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  1. Ryn


    Interesting approach from Viacom as it this Paramount's plan back in 70's with their own channel and "Phase II."
  2. Sincerest thank you for that Sweetums video!
  3. When I read the original post I saw that, too, but actually said aloud "WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA" and paused for the audience's non-existent laughter.
  4. Ryn


    I kept checking IMDb. Still, I thought it was a great performance by actor with the time and material he had. Same thing with the Iched character. But we got nice bookends of the ep with the med-bed killings.
  5. I laugh every time she replies "What?" in that oh-so-David-Tennant way. I like that she's fun and uncertain and hopeful, even if that's counter to the situation they're in.
  6. https://www.beginningfarmers.org/funding-resources/ and https://www.beginningfarmers.org/finding-land-to-farm/
  7. If it's any consolation, I'm sure in today's climate he's found more immediate recipients of his rage. I still feel bad about the dog though. It's a bummer those PM's were lost. The same thing happened to me from Ojibwa and Sith Lord Indigo BTS, and, of course, some of the choice-ier Yoga-Kwan Yu messages. Oji and SLI were emails though that didn't survive a migration.
  8. Now that we've got the Darksaber are we closer to seeing Sabine? Or will Ezra play into this with baby Yoda? I'm torn. On the one hand I'd love to see those characters again and on the other I don't love clumsy fan-service (cough). And really, as much as I may want to see them again and maybe Dave Filoni does too, this is Mando's story, not theirs. Bo-Katan seems likliest.
  9. Ryn

    The Irishman

    If this helps minimize the running time:
  10. I don't think it means that much here, but for those fans we encounter (most often FB and YouTube) calling for Filoni to replace Kennedy, this epsiode was written and directed by him.
  11. My first reaction was a quick disappointment there wasn't a blaster mark on the wall. I hated myself for that.
  12. "Camtono"! Holy crap, I thought it was Herzog's accent for "container." This is a brilliant connection.
  13. I think the earliest attempt (I want to believe Bantha Tracks) was "cashy-yik," because how the "y" can be used the third "y" becomes a vowel. That's how I pronounced it until the films.
  14. To clarify, this is what I was thinking. There may be a cloning connection but I don't think the baby is one.
  15. Apologies for several random musings. I don't think this one counts as a Mary Sue. Despite seemingly being an infant, it showed clear intent when using the Force. (Can we nickname it "Cub"?) As for the tracking fob, perhaps it uses genetic information. The Mandalorian asks about the chain code (and, curiously, speaks of the bounty in plural form), and only gets the last four digits: their age. Also, Dr. Pershing's Wookieepedia entry shows the Kaminoan cloning facility insignia on his shoulder. It's interesting that the whole early history of Yoda's species was kept deliberately (and mili
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