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  1. June '99 as a 19 year old. Will turn 42 just before Christmas.
  2. For shits and giggles, I log into this site once every few years, comment about how it's still here, and then just check the place out for awhile. Also, Google Chrome saves my passwords on my phone and PC.
  3. I just realized my account is 22 years old today! Damn!
  4. I can't believe this place is still around! How's it hangin'??
  5. I spent most of my formative, perverted years at Lando.
  6. My kid tells me I play it too much. Level 33 right now. I did snag 3 shiny Dratini during the community day this past weekend.
  7. Haven't been around in a long time, just kinda shocked! Wassup?
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