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  1. You were supposed to eat the Thin Mints!
  2. Well, good news. We saw orthopedics today after a last minute cancel yesterday. He checked her x-rays, checked her growth plates and said all is good there. He didn't order a MRI but is pretty confident it's a strain based on pressing on her knee and making it flex. He wants her to wait until spring break to play lacrosse, and fitted her with a brace. Follow up when we get back from spring break, but he expects she will be fine then. Ski season is over, though. So I will return her gear next week and pack up mine. At least I have fresh wax for storing mine this summer. Did you ever get your skis?
  3. She's miserable and stayed home today. She has an orthopedics appointment this afternoon. Honestly I think part of it is being on crutches is pretty miserable, but its also just not getting better, which isn't a good sign. I think she will be ok by next winter but probably avoiding moguls more next season. I think the real key here was moguls in tight spaces. She needs to be able to pick her turns or traverse a bit still on the moguls. I also ski over them and turn on the tops, I don't ski in the alleys. That's how I busted my LCL last month, I was trying to thread the alleys. Nope.
  4. Hope you get to eat some Girl Scout cookies before you die.
  5. What I'm worried is the bindings may not be releasing even though they are set at the appropriate level. I think I must've come out of mine sideways since they were still locked down when I found them. She never came out. I guess I'm worried those shitty rentals we got this year are unsafe. I don't want her falling out of her skis. I told her next year we are going to probably avoid moguls a bit and work on carving and getting forward in her skis. That said, I've decided we are done this year. Between soccer tryouts and still 2 months of lacrosse yet, she needs to rest that knee and not risk it or she is going to be sidelined until summer or fall.
  6. Ugh I'm sorry. Are they paying the taxes right now since they own it? I mean, they're just shooting themselves in the foot. You could walk and leave them high and dry.
  7. I checked both of our binding settings. She is at a 3 and I am at a 6. My old bindings are set to 7. That's well within the parameters of where we should be. I don't want her falling our of her skis but this has me worried. I think I am going to take her rentals back to the shop and ask them if they can confirm that they are working as intended. Honestly, this might end ski season for us. She has soccer tryouts in 5 weeks. I'm just not sure it's worth the risk. She says it really hurts to put weight on it, but has full range of motion. Straightening is a bit stiff.
  8. Well, Q and I are sitting in the ER. She basically did the same thing I did a few weeks ago. I need to bitch out the ski shop about their binding settings.
  9. Interrupters are super rude and I hate doing it. I will say that with virtual meetings, it's a little harder because people don't see the behaviors that indicate you'd like to speak up or that someone is about to finish talking. (Also I think there's a slight audio delay, so sometimes when you think it's ok to break in, it's now too late.) But in person, I have a lot less tolerance for that.
  10. I was in a meeting yesterday with some guy who was impossible to interrupt. I got a phone call from the school that my son was sick and needed picked up. I tried to break in when this guy took a breath for a solid 5 minutes to excuse myself. Finally just interrupted to say I'll be back in 20 minutes. Came back 20 minutes later, didn't get to break in the rest of the meeting to say I was back. Finally IMed my teammate to tell him I'd been back for 10 minutes but this guy hasn't taken a breath.
  11. Having a job and money make life easier, for the most part. Doesn't make you a chump, just a regular human in the modern age.
  12. Ha, I love it. Picking based on who's making what. Sounds like you and the ex live reasonably close together that it's not hard for him to pop in, though? If so that will make this easier. And worst case, could he crash on the couch for a night? I get it, it's not a private space but it's a way of letting him know he's always welcome.
  13. Yeah the K2s are lame. I remember when they used to have awesome designs. I'm not sure the demos I was on had the dark matter tech. I do remember them being fairly stiff but light. My leg is fine, has been for a good 2 weeks. Slushy is usually not too big of an issue, if anything I prefer it to ice or hard crust. Conditions have been amazing the last few weeks because it's actually been pretty cold and we even got some light lowland snow. We are weird and March is powder season out here, I swear its the best month of the season. So it was a pretty bad few weeks to miss out. I'm going to see if Q wants to go Friday or Sunday this weekend.
