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  1. How do you job search in another city, particularly one youve never even been to? Like I know to search job boards and sites for that area, but what do I do with my resume and how to I wordnitnon a cover letter? Weve got a handful of areas were interested in moving to and Im having a hard time figuring out how to start.

    I like areavibes, to research a place. Glassdoor for jobs, and a little bit of Flex Jobs and Remote.co.

  2. Why wouldn't the Falcon have a master switch? How else would it be activated and deactivated? Surely there's something akin to an electrical circuit breaker panel on the ship.

    There's a large push-button just above the cockpit door to our left.

  3. I finished episode 4 and realized there were only 9 episodes in the season, so I binged. Thoroughly impressed.


    Episode 7 almost fell into the Heroes season 2 trap, but I think (hope) it has some implications for season 3. Terry Ives didn't seem to be involved in Brenner's Hawkins Lab, so there may be more work proceeding elsewhere.

  4. 83% of google users liked it


    92% Rotten Tomatoe


    8.1 imd


    81 on metacritic which equates to universal acclaim


    I'm not arguing someone's opinion of it. Just pointing out that the movie is very well liked.

    I'm not disputing its rankings.

  5. I can't think of any JJ Abrams stuff I've disliked, but I also can't think of anything I've had any interest in watching more than twice. And the only one I watched twice was TFA.

    Yep. After the second viewing, I know for sure I'll never watch it again.

  6. What I want to know is if the dragon will breath ice.

    Best part is it ain't a wight. I was wondering why they were dragging it from the depths when the King could've just raised his arms. Once he touched it, though, I realized he was making it a White... well, Walker doesn't quite work. But an ice-breathing dragon will be so neat.

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