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  1. I'm actually digging this a lot, but I've always really enjoyed the Jedi stories. Except for when they made Luke Skywalker a hack. Forget that noise.
  2. I went to Q's curriculum night tonight. Her teacher held me back to tell me how wonderful she is doing and how she is one of the kindest kids in the class, wise beyond her years. She is respectful and follows established boundaries. This is the kid I know. I'm glad she has this teacher who sees her heart. She also said she would love to have Q on Student Council because she is the sponsor. That said I arrived to curriculum night pissed off because of more mean girl antics today that had Q crying in the bathroom and an adult sent her to the office for support after seeing her emerge from thr bathroom still in tears. The principal tried to tell her that these girls say they want to be her friend still, but their actions indicate otherwise. I fired off an email to the counselor because she was out today but also to document so that no one can be shocked when I file a report with the district Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying office.
  3. E was on guanfacine and we just switched him to Strattera because guanfacine hasn't done much, and once when we accidentally bumped his dose, it was a disaster. He did well on Strattera in the past, but he couldn't swallow pills and the insides are horribly bitter (my husband accidentally got a little on his fingers once and said it was awful and he got why E was refusing to take it), so we switched to guanfacine. That said, we might need to increase the Strattera because he is on the lowest dose. We also tried clonodine and OMG, that was a mistake. I'm glad you said it out loud about restorative practices not working for bullying. Our school counselor thinks that's the answer to everything. She also excuses some of it because Q is just not on the same page socially. And honestly, I'm ok with that. I'd rather her be a little weird than mean. But it makes me sad that we protect the mean girls better than the supposedly less socially adept. The mean girl stuff on the soccer team is 100% learning from mom. It took me about a month that I wanted nothing to do with about half the families. They are mean shit-talkers who speak poorly about everyone else. No thanks, I'll hang out over here.
  4. We're not doing so great over here. E is on waitlist after waitlist. We were told likely another 9 months for an autism evaluation. Waiting until December to see the urologist. And I had to fight with the genetic counseling folks because they wanted us to fork out $4k for testing after insurance said they wouldn't cover it unless he was hospitalized. (They did agree to cover 2 other tests, though, but I had to fight the hospital to get them to agree to salad and the main course instead of the buffet they wanted.) He is getting a lot less paraeducator help this year, and I think people are getting frustrated at his attention span, but I can't do much about that. I just want some answers for him. I'm becoming increasingly concerned that we may be looking at an intellectual disorder, not just a developmental disorder. Q is having trouble with friends at school. The friends she had last year ditched her after 2 of the girls left to attend private school (one of them is at her former school). Turns out 1 of those girls really liked her and made the other girls knock off the mean girl antics. One of the girls came to school the 2nd day and announced she was no longer allowed to be friends with Q because her mom said she was a "bad influence". I'd like to know what drugs they caught Q in the parking lot with. I didn't tolerate this stuff when I was a tween, and I have even less patience for it now. Half the girls on her soccer team are somehow even meaner than last year's girls. Like the poor sportsmanship is simply astounding. And they aren't even that good. (They did stomp her old team 6-1 this summer in a tournament. That was pretty satisfying.) They are good athletes but not good soccer players, and they really just care about winning. And they are telling her they are losing because of her when really it's the entire team is making mistakes. So I think it's time to consider less serious teams where she can have fun and the focus is not only on winning but enjoying the sport. (Cue for Ender and I: insert rant on pay-to-play here.) We've offered to let her quit entirely but she said she wants to play soccer (and there are no other teams with openings until May). The sole saving graces right now are her new choir group and Girl Scouts starting up again. This age is just so terrible. I hate mean girls.
  5. I ended that episode telling myself, "If the people on Nightly didn't like that one, they have no soul."
  6. I think she was in the World Between Worlds because Jacen heard the lightsabers.
  7. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of Helen, too. Sometimes losing close friends is just as hard as losing family.
  8. Nah, don't think I'm upgrading anything this year. Q and I are skipping lessons this year and just having fun. I downgraded to Night ski passes (after 2pm) because I didn't feel like we used the day passes very often. This year she has no weekend soccer games from Christmas to end of February, so I want to get in a lot of Friday nights and Saturdays. Thanks to you, though, I made a fitting appointment at Play it Again on opening day, Oct 1st. Q gonna have the good stuff.
