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  1. I still say they should have left him in the sarlacc pit where he belongs.
  2. Does Boba Fett even know it was Han? His back was turned.
  3. Before the Book of Boba Fett Episode 4, Fett already met Mando, right? Before Fett got his armor back? So, now Fett will enlist the help of Mando to fight the Pykes?
  4. I just remembered I forgot about Darth Maul.
  5. I thought it was interesting they played a little of the Mandalorian theme after Fennec Shand delivered her line about credits can buy muscle if you know where to look. Mandalorian takes place 5 years after ROTJ, and this is where we see Boba Fett getting his armor back. I suppose that means all the flasbacks from Book of Boba Fett (getting out of the sarlacc, spending time with the Sand People, teaming up with Shand, fighting the Pykes) cover a period of 5 years? Not sure how that is significant, but I thought it interesting since I didn't know it was that long before Boba Fett got his armor
  6. Maybe for the most part, he did. However, there could still be a little left of what he used to be, which is what Luke felt (the conflict inside Vader) and why Luke was able to turn him back to the light side of the Force.
  7. My bad. I assumed you were just talking about all the TV shows we are getting now from Disney. I didn't realize you were also talking about the ST. I agree with you. I do think that Naboo might show up in the Obi-Wan series with Vader going there. I seem to remember something in comics were Vader did go there after Padme's funeral, but I don't know if that was something I imagined or it was real. EDIT: I guess I didn't imagine it:
  8. If any show's chararcters would visit Coruscant, I think it could be the Bad Batch (as that show takes place just after the end of the Clone Wars). Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett both take place after the OT, and Coruscant was no longer the capital. Naboo seems an odd choice to visit for most characters, but I could possibly see Vader going back there in the Obi-Wan series (maybe even some scenes with Vader on Coruscant). I am sure we will be seeing lots of Tatooine in the Obi-Wan series as well. At least we got the Bad Batch visiting Kamino and some flashbacks of Kamino in the Book o
  9. I assumed it was another one of his species, but I checked starwars.com, and yep, it is Max Rebo. I know he is just a minor character but it is lame how Disney keeps reviving characters that were assumed to be gone. Max Rebo, Boba Fett, Palpatine....who's next? How about Tarkin? What about Porkins? He should show up in the Book of Boba Fett. Let's start a petition.
  10. It's not a straight path because the writers need to stretch it out somehow. I agree that both could be on the good side by the end of season 5. But what will happen then? All the best fighers will have left (or not even joined) Cobra Kai. Sam, Miguel, Robby, Tori, Eli. Is there anyone I am missing? Will a new fighter rise up? Or will this be the end of the TV show (just 5 seasons)? That also makes me think of what will happen with Daniel's son and his rivalry with that new kid Kenny? Will Daniel's son take up karate? Will he betray his father by joining Cobra Kai? Or maybe Sam will
  11. I think that is a good point. Pride may be playing a part in it, but I also think Daniel genuinely thinks Cobra Kai will only lead to trouble for their students and is the wrong way of teaching martial arts. It also may be personal since Cobra Kai students attacked his daughter, broke into his house, and made a living nightmare for his family. I don't think Daniel is that prideful though because one of the interesting things in S4 was how both Daniel and Johnny had some influence on each other and agreed to take turns in letting one train the other. Also, at the final of the tournament, Daniel
  12. For all the years the Braves had a good team but wound up coming up short in the playoffs, this year was a nice surprise. I honestly thought they were not going to be able to overtake the Mets midway through the season. I also read something cool about the Braves this year. They won 44 games in the 1st half, won 44 games in the second half, and won the World Series in the 44th week of 2021.
  13. Way back then, I thought too much Star Wars movies would not be good and just wind up diluting the quality of the franchise. After the PT, I learned to get over it, stop putting Star Wars on a pedestal and just enjoy the content. Not everything has been great, but there definitely has been some good stuff. Rogue One and Mando have been my favorites so far. Other stuff has been enjoyable such as the Clone Wars TV show, the Clone Wars animated shorts, the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and Book of Boba Fett (so far). I am looking forward to other content Disney will be releasing not only on stre
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