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  1. Anyone got a good eye for landscaping? We have this big old shrub that we are considering cutting back as far as the white line. We initially grew it really tall for privacy purposes, and then it got kind of out of hand and it ended up shading our grass really bad and killing it. The second picture is from when we bought the place. As you can see, the shrub is a lot lower and neater. Should we go as low as the white line? Half that?
  2. Talked to school psychologist and Special Education teacher yesterday. There is some concern because his current IEP indicates that he should only spend 16% of his time in general education, but that's more a function of how his previous school district does self-contained classrooms. The comment from everyone when they ask how he is academically and I respond that he is at or above grade level and their immediate reaction is oh gosh we need to get him into gen ed asap then. The psychologist does seem to have some doubts that this is the right program for my son, but that he can try it out and
  3. She definitely has some addiction tendencies (I bought her some cough medicine once and she pretty much drank the whole bottle). I'm trying to figure out if its for pain or withdrawal.
  4. My MIL is undiagnosed ADHD. She's super impulsive and a space case. This isn't the first time we've found dropped meds in that room, she lived in there for 4 months. That said, I agree that it's really irresponsible, especially when you know you're taking a med like that. My son is 7 and still sticks everything in his mouth. Our dog also eats everything she finds. Its probably a small miracle that neither of them did find it. Now the next question, why the eff is she on that?!?
  5. He threw it in the trash. I'm so pissed. This would've killed the kids or the dog if they had found it.
  6. On a related note, my MIL was in town this weekend. Also on a related note, my husband found half of one of these lying on the floor in the guest room: https://www.drugs.com/imprints/54-142-544.html
  7. Very nice new shower! Here's the fence progress. Its like putting lipstick on a pig but it just has to look better in the background of pictures. My husband insisted we try a sprayer and it was a disaster, as I expected. Although now that I did 4 panels with a brush I may not care anymore. I think I have 20 more to go. Going to try to be done by the end of the week.
  8. Nice that you can do lunch outdoors. Our governor took the decision out of everyone's hands. Mask mandate for schools, and now mask mandate for all indoor public places. Mandatory vaccines for educators, with some medical and religious exemptions allowed (I'm a little annoyed by that). No religious or medical exemption to masks. I fully expect a few of my daughter's teachers to play the religious exemption card.
  9. After reviewing his evaluation and IEP, they agreed with the placement in the social/sensory program, and he will be 90% general education and 10% social skills and OT. This means he won't be attending his home school but will be at a nearby school, and probably even in the same class as one of his occupational therapy friends. New school psychologist should be reaching out soon. My friend whose son attends assures me the psychologist is great. I broke down and cried when I got the news. I have not had to fight for anything whatsoever and I think they are doing right by him. This is such
  10. Yay stairs! Share your paint choices. We did our test on the fence gate today. Since it's the crappiest section we figured worst case we just replace that if it came out terrible. It was a little darker than anticipated but our realtor approved. So now this is my project because I need my husband to focus on the lawn and I am capable of handling paint and stain.
  11. It will look good once its all done! I decided to pull this thing off the wall because its kind of crappy looking and we're trying to get top dollar for this place. Someone wanted it on Buy Nothing. It is some great DIY, but the guy who owned the house before us was a total idiot and couldn't install anything properly or consistently. I think we have had to redo every single curtain rod because none were installed properly. On this one he used like 1 screw per bracket and a ton of magnets. I guess i should be grateful because there's less to patch. Now we have to patch all this shit.
  12. And now Trevor is never getting a vasectomy.
  13. Well, pleased with what I've seen so far. I asked if we could start on the first day instead of waiting for 9/21 when we close. They said yeah sure. I mentioned that I wanted to get in touch with the school psychologist to talk about IEP and placement and they said oh no one will be here until 8/31. A few hours later the principal called me to say hey how can we help? Asked for last evaluation and IEP because he wants to make sure my son is in the right program at the right school on day 1 instead of jerking us around. I know they have a program for kids with ASD and social communication and s
  14. I'm registering my son for his new school district today. This is honestly terrifying for me. I hate taking him away from his current teacher but I know long term this is the right decision. I'm anxious about contacting the school psychologist and requesting services.
  15. Of course they did. Got any new pictures of progress? My husband asked if we need to do anything before we move in. We kind of need a kitchen renovation but it is functional, and honestly, I'm kind of exhausted with the buying process and all the work we need to do here. The pantry is right next to the refrigerator there and it is not nearly big enough for my food hoarding husband. (We have easily double that space and it is absolutely stuffed full.) I kind of hate to lose the desk but I think we will need to sacrifice it. May need to do an entry way table instead, otherwise mail and othe
  16. That will be super fun. We had a carpet guy come over today. It will look very nice, too bad we won't be able to enjoy it lol. We won the house, and for the exact price I predicted. We had to negotiate another stupid rent back, but we convinced them to push out closing by 1 week.
  17. I'm so sorry! We are all here for you when/if you want to talk about it.
  18. I feel like this is a YouTube video waiting to happen.
  19. Well, we lost the house that distracted me. Beautiful backyard, nice floor plan. A couple of issues like a roofed patio with a permit that expired with no inspection and a big crack in the concrete patio from settling. We had to respond quickly to a bully offer on Saturday and actually had the highest bid, but the sellers wanted a 30-day free rent back, and we said no. Ended up being a deal breaker. Honestly, I'm glad we said no. Our neighbors behind us sold their house December 1st and are still living in an apartment because they haven't won any houses or can't find the right one. The seller
  20. Admittedly, my MIL has stage 2 kidney failure that is at least 50% due to popping ibuprofen like candy for back pain. (The other 50% is because she's a closet anorexic, which also does a number on your kidneys. But we don't talk about that.)
  21. Never mind, house ADHD. Found another one I like better! Its obviously more money but we could move in immediately and not have to do a darn thing.
  22. 1st house from this weekend did not go pending, which was a shock. We're going to go look at it again tomorrow. I'm more willing to consider knocking out walls and doing upgrades if I don't have to engage in a bidding war to win it.
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