  9. Maybe I'm the only one, but personally I loved the last episode. I don't even mind the background politics stuff. That's the tie to the ST, it's setting up the failure of the New Republic and exactly why Leia started to get out of politics. She saw the threat that still existed. I'm able to follow even though I haven't seen every episode of Clone Wars, and honestly, most of Rebels. Granted I've been a SW fan for most of my life. Is the target audience really casual fans? I mean, my dad would have no frigging idea what's going on, but my husband is following along for the most part. Side note: my daughter's therapist asked me to introduce her to Ahsoka through The Clone Wars. She thinks she needs a fictional role model and said when she was watching Clone Wars this weekend with her own kids, she realized Q reminded her so much of Ahsoka.
  10. I get the consistent income. Is there a part-time gig with a steady paycheck that you could pick up? I think if you became a full time working stiff you'd feel kind of stifled and wouldn't have the time or energy to create. And heard on the body thing. I'm north of 40 now and it's just harder. The COVID 19 (lbs) was not kind and I've not recovered from it. I think a lot of people are in this boat but the reality is it's just harder as you age. I've never felt my age, I don't wake up feeling like shit every morning other than never getting enough sleep (I've always had high sleep needs, even in college). But it's definitely creeping up because I'm just tired every night.
  11. Is this like that mid-life crisis where I keep threatening I'm going to quit my job because I'm sick of corporate America BS to become a kid's soccer coach so I can make a difference instead of angry washed up soccer nerds ruining kids love of the sport?
  12. I mean I like it. I'm definitely tuning in every Tuesday so someone doesn't spoil it for me.
  13. Hey congrats on the best seller! Are things still going OK with the lady friend? Is the strike getting to you? I mean, I can understand how your lifestyle is a little stressful when you have to create to earn your living. Maybe Odine is right and a little vacation is what you need. Doesn't have to be extravagant, can just be a quiet getaway.
  14. Yeah I was unimpressed. Choppy 8 minute documentary. I'm not sure what story they were trying to tell.
  15. So, latest fan theory is that Marrock was a force fart. How do we feel about the Anakin reveal? I'm guessing Ahsoka is going to have to make a choice to stay in the World Between Worlds or go back to finish the mission. Gonna guess she's not gonna choose Force Ghost. Also, the map is clearly burned into Ahsoka's hand, so that's how we're going to follow them.
  16. Ah, we've got one of those spoiled little a-holes in our neighborhood. Really I have a bigger issue with the mom, who has been super aggressive with Q because she wants her kid to play with the kids in her class to gain social standing. I told Q she really shouldn't be playing with the girl because she's a lot younger, but sometimes she manages to sneak over there. But this summer Q said the parents were smoking something that smelled bad. I'm not a big pot hater, but dad is an anesthesiologist (hence the $$$$), so I'm sure his workplace would love to know that. I think the thing about Jimmy Buffet is I'm not sure I've ever heard a bad word about his character. He's chill, his fans are chill. I mean I lived in Florida for 6 years so I'm familiar with the Margaritaville lifestyle and there's a lot of fans down there. Seems like he made a lot of people happy with his music and didn't use his wealth to be a dick.
  17. Someone please clue me in on what's so bad about Phish fans (or any band fans, really). I'm clueless and bored.
  18. Yeah I don't think we are going to see a ton from Hera, honestly. I think she's in these first few episodes for nostalgia. I think we get maybe one more appearance from her before they go after Thrawn and Ezra, probably as a hologram or split scene.
  19. Yeah, I feel like everyone is awkward around Ahsoka. Or she's awkward. I admittedly didn't watch a ton of Rebels so I'm not sure how familiar/comfortable the dynamic was, but obviously there's conflict between Sabine and Ahsoka so maybe that's what they went for.
  20. Well the inquisitor has a name, and. Wookieepedia article: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Marrok
  21. My husband's boss has called him twice and he actually went out for a happy hour and left his work phone at home? I mean, to me it's a good thing but I'm petty and enjoying the fact that this guy can't get ahold of my husband and ruin dinner plans for the 5628th time. If that doesn't work, doggo on a boat.
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