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  1. Rey has the texts. (It looked like she knicked the entire shelf.) It makes sense she could have found something within. (And Luke put together his ROTJ one without any assistance.)

  2. I was surprised how well done it was. Great performances from everyone, really.


    One bit I especially enjoyed is Johnny's recollection of the first film, and plays on the fan theory as him being the real Karate Kid.

  3. Two spring immediately to mind, but without much evidence to support it:


    That renaissance/indie/new wave in Hollywood that began in the late 60's into the 70's.


    The rise and resurgence of the smaller studios into the 90's, like those from Miramax.

  4. Bebop has Shinichiro Watanabe involved in some capacity, so hopefully he's heeded. And it's heartening to hear about the early episode reads. (I never liked GITS in any medium, but I'm still disappointed in clumsy adaptations.)



    I'm holding hope for Miyazaki and team to bring Nausicaä to Amazon or Netflix.


    Literally sitting in the theater right now waiting for end credits scene #2.


    I spent the first 20 minutes or so of the film wondering why I was supposed to care, but once our Captain met up with Fury, it was a good albeit formulaic ride.


    I do think its funny that Marvel was like you thought we brought you here to talk about feminism, but now that youre here lets talk about the evils of colonialism and how we should help refugees of said evil colonial systems!

    Yeah, unfortunately using the Skrulls to touch on that subject feels short sighted by Disney/Marvel... considering the Skrulls eventually try to take over the Earth and dominate Humanity then the analogy in Captain Marvel extrapolates out to every Right Wing wetdream/nightmare.


    I can't recall, but was there any reference to those Skrulls representing them all? I got the impression they may have been some marginalized faction and a small part of Mar-Vell's larger plan. But now that they're in the MCU mix, I expect some familiar shenanigans.

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