, doesn't matter. Bring the discussion back to Iraq. This was the Dems playbook for over 5 years... but then Obama was elected and.... poof! Suddenly overnight no one was talking about Iraq anymore and it was like it never f-cking happened! Never mind that Obama vastly expanded the security state through NSA programs, didn't close Gitmo, only ended Iraq 3 years later, significantly ramped up the Afghan conflict, and substantially increased the use of drone attacks.... hmm... where did all these code Pink type people, and all the pacifists and the anti-war protests, and all that sh-t, where did it all go?

    On a tangent, this was hilariously bald-faced hypocrisy. A blatant display of "It's different when our guy does it." MoveOn had a email survey of the direction they should take after Obama's election and everything was so heavily slanted towards the Democrats' agenda. (This, actually, brings them full circle to the intent of its founding.) In the survey I added their silence was deafening on the issues they brought against Bush's administration.

  6. His death was really a from-left-field kind of thing. To be affected by Cornell's death can be somewhat expected but this is a little too similar. I wonder, as people close to him reflect, if there are more such things.


    (Aside: Edited it for ya.)

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