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  1. We actually started off buying used because I figured we would pass them onto E, but I don't think he's going to ski, or at least not until he's a lot older because his balance is just so bad. Last year was the first time we did season rentals and it was a great experience, but then this past season we went with our local ski shop because it was like half price and ended up with garbage gear. The reason I went to rentals because we couldn't find Q good boots in the used selection but there were plenty available in rental sizes. I ended up with better gear, for sure, but I also paid for the premium rentals because they tried to put her on pink skis and she said no lol. They had the boy version brand new still in plastic and agreed to set her up on them, so they were never used. I better get over there this week, or maybe I can just call tomorrow. But it was $189 for the premium and like $139 for regular rentals.
  2. Ugh, maybe I should stop by Play it Again and see if they will take an early deposit for rentals.
  3. If you're using your browser, you might have to enable that in the settings. I just finally figured out that I had limited it to only 2 sites and needed to allow it for other virtual Healthcare sites.
  4. Yeah I got an error too. Or if she knows email addresses she can email us?
  5. That makes sense how WGA wants to manage it, I didn't realize the financial implications of rewrite vs original ideas. My own chatGPT story is I used it to help my Girl Scout troop. They wanted to write a skit about mental health and normalizing mental health conditions. So the skit writer wrote a somewhat adequate skit that had a bunch of ugh don't do that, well meaning but not helpful stuff (oh you have depression? I do too! And I do too!). My husband loves playing with chatGPT to see how good it is, so he asked it to write a skit about mental health for grades 3-8 with 5 roles, etc. And what it spit out was honestly what I was looking for in terms of a more realistic scenario. A few tweaks later (make all the characters female, change the setting, etc) and it looked good. Until I really read it. Character #4 arrives out of nowhere, no exposition. Names change, etc. It was kind of humorous. Instead of screwing with it, I sent it back to the girl and said hey can you rewrite with a similar scenario so you aren't marginializing depression etc. She took like the 2 elements we needed and it worked. However, they really didn't practice enough so one of the other 5th grade girls told them later that night that their skit sucked. Bitch. I hate tween girls. Anyway, I certainly saw its usefulness for getting a start, but someone is going to need to put in some heavy editing to get something decent. But if ideas count the most, ouch.
  6. He might have sort of answered this? Page 6 or 7.
  7. Why does everyone think my daughter is a boy? She got misgendered multiple times by waiters on our vacation. It was super weird.
  8. 2 soccer games an hour away, the first one at 8:30 AM ugh. Q sprained her ankle at the 2nd one, unfortunately. We leave for vacation on Monday so it's a good week to take off of soccer. Between games, Q and I found this local lake. I had a picnic blanket and sun umbrella, so we set up for about 45 minutes and hung out. She waded in the water a little bit. She really wanted to come back, but that was a moot point after her injury. I need to take her boating or something.
  9. I got told I'm too healthy for Ozempic and knock it the fuck off by my PCP this week. Healthy for everything except weight. Dammit
  10. That was actually pretty fun and a good way to hang out. I was going to suggest it to my college friends because we haven't taken a trip together in probably 5 years. So I would be down for it again.
  11. My latest obsession is tie dye. I'm still basically a novice, but its been a lot of fun and a good summer activity for the kids. The swirl design is super easy to set up but really hard to keep "clean", especially with the kids. They tend to slop and splash and drip, but even I had a hard time keeping it very clean. The stripe pattern is probably the easiest and still comes out looking good. Other things I've learned is that the dye is only good for a few days before it starts to fade. The green/blue/yellow swirl used older yellow dye, you can really see the difference between the yellow in the rainbow shirt and that one. The red in the flag tie dye is also old, so it turned out a little more pink/faded than bright red. Oops. I'm probably most proud of the galaxy shirt, although I think I needed more black.
  12. Make sure you get a place with air conditioning or plan on getting it installed soon after. It has definitely gotten hotter out here and most places do not have air conditioning because it "wasn't necessary". Now HVAC companies have more business than they know what to do with. My husband asked me this week where I want to retire. I said not here. I thought about it and if we weren't so well established here, I'd look outside of the US. Maybe Europe. I'm tired of corporate America and how stupid we are. What keeps me here at this point is the kids, because it sounds like the rest of the world is actually a little behind the curve on ADHD. Which is sad because it ain't great here, either.
  13. Honestly we need the Boomers and probably most of GenX out of corporate America before we're ready for it. The Boomers are too greedy and I think GenX has a lot of unconscious bias that they aren't ready to admit to. I think millennial can at least acknowledge their unconscious bias and work on it, but maybe it's an age thing and not a generational thing.
  14. Small victories. Successful first day of summer Bible camp (3 half days) for E. When we tried this back in 2019 at another church, they sent him home within 30 minutes. But we've been attending a new church this past year and E has been attending Sunday school semi-regularly. They've been more inviting and inclusive, and didn't sweat the small stuff. They seem to get neurodiverse kids. He wears headphones every single week and comes home telling us what he learned about Jesus. No text messages to come get him. We were nervous but agreed we should try to get him out of the house in an environment we were already comfortable with. He was nervous, too. He only has a few more "camp" opportunities this summer and they're all in what we consider to be safe, practiced environments. But this gives me some hope that he can start doing this more regularly, because it is good for him to practice his social skills.
  15. I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep. Sunday we did tie dye and it was super fun. My husband even requested some socks because he likes crazy socks and he had an extra pair of really light khaki ones. So I know what we will be doing next weekend. Husband wants a 4th of July themed shirt so I need to go to Michael's tomorrow and get some white shirts. Also dug up a few more old Girl Scout shirts that she will never wear unless we do something cool with them. I think E's turned out the best. Q's rainbow one came out pretty good but she got a little sloppy with the purple at the end. The one that stayed mostly white was supposed to be several bullseye patterns but I must not have done the rubber bands right or we didn't use enough dye.
  16. He's a competent administrator. Just not super inspiring and I would like to see the party building their younger leaders. But I'll take that any day over Trump, who is an incompetent fool and thrives in chaos because it feeds his ego.
  17. Honestly, it's a good thing the CEO went down with the ship. I'm sure they're going to liquidate the company from lawsuits, and any assets from his estate. His wife was also an employee. She's going to be ruined.
  18. It was fun. I wanted to come back but my husband missed me because I worked from home and left for happy hour as soon as he got home.
  19. I wish we'd move on from Biden, too. That said, I'm not voting for a Republican in 2024. Especially Ron DeSantis.
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