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  1. remember when I told you all years ago that america was f*cked?
  2. not really sure how I missed out on a ban in my younger, trollier days guess the bar was higher/lower(*delete where applicable) back then Also feel I've really missed an opportunity what with America going batshit crazy the last few years.
  3. we have football, you have bubble wrapped rugby and given the present climate, I think I'd move to North Korea before the US
  4. Nah, he's just mad because Scotland is STILL a colony. I voted to remain part of the UK thank you very muchHow do you feel about that decision now the UK is leaving the EU? I voted to remain part of the EU The fact we're coming out of it didn't change my mind on independence, we knew the eu referendum was on the table before the scottish one took place. based on the figures the scottish "government" (aka a bunch of bigoted nationalists) put together, we'd already be bankrupt had we went independent. north sea oil plummeted no long after the vote and would have ended us before we began
  5. Nah, he's just mad because Scotland is STILL a colony. I voted to remain part of the UK thank you very much
  6. I just got this email (that linked me to this thread) Boba Sweat, 19 years ago on this very day, some guy we don't talk about anymore thought there should be a Star Wars message board, yelled "FIAT FLAMEWARS!" and thus was the prophecy fulfilled, and it begat very important concepts such as upside-down Coke can photos and the Naboo Wave Theory. And then we all chipped in too much free time and turned it into something completely different and big and special and weird and spookity. Happy 19th birthday, Nightly.net! Im immensely proud as the afore mentioned upside Coke can came from someo
  7. Yeah the irish are frauds with wee boabies and underpants So how are people anyway? other than this post it's been years since I've been here Whats changed? I no longer run shops. I now work in stockbroking. Living off the tears of lost dreams. Scotland voted for gay weddings waaay before you guys, but congrats none the less We also had a referendum as to wether we should leave the UK. Had that been back in the day when I posted here regularly, I'd have been voting yes, but I voted no. I actually despise the place now. swarming with nationalist who think 45% of the vote is a vict
  8. #askstarwars when filming the burning homestead scene, did you use a skeleton crew?
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