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  1. There are literally photos of the prayer session and students said they felt coerced to pray or lose playing time. One of the photos was apparently included in the courts decision as support to them saying it was a private not public setting. You can shout down people all you want, Brando, you are both the admin here and a Christian, you have the power here. So keep getting your panties all twisted whenever Christianity is mentioned and keep ignoring reality. I’m done here. Ban me too, bitch. Afterthought: So there is no confusion. Really and totally fuck you, Brando. Just disregarding Spam because she isn’t a lawyer. Just completely pushing her to the side because of some arbitrary qualification you have decided is needed to understand and comment on the topic. Fuck you so much. Taxes are going to Christian schools now, prayers in public school, abortion bans, contraceptive bans on the table, LGBTQ+ community at literal heightened risk, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A FUCKING LAWYER to understand things. Look, Walt calling for violence was a line. But you are as much a fucking asshole as anyone that has posted here. So from one asshole to another, fuck you.
  2. There is also a video of Rep. Boebert saying the Church is supposed to direct government and that the separation of church and state is not even a part of the constitution. #worsttimeline
  3. The Freaky Friday episode was neat, it almost felt like Lower Decks. Also if you’re interested in hospitalization, play the Strange New World’s drinking game where you take a shot every time Pike looks like Johnny Bravo.
  4. Spider-Man


    I pushed through the rest of Season 2. Overall I’m still with my thought above that the actors have been let down, but at the same time the stuff with the writing is a love/hate for me rather than just a ‘wtf this all sucks’ sorta criticism. The story is fine, I can dig it, it’s like a story for a novel really. The execution of the story in a Star Trek series setting was not successful for me. There are things I like with this story, with these characters, but I am certain to never revisit these seasons. Maybe that means something about the series, maybe that just means something about where I am. I dunno.
  5. Only Murders in the Building. This series stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. Season 2 is due this July. It’s one of the fresher and weirder spins on a murder mystery show. DO NOT WATCH A TRAILER… as season 2’s trailer is out and you could get spoiled for season 1. Dollface. This series stars Kat Dennings and Brenda Song. All seasons are available, of which there are two. It’s a super quirky dramedy from the feminine perspective, with lots of day dreaming hallucination stuff. I love both these series.
  6. Until Congress can pass legislation affirming abortion as a reproductive right then strangely, poetically maybe, the extremist Christian push to ban abortion will now likely require push back from another religion. First up to bat is possibly Judaism. Essentially moving the fight for reproductive rights from what was the 14th Amendment to the 1st. On paper that sounds like a Holy War. I guess we have to hope it stays on paper. Weird to see the Separation of Church and State dissolve, essentially, effortlessly… It just took one President’s term.
  7. Spider-Man


    Yeah, I agree about Picard. I have enjoyed parts of Picard, but the whole is suspect. It’s like Picard is Star Trek because it’s official and they say it is, but at the same time is it tho? lol Ultimately I think the cast has been really let down. I think the talent and chemistry is there and the writing is not, in a manner that is probably similar to a Star Wars project other than the OG Trilogy.
  8. Spider-Man


    I’ve seen Orville, excluding the new Hulu season. I thought it fought with itself over whether it was a parody or not. I thought the humor was tired. Ultimately I thought it was a lesser parody than Galaxy Quest, and a lesser science fiction series than OG Star Trek, so I dropped it.
  9. Spider-Man


    How does Guinan not recognize Jean-Luc when they practically were going to propose to each other at the end of Time’s Arrow? Also, not being able to skip the recap is annoy AF. And yeah, trying to finish this season finally. So. Like Star Wars, a lot of the problems with these new Treks seem to stem from not letting go of past casts and characters. If they just were all new, it’d still be less like Trek than it should be, but at least I could just go… well this is the future’s future’s future. lol Anyway, I guess I should get back to trying to watch this Star Trek: X-Men: Doctor Who: Mass Effect. So Q is powerless again. I wonder if the show will have those TNG energy aliens attack him in this next episode whatever number Fly Me to the Moon is. God damn, really? Picard is this fucking important to all of time? I guess these are the seeds sewn from All Good Things. lol Wait. Seven is worried about beaming Rios out because of witnesses after they just beamed out of danger with witnesses? lol I know Trek is infamous for crazy shit like this, but… Why am I watching this?
  10. No Man’s Sky is notable for over promising and under delivering, but then delivering. It’s a robust game now, with hundreds of hours of gameplay. That said, it’s still not a story driven experience (in the sense of Mass Effect etc) nor is it everyone’s cup of tea in the control scheme manner. I personally didn’t like the flying and navigation stuff, unless they changed that too, because it felt like maths. lol Afterthought: No Man’s Sky and Fallout 76 are two neat turn around stories for when the developer and fans both don’t give up on a game. Neither are everyone’s thing still (usually because of how the story is told in them), but they have improved so much and are solid gaming experiences.
  11. I too am cautiously optimistic. Everything shown about this game looks like it was plucked from my day dreams, except like Tank noted the ancient “mystical” artifact trope. I’d rather it just be ancient artifacts, space archaeology essentially… the non-Indiana Jones type of archeology anyway. lol I’d get a kick out of discovering some ancient civilization and then having my team analyze the findings to discover these people killed themselves and their planet via such and such thing wrong in our present society. At least once anyway. Feels like it’s better than racing for some Holy Grail for the power, fortune and glory.
  12. I present the Kung-Fu Cook.
  13. Spider-Man

    Ms Marvel

    I thought it was fun and refreshing. To one sentence describe it using other projects: it feels like the love child of Scott Pilgrim & Bend it Like Beckham.
  14. I’m out. I thought I could get back into Star Wars, but I just can’t. Leia is great in this, Obi-Wan is of course great, I dig Conman Jedi and Reva. Anyway, hope it keeps on being cool for y’all.
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