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  1. Alright, parents and educators, what do you think about learning loss during the pandemic? This has been on my mind the last few weeks and now I see this article. https://apnews.com/article/online-school-covid-learning-loss-7c162ec1b4ce4d5219d5210aaac8f1ae?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab I'm really starting to notice it in E, actually. He is a smart kid so he has gotten by. But I'm realizing he didn't get the strong phonics background that should've happened in 1st grade (2020-21 school year), so while he can read, he can't spell and it's put him even further behind in writing. He can still do math in his head and I felt like the resources for that were better during online learning. He is flunking every spelling test, even when he can answer verbally. I would say this is the first year he has had that has been like real school. It is conference week next week and I've heard from the special education teacher that his gen ed teacher is very worked up about his handwriting. The district that we are now in went back to in-person hybrid learning months before his former district did. Q was in person the entire 2020-21 school year, so she seems right on target still. But that 3 months of virtual school at the end of 2019-20 was awful and she was really struggling.
  2. Hopefully you got to breathe today because it finally rained after 110+ days. That was the driest streak I've ever seen.
  3. I would support a 30-32 hour work week being the norm. It would also make life easier for working parents since kids only spend about 30 hours a week in school.
  4. The thing is that I'm not sure where the feedback is actually coming from. There are 2 potential sources: 1. Our management team is almost entirely new and/or much younger than me. They have no idea what I've done except for possibly the last 3-5 years, and I've actually been in pretty stable positions during that time, which is highly unusual for me. I actually made a conscious effort to stick around on some of these programs because I was worried I was bouncing around too much. (That said, I actually like bouncing around because I get bored solving the same problem over and over ad nauseum.) 2. Many of our experts spent a lot of time on one particular program and were rewarded for it. I was on that program at a few separate points but not the long haul that those folks were. Many of them think if you didn't work on that program, you ain't done shit. I am hoping this is not the case, but many of them are retiring soon anyway, hence the need for me to step into the role ASAP. As for quiet quitting, I agree wholeheartedly. I've always been outspoken about not doing overtime unless there is a direct need for it (a specific deadline), and that I am willing go do it but it will be from home after normal business hours. I work with a lot of people who really enjoy milking the overtime and making 60 hours a week of pay instead of 40. Most of those people are older than me, however, so I'm hopeful that attitude will change in the next few years.
  5. So I am gunning for a big prestigious promotion at work that you have to apply for, interview, and be accepted. Applications are every 2 years, so I will apply in 2024. Today I got some feedback that I may want to consider waiting until 2026 to apply because I haven't worked on enough development projects. I have worked on every development project since I got here, with the exception of one that was a big disaster (and thank God for that). So I set the record straight on that immediately. The person giving me the feedback was shocked. He did not realize how wrong he was until I set that record straight. So he stammered that I should get my application ready and review it with an expert to identify any gaps. I can't even with these people anymore. I think they genuinely think they are being helpful but they haven't even thought it through properly.
  6. Let me tell you a story about my husband shopping on Amazon for truck accessories and happening across a very realistic, veiny looking dildo labeled as a F-150 seatcover and he clicked on it because he was like WTF. I told him thanks a lot for all the nasty shit about to show up in my Amazon suggestions.
  7. Yeah, that family member has their own issues. You are taking the right path, no body shaming.
  8. Honestly, I feel like boys are less embarrassed about nakedness. I guess when they get uncomfortable with it? I mean E is 8 and has no shame. Q is 11 and mortified when she sees him naked, which is about 3x a week because he just doesn't give a rip walking from his room to the bathroom for a shower (its literally the eoom next to his bedroom. He also gets distracted while getting dressed, some days I find him half dressed reading a book instead of getting ready. However, I will say that E doesn't like seeing the rest of us naked. He is more uncomfortable with other people's nakedness than his own.
  9. Did you get the girly Ugg boots? I have a few of the weird ass Amazon brands. Pretty sure it is all made in Asia. It doesn't last but it's cute and I can't find shit at Target anymore that isn't a crop top meant to be worn by a 23-year old that has never given birth or had a real job, for that matter. So my over 40 ass buys sweatshop shit on Amazon because it covers my saggy c-section abs. I should probably go back to buying clothes from Costco. I find some nice Eddie Bauer stuff there. I want to say I've picked up some Amazon essentials stuff for the kids, but maybe not.
  10. I did also get some news this weekend that reinforced I'm not overreacting to these bad environments. Her former soccer team that we left on very bad terms just got dropped to the bottom division because they are getting killed, primarily because they lost 4 more players by the end of the season and only gained 2 more at tryouts. They can barely field a team and have to borrow from the younger team. Now even the younger team (same coach) got dropped and I've heard from 2 more families that they are leaving at the end of the season. They may not even have a team for those 2 age groups next year or they will have to combine to cobble together 1 team and make the younger girls play up. Karma is delicious sometimes, but at least I can say it wasn't just me, at least 4 other families bailed on that environment within a few months. Q is waffling on whether she wants to leave the school. The truth is I know she's only staying because of her friends, namely about 4 of them. 2 of them are legitimate good friends and we spend lots of time with them outside of school. The 2 others are BFFs with each other, and she is the 3rd wheel, and honestly, their parents are not interested in facilitating their friendship with her. So I don't want to manipulate or strong arm her, but I think we need to help her see that she will be happier at the local public school, even if making new friends is scary. We will see how this week goes. She has 2 weeks until the end of the quarter, which is my personal deadline because we are on the hook for the full quarter of tuition if she even attends one day of the quarter.