  14. Found out tonight that my son's den leader is moving. They asked me to be assistant den leader. I said no. I just don't have the time for all the training and all the extra adult meetings. I've finally reached my limit with the volunteering. I'm happy to attend den meetings to make sure my son is focusing, I would even be glad to teach a single den meeting, but I'm done with everyone else getting to slide by while I do it all. And all the extra stuff that isn't actually working with the kids but checking boxes or listening to adults drone on about boring stuff like budgets.
  15. Ugh that also sucks. Guess you need new skis anyway, then. I haven't made it up in 3 weeks. I think we are going to try to go days, there are only a few more weeks of night skiing and then the mountain is going to start shutting down at 5pm, so that will eliminate Fridays. Then after we get back from spring break, we might be lucky to see one more weekend. I'm going to try to go the first weekend of spring break since we don't leave until Monday. It feels like a short season this year. I'll pass on the details. I read the article, I can guess at what happened.
  16. If it's not a robot vacuum it's not getting vacuumed here lol.
  17. Well so far this batch has lasted 9 hours, which might beat the previous record, but not sure when the others died in the middle of the night.
  18. Holy crap. This is why I don't think I'm ever going to make the leap to backcountry. I'm sorry about your losses. You doing ok?
  19. Hmmm, the instructions didn't say anything about letting them sit out until they got to room temperature. I will ask for clarification when we go back.
  20. Found out thie week that the principal is retiring. He's not gonna do squat. He's coasting. I reached out to him about how things are continuing to go and he glossed over all of it and then when I said look I am really not happy about the paper, he admitted that was "not her best moment". I met another mom at lacrosse practice who is a former teacher who volunteers in there regularly and within 5 minutes she was going off about the teacher, and I didn't say a thing to get her going. It sounds like they put all the kids who are behind in that class (and I'm assuming Q got dumped in there because I was upfront with her needing a 504). There's 30 kids, and they are super behind. Finished unit 2 in math and they are supposed to be on unit 6. So Q is bored and not learning anything new. They also have too much free time in class and not a lot of whole group instruction like Q is used to. The mom said Q is wiggly but nowhere near the worst. She said she is a good kid and she is really sorry the teacher is picking on her so much. I'm glad someone else sees it, and that we aren't the only one having issues and going to the useless principal. It's going to be a sucky year, folks. Q thinks she did well on the gifted assessment. I'm not sure about E. If I had to pick, I'd pick Q for it because E has a lot to work on with handwriting and following directions. If he doesn't get in, we will probably hold off until he is in middle school (and then it's really just math and everyone tests in to see where you are). E also finished vision therapy. He stopped making progress, so the optometrist said there wasn't much else he could do for him. That was kind of sad but I also don't miss 2 hours of driving for a 30 minute appointment every week. Nice to have my Thursday evenings back. Just in time to start lacrosse with 2 hour practices and an hour of driving back and forth. Yeeeyyyy.
  21. Yeah, I'm thinking it was shock. The place has a 3 day guarantee. We will take them back tomorrow. We had them test the water ahead of time and they said it was fine. Supposedly they will need to test the water again but I'm really glad they tested it beforehand because if they come back and say our water was bad, that's sus. But when they gave us the bag it was super freaking warm, way hotter than what we read as the recommended temperature. So we may have to crank the tank up and bring it down over a few days. You can keep them at a warmer temperature but it makes their metabolism burn super fast and they can die sooner. But, it makes them look super active, which is what pet stores want you to see.
