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  1. Apparently she heard the cheese drawer open. I shit you not, she knows which drawer is where we keep cheese and she can hear it from anywhere in the house.
  2. My kids love sticks. There are a ton of parents who freak out about this and don't let their kids play with sticks because someone is going to lose an eye. Look, I let my wild ass kids play with sticks. I've given up that fight. No one has even gotten poked. Just let kids play with sticks. Also I am pretty sure that letting my daughter sign up for Roblox is the greatest parenting mistake I've ever made. Minecraft is fine. Roblox has tons of inappropriate for age content, crappy parental controls, and everyone is trying to chat and friend request my 10-year old.
  3. Forgot to tell you guys my son swallowed a coin on Friday. We are back at the ER because he hasn't pooped since and started vomiting. Got x-rays and the coin is still there. Waiting to hear if its a blockage or if I overdid it on the laxatives today because he's a known poop holder.
  4. Fingers crossed for you for a healthy pregnancy. Congratulations.
  5. I'm so done with people who work with children who shouldn't be working with children. My daughter's soccer coach has been complaining about behavior lately, and honestly, I think she's trying to get rid of us. But the coach also has ADHD and anxiety and does not manage it well (no meds, no therapy, etc). She is impulsive, easily irritated, and snappy with the girls. My daughter adores her, simply because she's a girl and her coach. So I've tried to talk to the coach about how we are trying to get my daughter evaluated for ADHD and anxiety as well, but its like she has no understanding of
  6. I am also wondering if your faith plays a role. Some people are more comfortable with death because of their faith and/or the beliefs of the deceased. Leading up to my uncle passing, he was firm that he was unafraid of death because of his faith. He faced it fearlessly and with open arms. His family was still heartbroken but I think it did help somewhat. It was a comfort to me, although I wasn't that inner circle. Also, if you're not afraid of death yourself, I think that also shapes how you mourn. I mean, you did cry about your dad. Its not like you never shed a single tear.
  7. Did your dad or Uncle Dave have a long time to suffer or were they unexpected? I didn't cry much about my mom, but I think its because I had so long to mourn her that it wasn't a slap in the face like suddenly losing her.
  8. So where is your boss? Still in the office? Seriously, pretty sure you could report them if he is coming in while knowingly having COVID.
  9. HVAC stuff is the worst. Its like they are intentionally cryptic. Good for you!
  10. Found the box of winter clothes, finally. Latest usage idea: formal living room becomes the family room, move the TV and couches in there. Keep bookshelves and have them frame the TV, which is what we did in the old old house from our newlywed years. Family room gets a pool table, and we install a bar in the space where there is currently an awkward railing. Lots of storage in the bar for kitchen items. Big wine fridge where the kitchen desk currently is. Tear out the kitchen island because its a little too big for the space, and we will have the bar. Portable chef cart to go into formal
  11. Pull out storage is going to be a necessity. Our new pantry is useless because it is super deep instead of wide. So thats the first one that we need to upgrade. Also going to get rid of a few pots that get infrequent use. I kept one stock pot because it came with an insert that was great for clams but I can buy another insert for the stock pot that we use more often for soup. It's our last Teflon pot so I should've gotten rid of it long ago. I also appear to have misplaced a box of winter clothes for my daughter, and it's frustrating the heck out of me. Its getting colder and she needs so
  12. I'm so frustrated with this kitchen. I need to use the pot rack to free up some storage space, but there is a skylight right where the pot rack should go. I might have to put it over the sink, which just looks kind of stupid.
  13. Not Bob. I'm so sorry, I would be inconsolable.
  14. That is a total wtf. I'm so sorry, Hobbes.
  15. When we bought 8 years ago, it was a buyer's market, for sure. I remember there being so many houses available so we could afford to be picky, until all of a sudden things picked up and ours went pending and we lost 3 houses in a week and had to scramble for the one we ended up in. We had to sacrifice on a few things, like we wanted a 3 car garage and had to settle for 2 (and then it turned out that you couldn't actually fit 2 cars in it at the same time), and the yard was smaller than we really wanted but at least it was double our old yard. I really liked the house and Floorplan itself, thou
  16. Are you guys totally moved in to the new house? Is Trevor doing this renovation project for free and on your own dime? Is the biggest complication for both of you working home schooling, or something else? Could one of the kids go to a co-op where you have less commitment/all on your shoulders, or could one or both of them go to the public school? (Not sure if the schools out there are better or worse than where you were.)
  17. Well and that's what disability is for. You can't work enough to sustain yourself because of your disability, so don't feel bad about it. This business appears to have a lot of rules designed to screw people out of their pay, like no holiday pay if you take the day before off. I mean, either they pay you for the holiday or not. Not to say anything of their clear favoritism towards morning girl, who has become an entitled pain in the ass because of it. Something is shady there. Honestly, the sooner you find another job, the better off you will be. Even if you get fired for something t
  18. We are pending! Got my magic number and no contingencies, but with a 32-day close because of the weekend. A little obnoxious because they sent it at 1 AM and the offer expired at 1 PM, so clearly they were trying to avoid any other offers coming in. We also had an open house from 11-1 today so they were trying to get that canceled or avoid bidding against anyone who went to that. In the end, the other offers said they had planned on offering $50k less than my magic number so we decided let's take a sure thing. I feel good, and I don't think we left money on the table because even though there
  19. My son earned 100% on his tally sheet today for possible points. Im so proud of him.
  20. Our realtor did say that she's already had some interest on putting in a early offer to avoid a bidding war. In my experience, that just starts the bidding war earlier. Our offer review deadline is Tuesday at noon because we would like to make a decision that night. But if someone puts in an offer this weekend, we've given our realtor our magic number and other details (no contingencies, close in 30 days or less, etc). But then she will turn around and call anyone who has shown interest and tell them we have an offer on the table and that they better put something together if they want to play
  21. 14 showings today, and 8 already scheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed, but so far my realtor says only positive feedback and good interest.
  22. House is on rhe market eeek. Lots of views on Redfin, and I think 12 showings scheduled within the first 4 hours of going live. I think its going to do well. Fingers crossed that no one trashes it during the showings. We've had a lot of rain the past several days and we have new carpet. Agent has made it painfully clear that people need to take their shoes off but as we learned with my neighbors showings, people are ***holes.
  23. I know they're made from actual magic, but still. Also found all my Mason jars in the garbage bag.
  24. Realtor asked her what happened, she says it's in a garbage bag near the front of the garage. She also said she used some of the Magic Erasers because what she had "wasn't cutting it". If you're a professional cleaner I would think you have some better products than Magic Erasers.
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