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  1. Lol no, it was the new Puss in Boots movie. We go to pretty progressive churches, I don't tolerate fundie crap. It's a nice church, it just used to be very vibrant, and now it feels kind of reserved and quiet. Just kind of feels like a shell, if that makes sense.
  2. I have been to SOME of the San Juan Islands but not that particular island. Whidbey is the most easily accessible of the them, so I've been there a few times. My husband's uncle also has taken us crabbing in the strait and stopped off at Sucia Island, which is only accessible by private boat. I'd like to go to Orcas Island. Q has not really gotten to play much lacrosse, we had her take it easy with her knee injury. Honestly I think we babied it too much, now, but man how devastating would it be to go back and twist your knee the very first day back after taking weeks off? We are heading out on spring break and the plan is full return to play after we get back. And the first soccer team tryout is a week after that. Eek. We have like 3 teams that we are interested in but this club is holding tryouts a full 2 weeks before everyone else. So we will have to accept or pass on a spot, at risk of her not making one of the other teams. Soccer is getting weird in that clubs are moving to a more travel heavy format. I fully expect next year we will be spending some weekends in Spokane or Portland for soccer. Currently it's usually no more than a 2 hour drive for a game, as opposed to 3-5 hours. I think it will be ok IF she likes the girls on her team. If she doesn't, it will not be fun. She has an out of town lax tournament at the end of April, so that should be fun. The season goes until Memorial Day. They had so many girls this year that they had 2 teams, which is great but then the head coach took all the 6th graders except the new ones and put them on his team, and pretended to be fair by taking a few (good) 5th graders, so he really stacked his team. Q doesn't care, she is on a team with some friends so she is happy. I think the coach is kind of a jerk but if she's happy I am not going to complain, but I dont think he's doing the club any favors and will probably mean some girls don't return because losing repeatedly sucks. And to note, this is rec level, not select or anything serious. They're apparently planning on moving her from defense to midfield/attack, which is silly because the defense is kind of terrible. It is clear this decision was based upon size and not skill. She is the smallest or 2nd smallest girl on the team, but truthfully I don't think they've seen her play defense so they have no idea how much she actually uses that footwork she got from soccer to defend very effectively despite her size. My husband did point out, though, that putting her at mid takes advantage of her fitness and speed (she has much more endurance than many of the girls because of soccer). Lacrosse is a weird sport in that there is so much more standing around than soccer because there are only so many players allowed on each half of the field. So if she can defend AND help with the attack, that might be ideal. But she needs to work on her passing if she's going to do that. It will probably make her a more complete player, I'm just disappointed that it seems like they only looked at size. (Going to be the story of her life as an athlete, honestly.) As for me, um, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'd like to start running again because the weather is getting better but my Ragnar team fell apart. Indoor soccer is Monday nights, which is the same as E's Cub Scout meetings but I think we might be finding a new pack. So I will probably see if I can play soccer again once we get that sorted out. My ball skills are a little rough and I am not as fit as I was pre-pandemic. I've switched to defense because that was where the team needed someone, but the new GK is kind of a bitch and complains about me clearing the ball to space instead of right to someone's feet (where it is honestly going to get picked off because our team doesn't know how to move to freaking space or run onto a ball). So if I can get fit again and my ball skills back, I'd like to move back to offense. I was one of our best strikers when I joined this team, which is funny because I'm an ACM at heart (but our captain plays that and never subs). This team is funny. I like them as people and they were super accepting when I joined, but they have a very small comfort zone and routines and don't leave it lol. And my style is very different than theirs, which is part of why I was so effective for them, because it threw the other teams off. But it does mean that I don't always mesh well with their style, so I'm not as helpful when I'm on a different wavelength.
  3. No, just an opportunity to do a fun event for families for the sake of community. They have a climbing wall and they brought in some inflatables, plus some carnival games. We also found out that they do a family-friendly movie every Friday night now. It's all free, just $1 if you want a hot dog, chips, and a drink. We stayed for 45 minutes and that was it. We left the church 11 years ago when our pastor left because the new guy was a snore and we were new parents. I heard they got a new pastor so I thought we would check it out. It wasn't the same.
  4. Definitely could've skipped family fun night
  5. But so sayeth Smith and Wesson 3:57: For unto ye I have provided the right to bear weapons of mass destruction unto ye neighbor or just anyone who dipleases ye, so that ye may live free in the Kingdom of Heaven and the United States of America.
  6. You have every right to be pissed. That is super inconsiderate.
  7. Oh gosh I hope you're ok and were able to avoid surgery. Rest up, we're thinking of you.
  8. How are you all doing? Fully recovered, I hope.
  9. We've got church family fun night on Friday. Yes, I'm that lame. But I will probably need a few glasses of wine after 3 hours of that nonsense.
  10. It kills me how much trucks are. But I guess most farmers are getting the base model. I think it's all the extras that all the urban cowboys put on that drive up the price.
  11. Hahaha. We still need to pick out a tonneau cover or something for ours. Husband wants something crazy with long, hard drawers but I don't think that's practical. I need to look up a rolling one or something. Or just get the cap and take it off when we need to (pain in the neck).
  12. From what I've read, most cars mileage/range tanks under 40F, not just EVs. Turning on the heater is a huge energy drain.
