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  1. Meanwhile, Viacom, who owns Paramount restructured the company, and decided they needed Trek to launch their streaming service. Abrams had moved on to Star Wars, so there was longer an overall EP to shepherd things. A ton of high profile showrunners pitched to get the new Trek show. The winner was Bryan Fuller, who had planned a true Prime-verse prequel with Discovery. But in the development phase he and CBS had differences of opinion. which lead to him bailing.

    Interesting approach from Viacom as it this Paramount's plan back in 70's with their own channel and "Phase II."

  2. Is it weird that I was mad that they didn't re-use rando no-named actor from the 90s to reprise his role as Maddox?

    I kept checking IMDb. Still, I thought it was a great performance by actor with the time and material he had. Same thing with the Iched character. But we got nice bookends of the ep with the med-bed killings.

  3. I'm about this****ingclose to moving my whole family to live in the wilderness somewhere. Wanna come?


    That's all I have. Our finances and house situation have been pretty ****ty since Trevor was laid off back in 2015. I'm actually considering returning to school to get some BS 4 year degree because not having one at this point is getting painful.

    https://www.beginningfarmers.org/funding-resources/ and https://www.beginningfarmers.org/finding-land-to-farm/

  4. I had saved the death threats fro Rev for legal purposes, but lost them in one of the server blackouts/migrations or software change overs.

    If it's any consolation, I'm sure in today's climate he's found more immediate recipients of his rage. I still feel bad about the dog though.


    It's a bummer those PM's were lost. The same thing happened to me from Ojibwa and Sith Lord Indigo BTS, and, of course, some of the choice-ier Yoga-Kwan Yu messages. Oji and SLI were emails though that didn't survive a migration.


    Sabine or I'm out!

    Now that we've got the Darksaber are we closer to seeing Sabine? Or will Ezra play into this with baby Yoda? I'm torn. On the one hand I'd love to see those characters again and on the other I don't love clumsy fan-service (cough). And really, as much as I may want to see them again and maybe Dave Filoni does too, this is Mando's story, not theirs.


    Bo-Katan seems likliest.

  6. I just... can't understand why I should watch a 3 and a half hour Scorsese movie about gangsters starring the same cast as half of all of Scorsese's movies, and all of Scorsese's movies about gangsters.

    If this helps minimize the running time:



  7. I see people believing it's a clone because the one for in the first episode was wearing a Kaminoan jacket. I see that guy as someone who wants the child so he can try to clone him for whatever nefarious reason. There were as far as I could tell no humans on Kamino other than Jango, Boba, and the clones. What happened to the facility after the rise of the Empire is a mystery at this point.

    To clarify, this is what I was thinking. There may be a cloning connection but I don't think the baby is one.

  8. Apologies for several random musings.


    I don't think this one counts as a Mary Sue. Despite seemingly being an infant, it showed clear intent when using the Force. (Can we nickname it "Cub"?)


    As for the tracking fob, perhaps it uses genetic information. The Mandalorian asks about the chain code (and, curiously, speaks of the bounty in plural form), and only gets the last four digits: their age. Also, Dr. Pershing's Wookieepedia entry shows the Kaminoan cloning facility insignia on his shoulder.


    It's interesting that the whole early history of Yoda's species was kept deliberately (and militantly!) vague. Then the TPM gave us Yaddle. (And I can't recall any others in Senate boxes.) Post-PT media has done a fantastic job using so much of McQuarrie's material, I think there's a lot of Lucas' to use as well. I'm optimistic there's some variation of Whills in a later episode.


    I loved the creepy violence of the jawas. I've read the planet is Arvala-7 so maybe the allure of a post-war galaxy of scrap has drawn them off-world.


    Only nitpick for me was the Trandoshans. Human-like eyes (not bulbous) and hands and forearms. They felt like the nth redesign of Klingons. The previous episode made a surprisingly believable depiction of the IG prop, that I'm a little disappointed the same effort wasn't here.

  9. It almost reminds me of the film King of Comedy, in a way. That could be intentional for all I know.

    That's what I'm thinking with DeNiro's casting. I'm cautiously intrigued.

  10. They have to learn from the hard lessons of the Inhumans for the Eternals to work. Kirby's cosmic work for both DC and Marvel is unmatched, though some have come close.


    Shang-Chi excites me because I read those comics during the 70's kung-fu craze. The Ten Rings is unexplored territory, only used as small plot devices in Iron Man 1 and 3.


    Black Widow has been a no-brainer-except-for-the-suits for forever, but I do like it's really happening.


    I enjoyed the first Doctor Strange, and if there's more trippy Ditko-esque goodness, I'm in. Mephisto, please.


    Lady Thor is just a goofy concept, like the comic incarnation. I'd prefer Valkyrie wielding the hammer, however.


    I'm wait-and-see on the TV shows. Is that still under Loeb and his bosses? But What If? is an exciting inclusion.


    And Ka-Zar and the Savage Land would be awesome.

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