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  1. "If I can change, and he can change, then everyone can change...he gets it." "I do." One of the other parts that made me laugh was "No mercy, MFer." I enjoyed this season, but it does seem like this show has run its course. Daniel finally got what he was after since Season 1 (shutting down Cobra Kai). Johnny has become a better person, and he and Daniel even seem to be good friends now. Silver was exposed for who he really is and is now in jail. All the kids quit Cobra Kai at the end. Most (if not all) of the rivalries between the students have been settled. Mike Barnes got a paint
  2. I watched the first episode. It was good enough to keep me interested. I wonder how they will tie this show in with the older show. For example, why did Ben decide to suddenly leap without testing it more? Is he looking for Sam? What does he hope to find (and/or learn)? He left a message on Addison's phone but it did not explain anything. I understand they won't just give everything away in the first episode, but hopefully we will get more details before the end of the first season. I was also interested in why Al's daughter seems to be against the current quantum leap team.
  3. Does Porkins like to eat at Perkins? *ahem* .... uh...sorry...I'll think of a better dumb question... Would Luke still have gone to face Vader on Bespin if Obi-Wan accidentally let the secret slip out on Dagobah? "Luke, I don't want to lose you to the Emperor the way I lost Anakin...um...uh....I mean Vader."
  4. If C3PO had his memory erased, then how would he know he had his memory erased? Where did Han learn how to speak Wookiee? Or does he just think he can talk to and understand Chewbacca the same way people communicate with their pet dogs?
  5. Is anyone interested in Season 2 of the Bad Batch?
  6. The absolute worst dialogue change was in ESB where after Luke got away from Vader, Darth Vader used to say "Bring my shuttle." Now, he says, "Alert my Star Destroyer yada yada yada..." What were they thinking?
  7. I thought that is pretty much what Obi-Wan said in this scene: BTW, watching this now makes me think: Obi-Wan in the PT says he cannot kill Anakin and refused to do so on Mustafar...but then he tries to guilt Luke into doing it after Luke said he cannot kill his own father. What a hypocrite.
  8. So that's where Obi-Wan learned it. I may be missing something, but it seems like from the first two episodes of this miniseries, this is the first time Bail and Obi-Wan have spoken since Episode III. I can think of maybe two explanations: 1. Worrrying about Leia, it just wasn't on Bail's mind to fill Obi-Wan in on the details about Vader. 2. Does Bail even know that Anakin is Vader? I know Obi-Wan and Yoda know via the events of Episode III, but was Bail ever let in on this secret?
  9. I would assume Bail would have heard about Vader rather than Obi-Wan (after the events of Episode III). Obi-Wan seemed to lead a pretty disconnected life hiding out on Tatooine. He buried his lightsaber along with Anakin's and tried not to use the Force or intervene in any conflicts. I would assume that Obi-Wan probably did not leave Tatooine after Episode III until Bail asks him to help rescue Leia. By the way, the girl who played Leia in this series reminded me more of Princess Leia in the OT than Padme in the PT. I guess part of it was her dialogue and the other part might have been the ESB
  10. I think Obi-Wan was partly lying in ANH to manipulate Luke into becoming a Jedi. Obi-Wan also said Luke's father wanted him to have the lightsaber when he was old enough. I don't believe there was ever Anakin saying something like this in the prequels (and definitely not to Obi-Wan). After all, Anakin was trying to hide the fact that he and Padme were going to have a baby. Maybe they should film another edition of ROTS with the following dialogue: Obi-Wan: "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you....uh...btw, this may not be the best time to ask...but...um...if your kid with Padme surviv
  11. Braves 2022 season so far:
  12. Has anyone heard anything about if Obi-Wan is supposed to fight with Vader in this series? I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand, it would be cool to see. On the other hand, it would seem to water down the impact of their duel in A New Hope (being the first time they have faced each other since ROTS). Also, Vader's line about the last time they met he was the learner would seem kind of odd.
  13. Luke looks like he is practicing his podracing moves.
  14. Are you talking about Boba Fett?
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