  13. Send it hahaha. Seriously, though, that looks fun and makes sense for your area and outdoor activities. I told my husband about outdoorsy after your post. I think we should check it out. Honestly, we probably should rent before we commit to buying. Thanks for the recommendation!
  14. I really try to walk through most activities myself before I do it with my Girl Scouts, especially STEM stuff. I want to see how I can possibly screw it up, how they can screw it up, but also how long it's going to take. I just did the Jeweler badge with the girls and one of steps was kind of hard and time consuming, but it came out really cool so I thought it would be worth it. They struggled and bitched up a storm. Finally I showed them the easy version and they all liked that. Sigh. Should've picked the easy version. Q was one of the few girls who persevered and hers came out nice. For the record, it's the wire caging and necklace in the picture. Anyway, with the boys I didn't have time to do the activity beforehand so it didn't quite come out like I hoped but it wasn't well designed, either. It was layering liquids of different density but they were still too close to each other so it made more of a slight gradient than layers and eventually became homogenous. The exercise with water and oil and food coloring was a much better way to demonstrate.
  15. It was the towing capacity. We've also been looking at getting a camper and towing even a small sized camper reduced the range to 80-100 miles.
  16. After our experience with the F-150 Lightning, I'm really glad we didn't go with an EV truck. I still think EVs are great, but I would do a commuter car and not a large vehicle. We do love my husband's F150 Hybrid, though. What will you be using the truck for? And what will you be replacing? The Audi or your wife's car?
  17. Last week's den meeting was canceled a few hours beforehand because the assistant den leader didn't plan anything. So we worked on the Science belt loop on our own at home. Yesterday his wife asks if we are meeting today (um yes). At 3pm he says he is going to do one of the activities we just did this week. It takes 10 minutes to complete, if that. I said I can bring one of the other activities we haven't done yet. That was another 10 minutes. So I grabbed another few things and asked the guy to bring sugar because I only had the coarse grain that would take forever to dissolve. It took 40 minutes to complete those 3 things, and would've only taken 5 minutes to do the last one if I had remembered to bring oil. I could've walked these kids through an entire belt loop in 45 minutes AND it was more hands on than anything they've done other than their whittling chip. The assistant told me the den leader is only coming to pack meetings. He got his kid through rank so he is checked out. Lame. I'm finding a new pack. These guys don't plan ahead and just try to wing it and it's painful.
  18. Nice! I think I need to get some carvers but I will have to shop online. The local ski shops only want to carry all-mountain or fat powder skis. I can kind of get up on edge but it's so hard. She's off crutches and now I'm thinking we may have over-rotated on how long she stays out of lacrosse, but she will be back after spring break so really she just misses this weekend's game(s).
  19. Do you ever run into somebody that you used to be friends with and you either drifted away or had a falling out and when you see each other it's awkward? Ran into a former friend at a restaurant the other night. We were seated right next to them, but my back was to them. I realized it was their family and did my best to not turn around. She noticed me anyway and said my name so I had to acknowledge. Politeness for about 2 minutes and then we turned back around. I found out someone was going to my son's Pre-K teachers about the difficulty we were having. I suspected it was her and told her that I knew someone was going right back to them and gossiping and it was making things worse. We never talked again after that, and we left the Pre-K soon after. Those teachers are the ones who made our life hell with over the top claims about our son's behavior to the school district and dug him in the special education/behavior hole that we've just finally been able to dig him out of 4 years later. My husband also told me that he and my son come there often when my daughter and I go skiing on Friday nights and he actually sees them there like 50% of the time. They know it's them. They pretend not to see them. I really hope she feels terrible, she contributed to a bad situation that made our lives hell.
  20. Woke up to 2 more dead fish. 2 others died earlier in the week. We've got 1 left that has lasted 2 weeks. Followed some bad advice from the pet shop and bought this slow feeder tablet to prepare for going on vacation and it mucked up the tank and I'm pretty sure that's what killed all of them. If this guy doesn't make it until spring break, I'm not buying any more fish until we get back. And then it's going to be a Betta fish because they are easy.
  21. Every time I've had a migraine it's been stress induced. Any caffeine? I can't remember if you drink coffee. Early days of the pandemic that was a trigger for me. I was drinking a lot of iced tea and the stuff they use to brew that is actually pretty strong.
  22. You were supposed to eat the Thin Mints!
  23. Well, good news. We saw orthopedics today after a last minute cancel yesterday. He checked her x-rays, checked her growth plates and said all is good there. He didn't order a MRI but is pretty confident it's a strain based on pressing on her knee and making it flex. He wants her to wait until spring break to play lacrosse, and fitted her with a brace. Follow up when we get back from spring break, but he expects she will be fine then. Ski season is over, though. So I will return her gear next week and pack up mine. At least I have fresh wax for storing mine this summer. Did you ever get your skis?
  24. She's miserable and stayed home today. She has an orthopedics appointment this afternoon. Honestly I think part of it is being on crutches is pretty miserable, but its also just not getting better, which isn't a good sign. I think she will be ok by next winter but probably avoiding moguls more next season. I think the real key here was moguls in tight spaces. She needs to be able to pick her turns or traverse a bit still on the moguls. I also ski over them and turn on the tops, I don't ski in the alleys. That's how I busted my LCL last month, I was trying to thread the alleys. Nope.
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