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  1. Can you imagine Jimmy Smits in ANH. Just extendng that whole scene by lke 30 seconds to include shots of Alerdaan.

    TFA gave us what that would look like when Starkiller Base fired on Hosnian Prime.


    And yeah I think the general consensus is that this is a flashback to Luke and R2 coming back upon his burning Academy, which is close chronologically to the shot of Luke putting his hand on R2 from TFA.



    Flashback... or flash forward... DUN DUN DUN


    I think Rey will hallucinate again.

  3. Well, only took 77 days for Trump to abandon America-first nationalism and cave in to the globalist neo-cons. I thought he'd last at least 100 days.. but... nope.

    I think you could tell the way the wind was blowing when he announced increasing the military budget. There isn't any Deep State apparatus deeper than that.

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