  22. Today I woke up to 3 dead fish. I hate fish.
  23. Today we finally got my son the fish to go in the fish tank he got for his birthday. His birthday is in April.
  24. This is totally my own fault for going in a diet in the first place, but I am on day 2 and already dying (as usual). I want to try carb cycling because I know something like keto is completely unsustainable for me. However, I'm struggling to find an app that does this properly, not to mention the amount of protein this pushes has me worried that I will never poop again. I've already had 102g of protein for the day and I'm starving. I'm supposed to have 100g of carbs and I'm 50g short, but there's 50g more of protein planned for today, but only 600 more calories. Right now there is a metric shit ton of Mac and cheese and pumpkin pie in my fridge. I know what I would rather have than a half pound of freaking salmon.
  25. So I have always prided myself on being organized and generally having my "isht" together. I'm not sure if it's COVID or if it's society in general, but lately I'm struggling because everyone around me seems to be disorganized and its making my life a hot mess, and now I'm doubting my own abilities. So in the past week, we've had: - A package containing my in-laws' lifetime National Park pass (which is apparently not something you can get anymore) not getting delivered to us before they left town. We spent probably 6 hours on the phone with FedEx over 2 days getting this package re-routed, and along the way no one gave us the same answer twice and it was generally a disaster. It once again missed them at the 2nd vacation house because they sent it back to Memphis instead of putting it on a truck to drive 2 hours east. - We were assessed late fees for our daughter's first tuition payment due 7/1. A month ago, the school announced they were transitioning to a new payment system and please go sign up by a certain date. I did, and even have a confirmation email with the details of the payment plan, which checking account number they were pulling from, etc. It turns out they auto-signed my husband up a few days later and decided his account was the primary, which had no information for payment nor a plan selected. We are not the only family this happened to. Apparently they've waived the late fees but they still want me to use this rogue account that I never set up, and meanwhile, I can't access the account that I set up, because the school never approved it. - We are having air conditioning installed today. Yesterday when we were in Central Washington, a 2 hour drive, an electrician rang our doorbell saying he was there for the pre-work. We had people come out to our house 2 weeks prior to check out the installation and this was never mentioned, nor would we have agreed to it because we already cut our vacation short to get back in time for this instead of having to wait until November. Prior to this, we initially contacted the company in January, they came out in February, gave us a quote, we said yes we will take this option, and then radio silence for months while I tried to contact them to ask them to send over paperwork. The front office asked me to contact the guy who came out, and then when I called a month later to say the guy still hadn't been in contact despite reaching out via phone, text, and email, the person we talked to admitted the guy had left. Then they said they couldn't get us in until November as we were ready to sign on the dotted line. When I pitched a fit because our Costco membership is going to expire in August, and we specifically upgraded knowing we were going to drop a bunch of money on this during this year, they found us a cancelation for this week, but we had to leave Central WA last night at 9pm so we could be here for the 9 AM install. Yesterday no one would call us back to tell us what the plan was today since they said they had no electrician today. I called back the person who called me at 4pm to ask if they had a status update, but the girl said this was her personal phone and she wasn't at work anymore, so call the office. So I left a message, no response. This morning an electrician rang the doorbell at 8:30 AM. Super nice guy, but he also said he had no pictures and no information about our unit, and didn't even know what gauge wires to run, so he's coming back later today. But on the bright side they are here and it looks like they are getting it done, although they've run into a few issues already because it sounds like the estimators don't know what they're doing. I think there's one more but I'm just so exhausted I can't even today. I just feel like everything is a disaster lately, and I'm exhausted by it. I don't have time to triple-check everyone and nag everyone along. I took on a lead job at work almost 2 years ago, and even though this is the 3rd time I've done this, it's so overwhelming because once again, I feel like no one has their crap together and several people seemed to expect me and clean up the mess without addressing the systematic issues. So I've just given up and told people I'm not a babysitter or a secretary, and I expect grown men to be able to adult. And with all of these issues, I feel like all these people/companies are trying to gaslight me and tell me they contacted me and told me this or that and they did not. Or they refuse to do what seems like a simple ask. I get it, no one wants to work anymore, which is really no one wants to take a crappy job for crappy pay and deal with irate customers. But I feel like society is angry and falling apart and taking me down with it. Am I the only one feeling like this or is this happening everywhere?
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