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  1. This sounds cool as I have always wanted to see a huge Jedi battle. Sadly, I think the only time this happened in the movies (if memory serves me correctly) was the arena battle on Geonosis in AOTC where the Jedi were just fighting a bunch of battle droids. On the flip side, I think this theory would make certain things in ANH seem kind of awkward. For example: 1. Did Anakin know he killed Ben Kenobi? If so, then why then say "When I left you I was the learner, now I am the master."? 2. What caused Anakin to have to wear the Vader suit? Something similar to what happened in ROTS?
  2. *ahem* I believe Jango said he was recruited by someone named Tyranus. So therefore, it would be: Zam (a shape shifting alien), hired by Jango, hired by Dooku, posing as Darth Tyranus, hired by Palpatine, who was also known as Darth Sidious and was posing as Sifo Dyas after he presuambly killed the real Sifo Dyas
  3. That would definitely be confusing. In honor of my favorite baseball movie, I would suggest the following name: Cleveland Furniture Movers
  4. I was raised in South Florida, but I got New York, Yonkers, and Newark/Paterson. Must be all the transplants and snowbirds.
  5. In ANH, we do have the context of the opening crawl. "Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents"...so we do know the bad guys are the ones doing the chasing. I also recall they dressed Vader in black because that is a traditional villain color. They used black for Luke in ROTJ to symbolize he is vulnerable to going to the dark side like his father but underneath the black was white to show he is still good. However, colors aside, even if you had no idea who Luke was while watching Mando, you did see that the heroes of Mando (Mando, Baby Yoda, Cara Dune) were in trouble and someone came to rescue
  6. I liked Boba using the seismic charge to get rid of the two TIE fighters. It's cool to see how this series is referring to and using things and characters from all three trilogies (as well as other material such as Clone Wars). I also enjoyed the line about TPS reports. Not sure if that was a shout out to Office Space, but it seems pretty likely.
  7. You're right that Luke does redeem himself in the end of TLJ. However, it still really bothers me that he would run away only because the student that did all the damage was Han and Leia's son. Maybe if it was just a random kid, it wouldn't seem like that big of a deal to me. But he couldn't at least try to save Ben Solo at least for Han and Leia?
  8. I don't want to derail this thread with another debate on TLJ, but for me the one scene where Luke ignites his lightsaber while Ben is sleeping bothered me less than Luke just deciding to give up and hide from the galaxy. I know Luke is not perfect as he has had moments where he gave into his anger/fear before (Dagobah cave/Death Star II); however, igniting his lightsaber and then deciding not to give into his fear/anger seems to me like a lot less of a big deal than letting his student turn to evil and run amok in the galaxy without doing anything. Igniting his lightsaber is a brief impulse (
  9. The best easter egg (or cameo) would be Sylvester Stallone appearing for one episode just to play a character who gets into a fist fight with Greef Karga. I would totally support that.
  10. I would rather have someone like Jocasta Nu (or even some random Jedi) be the one who helped Grogu rather than someone like Windu who was supposed to be dead. I was never a fan of bringing back Maul or the Emperor. IMO, the only character who made any sense bringing back is Threepio after he was blasted to bits by a stormtrooper in Cloud City.
  11. I enjoyed reading Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command. I think you would have to read all three since they are just one big story. However, that was almost 30 years ago when I read those books. So, this was way back even before the Special Edition Star Wars. Thus, I think the author had a fairly wide degree of freedom when writing these. If you don't care about stuff in these stories not being in line with what is now canon Star Wars, I think they could still be enjoyable novels. Beyond those books, I have not read much other EU stories (except the Jedi Academy Trilogy)
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