  11. Lol, first one was a Mercedes, 2nd one was a Volvo. We gotta stop buying European cars. Let's see, what have we had and how did they die... 1995 Chevy S10. Got it used because the first owner blew up the engine and dropped a 4-cylinder engine in it just to resell. Decides to throw a piston through the hood on I-95 in 2005. 2000 Dodge Avenger. Broken door handles, aforementioned transmission sensor. Even needed a new paint job after 5 years because the factory paint was crap. Every engine seal failed and needed a complete clean out in 2008 at 108k miles. Sold to some poor 18-year old whose dad was willing to clean up the engine himself. 1999 Mercedes SLK 230. Bought used 5 years old. MIL spun out on US 1 a week after my husband pointed out the tires were bald and she called him a pussy for not wanting to drive it. Back end needed completely replaced and we found a missed bent control arm 4 years later. We had so much fun in that car until we had kids. Then I was pissed that it only had 2 seats and that made me solely responsible for daycare drop off and pickup, and then it started having random total electrical failures WHILE DRIVING IT. Made him trade it in for a sedan in 2013. 2008 Toyota Highlander. Bought brand new, was our major car for 12 years. I planned on driving it to 200k miles but it only made it to about 112k because honestly, we only put about 10k miles a year on our cars, if that. Gave me zero problems until the last 6 months I owned it, but both my husband and my MIL got into minor fender benders with it, and the car got a complete paint job 5 months before we got rid of it. One O2 sensor went out and made it undrivable, and cost $1k to fix. 6 months later, same problem. A friend let me borrow their computer and the error code said it was either another O2 sensor again or a cracked cylinder head. Didn't want to find out so we just traded it in.
  12. Honestly, every time I've had to do it, I'm so relieved. Every time it has been the right choice, and the couple of times I've ignored the kids and listened to the toxic adults, my kids were always right in the end. So my batting average is good but I worry I'm too reactive. I worry my kids aren't going to be tough enough, but if they're miserable, they've already been toughing it out. I guess no wonder we have so many adults burning out? I basically shooted my shot today with the school and reported all the little jerks making her life hell, and specifically said these kids think they can get away with murder because their parents are the top donors. At this point I have nothing to lose, and a couple hundred a month in tuition back in my pocket book. If they don't want to do anything about it, I know my answer. One of our good friends is also reporting one of the kids for making sexually harassing comments towards her daughters.
  13. My husband's cars always end up with electrical troubles. Mine always have the engine seals fail or a sensor fails somewhere that makes it undrivable. Once I had a transmission sensor go out as I was driving down US1. That was fun.
  14. I realize that I'm fortunate enough to have options here, but when do you pull your kid from a toxic situation? I feel like I have to do it a lot and I don't know why my kids can't just have stable environments. We are considering pulling Q from the private school and putting her in our local public school. Honestly, I probably should have done it at the end of last year after the awful year we had. Her new teacher has implemented this house system that is a direct ripoff of Harry Potter and its turned the kids against each other. The "rich" kids think this is a hoity toity prep school and get away with murder because their parents make big donations. I feel like the kids are running the school instead of the adults and they are making Q's life hell and her anxiety is through the roof. I'm sure public school can suck, too, but this school hasn't been the same since COVID. Academically she is killing it. All As except for an 89.7% B+. I don't think she's gifted, just a good student.
  15. Apparently you don't live in Seattle with a lot of nerdy UW alumni.
  16. Wait I thought ladies' junk was pink. She should have that checked.
  17. This is a bit slow for me, even. Normally I am all about character development but for some reason I'm not feeling invested. I like the Mon Mothma storyline, though.
  18. Ah yes, we like to call this "Bring me a rock". Which is usually followed by "No, not that rock, a different rock." Repeat at least 3x, but more likely infinity.
  19. Amazing news! E's OT got a new job already with a place closer to our house AND with a more convenient time slot. I needed some good news. He has had a sub for over a week and she has not been good for him.
  20. Ok, in all seriousness... I probably wouldn't contact Jason. I think it has the very real ability to become an emotional connection and an easy out when/if things get hard with real life. It's an escape, and I'm wondering if that is when the dreams come up. Have things been OK with life? Not just Trevor, but life in general. Honestly I need a vacation from life in general and probably a girls weekend of not being a mom. You aren't alone if you don't want that sometimes. Just make sure your outlets are healthy.
  21. Warm + sticky = moist. Sorry, I'm not helpful.
  22. Well if they can't do anything sounds like you just don't pay her. Problem solved!
  23. Your family reminds me of my mom's family. Stay the eff away. Also, LMAO at Tim. Didn't see that one coming.
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