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  1. I still have a reoccurring nightmare where Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk hunts me. I’ve had the nightmare since I was a kid. Essentially no matter where I hide, nor how I hide, the Hulk will bash open whatever I am in and then do that flex growl that Lou did. The last thing I see before I wake up is the Hulk’s open hand coming towards my face.
  2. Trimming Friends lists opened up a whole new world of things for me. I just spent a lazy hour and a half scrolling through my Facebook wall all the way to January 2015, it was so cool to see silly old photos and silly stories about my kids. As I did this I cleansed my wall of President He Who Shall Not Be Named. ;-) Surprisingly it was only about 40+ posts. Man, it’s probably a good thing that I can’t time travel.
  3. After a long chat with my wife, spurred by this thread, I’ve found the courage? No. Gumption? Yeah, works. Anyway I have found the gumption to start trimming away my Facebook friends list. With a few doubles dropped, one or two people in jail (apparently) dropped, and the rest being Trumpets which got dropped, I trimmed down to 70 friends. I never had much more than that, but now I have to figure out which single Trumpet family member to drop so I can giggle every time I see my friends list number.
  4. Is the recent bot attention due to having software modern enough for bots to understand? lol Or has the lifting of some censors allowed search engines to sort the site into search algorithms which get bot attention? Or was I just that much of an irregular attendee to the boards prior to the update that I’m only noticing business as usual? No judgement here, pure curiosity. Also thanks for all the effort y’all are putting in here.
  5. I’ve deleted several social media accounts in various places. You have to do what is best for your mental health, even while supporting your business. Fozzie makes a good point, unfollowing people is a healthy choice. You can then set a schedule to look at other people’s walls, if you so want. I try to do that at least twice a month. Another good tip is just not being afraid of unfriending people, or even not accepting invites you really don’t want. It’s your account, not theirs, run it how you wish. I personally struggle with this very much. Side Note: I have issues, collective
  6. Obvi I had my old man “I’ve seen this, this is so much retread, ugh these lame plot devices, why not a woman, and omg a toddler that stays a toddler for fifty years is a freaking nightmare” issues and I wrote about all that to my well established penchant for the ridiculous. hOWeVER!.!.. this series is probably the third best Star Wars thing ever made only behind ANH and ESB. I’m looking forward to more and the continued justification for paying a Disney+ subscription.
  7. Neat. Classic emoticons. We’re in the past, the present, and the future simultaneously. It’s like I’m an infinite being now.
  8. I just retreat into myself to contemplate how dumb I was for even speaking about something or liking the place or ruining the place for speaking serious when I just wanted to have fun at the place. At that spiraling point I usually do a flurry of housework while vibing to 70s music. Those evenings end with making a dinner that goes with a margarita, which is anything, anything really works there.
  9. One of the things I struggle with is the idea of these types of mediums just hanging around forever, figuratively. How something said seventeen years ago comes back to haunt a grown, matured person who is just out there in a vibe with their world all chill and then boom. As a culture it feels as though we are shackling ourselves with digital restraints, electronic ghosts, skeletons made of ones and zeroes. Some people might just have what was supposed to be humorous rants dangling about, others what could be more serious things, most things probably out there with no context what so ever, and
  10. They probably needed to hit you harder.
  11. I think that A New Hope feels like the odd ball because it feels like a complete story. Like sure, we are all curious after it (play along that you only saw it), but really the movie is boom, done, and satisfying as is. And I have to again smooch one of Tanks answers because yes to all the reasons the PT didnt feel like Star Wars... at least at the time. The PT sorta encapsulates what the franchise is both in tone and overall quality now.
  12. I have been told that I have a face that looks different depending on how you are looking at me. I assume that this means I am totally the sexiest man of the year level when its dark.
  13. One time, after I shaved off my beard, my daughter told me that I looked like a Russian woman. Strong, bred well, I make soup, come come in, warm by fire, that some good vodka no?
  14. I once told my wife that she looked like a million bucks. My young son Wyatt then told me that I looked like ten bucks. Choosing not to take that as a slight, I concluded that to Wyatt I looked like Alexander Hamilton. At the very least I might have Hamiltons penchant for poor punctuation.
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