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  1. As an Alaskan I have come to the conclusion that the woods suck as much as the city. At this point I’m thinking the final frontier for a living peace is in a submarine. Maybe a yellow one. Hashthing: Nemo was right.
  2. I absolutely understand how a series can tank, totally no pun intended, with changes to the premise. I was just shooting out a wild idea about Grogu since people were moaning about people still talking about TLJ. The Grogu idea was spurred by the most recent episode suggesting he has blank areas of memory, is still a child after 50 years, and that Mando should try to train or at the very least nurture his Force sensitivity. Given training denotes growth, I ran with the idea of accelerating Grogu from the approx 2-4 year old age range up to 6-8 years old. The teenager note was an idea
  3. I had no idea that people would quote Sleepless in Seattle. I’m now left pondering what they would quote. “My wife died.” “He’s got allergies.” ??? Hmm... “they knew it” is prolly one, I guess. I would have thought someone quoting Frasier’s “tossed salad and scrambled eggs” or “hello, Seattle, I’m listening” would be more a thing.
  4. I agree, it’s why I proposed the chrysalis concept. Maybe the species would exist in these stages, maybe even fifty year stages until adulthood. So Grogu right now could either be in his first fifty, probably better as that, or in his second fifty. The next stage would also be fifty years, or less years whatever works best to keep Yoda’s age logical. Whatever period of time it is Grogu then essentially is existing as an eight year old for that time, which could take him out of viability for the sequel trilogy (which we already know he wasn’t in anyway). The process could have him ready to
  5. I want the Grogu to age like a Gremlin soon. He is already just Gizmo, and eats like Gizmo’s offspring. I would not want to see like a literal dark gremlin transformation, but it might be neat to establish that Yodas grow a chrysalis to age to their next stage. So if Grogu is like an approximation of a human through 2 and 4 years old (the range he appears to act), then he could chrysalis to like 6 to 8 years. Once hatched this slightly older Grogu advances the style of the interaction between Mando and Grogu from Lone Wolf and Cub to Batman and a younger Robin. This would allow for s
  6. Yeah, it recently froze back over too. lol
  7. Re: TLJ and bad Star Wars woes I think that the biggest problems with post-RotJ Star Wars are Luke and Leia. This is why I said prior to the sequel trilogy that one of them should be dead as the catalyst for the sequel trilogy plot starting. I originally pegged Leia, because well... Carrie seemed less likely to be able to pull off any sort of Star Warsian heroism than Mark (a thought about her physical and emotional issues). But after seeing The Force Awakens I was convinced and said so that Luke should be dead. Everything after that only cemented that Luke should have been dead. Tha
  8. It’s plausible that the entire attachment thing was about viewing relationships and commitments as ownerships. That viewing relationships as ownerships leads to deep emotional conflicts when the people you see as yours don’t conform to your idea of what they are supposed to be for you or that they simply aren’t there how you feel they should be. It could be seen that Anakin exhibits love as ownership in the prequels, which could also be ironically reinforced by him being a slave originally. Perhaps this can be reinforced again by Anakin showing us that he refuses to except the fate of any
  9. It’s nice to like Star Wars again. It helps to pretend the sequel trilogy doesn’t exist, or at least ended in a cliffhanger with TLJ. lol
  10. Today I was able to snipe an auction on eBay for an Xbox One X “robot white” edition (not the new system, I know the naming convention is confusing). I’m happy with that, I have been looking for either the new Series X system or what is now last gen One X system because I sold my two PS4s to bolster Xmas this year. It all worked out, I was able to get two Nintendo Switch Lites (plus three games and two cases) and an Xbox One X for approx $450 in total.
  11. The “it was just a joke” defense feels icky and is reminiscent of abusive behavior in relationships and various social situations. That the Secretary of State said it in direct response to working with the team for the President-Elect elevates the seriousness even more. Wars get started by the words and actions of people in these positions of authority. These are not things that should be normalized. Keep in mind, there has been at least one moderator at Nightly that was removed from that position because they cursed at a member. So the idea that positions of authority are held to a
  12. https://m.tiktok.com/v/6892194593446661381
  13. I hear you, and I agree humans should definitely learn to listen to each other more. That said, I’m raising/ed four kids (one is grown and married now). I’m in a long (thankfully good) marriage. There are no boundaries left. There are no boundaries left. None. I cannot count how many conversations I’ve had while sitting on the toilet, or taking a shower, or ... just yeah... So when I go to the store I am totally not looking to give advice on meat products just because I happen to look like I might both eat them and hunt for them.
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