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  1. Is $15k going to make or break your retirement? Do you make a lot of $15k purchases? Would you really be in the hole if an emergency home repair happened? Those are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself. I don't think its a stupid purchase, it's a fun one, and I don't think it's necessarily irresponsible unless you're answering yes to those questions above.
  2. Hate to say it, but yeah... putting a 92 year old through withdrawal might kill her.
  3. Today I tried not to die from RSV (bad here in WA) or flu (bad in NC where I just was). My resting heart rate is hovering around 100, and it's normally 60. This feels a lot like COVID but I'm testing negative, and I actually think I'm sicker. I'm wondering if this heart rate thing is going to happen every time I'm sick now.
  4. Soooo ready. That reminds me I need to pick up Q's season rentals. I should call over there when I'm not horribly sick with what I think may be RSV or the flu. Snoqualmie has no opening date yet, they're waiting to hit 25" before they do. They have been putting down fake snow in the park, don't know how I feel about that. Feels like some amateur Midwest shit. Crystal is opening for limited operations this weekend.
  5. How cold is it there? With the icicles it makes me think it must be pretty cold.
  6. Thanks. It is a big deal. When I was a new hire, I was straight up told that I would probably never achieve the level I was at currently, let alone the one I just got promoted to. So big middle finger to those old guys.
  7. Good news: yesterday I got a promotion that I've been fighting for for a year. Bad news: the two managers most opposed to it were women. FML.
  8. This is where my lack of impulse control kicks in because I can guarantee a snort would've slipped out.
  9. I think you aren't going to be able to make shit up. He will know when he shits because there will be blood in the toliet.
  10. I agree that Trump running 3rd party is best case scenario to split the vote. Trumpers aren't necessarily Republican anymore. Republicans will vote red no matter what. Personally the thought of DeSantis as President makes me think I'm having a stroke. I admittedly wish that Biden would not run for a 2nd term. I mean, I will vote for him over any Republican at this point, but I'm not sure he's going to win over independents. I don't think he's a bad President, either. He's just old and the Democratic party needs to start looking for its new leaders of a younger generation. I don't think Harris is terrible, but they had her bite off more than she could chew coming off the heels of the hot mess Trump administration, and her image has suffered for it. Much as we were all annoyed with Obama's "czars" back in the day, the man knew what he was doing by appointing a leader to a particular problem and telling them to go fix it. Personally I'd love to see Buttegieg, but I'm not sure how gay friendly independents are. I'm having a hard time getting the pulse of independent voters nowadays. Generally I am one of them, but I've realized I'm not the typical independent anymore. This election needs to be able to win over their vote, and I think that means someone a little more moderate with broad appeal.
  11. I hate business travel. The only reason I am going is because I can never understand them on the phone because the conference rooms have lousy acoustics.
  12. What do you call a mansplainer that does it to everyone, regardless of gender?
  13. I also submitted a request to evaluate E for autism and also an alternative diagnosis that I think matches better, but would require genetic testing. Unfortunately, this alternative diagnosis is not a pretty one. I don't like going and looking for bad news, but I think we need to figure out what exactly is going on with him.
  14. First day of new school tomorrow. I will take prayers, good juju, whatever you got for Q. She is so nervous about making friends. They put her in the all 5th grade class, which I think is better for her socially. She will do fine academically. And new teacher says no homework other than reading for pleasure. I am all about that. Her former school assigned so much busy work that just contributed to stress for us because she had soccer practice, Girl Scouts, or something going on most school nights. E has been having a rough time. Teachers have been out sick, and he's started eloping from class. Principal called me Thursday frustrated as hell and its a good thing it wasn't in person because there might've been hair pulling. Honestly, I'm convinced she is half the problem. She was talking back to him when he was escalated and I told her she wasn't helping and she flipped out. She is a control freak and wants compliance and wants it NOW. This is her 2nd year and while some families like her, I hear through the grapevine that many families do not, and she is a total bureaucrat. Thankfully the school psychologist intervened and helped come up with the rewards plan I have been advocating for all along, but the special education teacher is either too lazy or too ignorant to implement. FINALLY someone who gets it. Friday was his first day on the new plan, and he was super successful. Is it a lot of work for them? Yes. Do they need a mindset change from negative reinforcement to positive? Yes. Even though positive behavior intervention systems are the hot new thing in public schools (lol its like a 2 decade old concept), no one actually knows how to practice it when it's hard. Also I found an ally at Cub Scouts whose older son is on the autism spectrum and has been through the same program as E. Once I brought that up she was like OH I GET IT. I am not sure we are going to stick with it, though. His den leader was kind of a prick when we met him, so it's all going to depend on if my new friend can help me get through to him.
  15. Well she has a student ID number today so that's a good sign. However, my husband said, you sure the old school received her intent to disenroll? It's a Google form. So really, heck if I know. I emailed the lady who sent me the link to see if they got it because I did it Friday night. I have a feeling they did not. She has 2 days left, no one has reached out to us.
  16. Today I called my daughter's new school to ask if anything was missing from the paperwork I submitted Friday afternoon, because she is starting next Monday. The lady in charge of processing her registration basically said oh s*** I forgot. It took everything in me not to scream.
  17. We have some neighbors that sit out in the driveway with fire pits if the rain isn't too bad. We live on a very long cul-de-sac with a lot of greenbelt along one side, so we don't get many people who think the trek is worth it. I think we had 4 pieces of candy left. FINE.
  18. My kids came home with a stupid amount of candy. My husband found out that I had no candy because I try to give out non-food items because allergies and picked up 2 damn bags on the way home. He is convinced our house will get egged if we don't.
  19. I better see some cute kid pics on Facebook, people. Q is going to be Amelia Earhart and E is some weird ninja from Terraria but I just bought him a Costco ninja costume and that's plenty of effort from me.
  20. Oh, I'm not actually worried. It's widely considered to be the best elementary school in the district (E's is a close second and it's literally within spitting distance). It's just an older building, but I think the school culture will be better for her. I was very impressed with the school counselor who very much understood that Q needed a quick campus tour to feel better about this transfer, and from talking to her and a few other parents on our block, the school seems to be very focused on incusivity and meeting kids where they are (i.e. our 2nd grade neighbor sometimes gets roaming paraeducator help even though he doesn't qualify for services). And honestly, I think they will be much more respectful of her 504 plan (counselor is also the 504 coordinator). She has to go back to public school eventually, and I think waiting until high school with be a big culture shock for her. Our local school is also K-6, and I think she will benefit from an extra year of elementary instead of jumping into all the awkwardness of middle school.
  21. She got turned down for the variance transfer to E's school, they are simply overcrowded. I think this is the better choice for her socially but she will likely need a hoodie at school for when she goes between buildings.
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