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  1. Are you guys looking forward to Christmas as much as I am? Hope all of you and you and your families are doing well.
  2. The accusation that Trump targeted white sumpremacists always cracks me up. Like those people were ever gonna vote Democrat anyway. If any of those folks vote they vote Republican. If he “targeted” them by pointing out that illegal immigration is illegal that’s even funnier.
  3. I hope it’s not the bloated mess that Infinity War was. And I hope they give us a resolution that’s not too predictable.
  4. I certainly don’t recall “white priveledge” being shoved down our throats prior to Obama.
  5. Personally I think the Greatest Generation term largely has to do with Boomer guilt. They were the generation that profited the most off of the labors of their parents. I certainly don’t think Gen Xers or Millenials should feel slighted by the term. The GG simply had it rough and made the best of a bad situation, one that subsequent generations never had to deal with. And Ice you’re not the only one with a shitty grandparent. Everyone has at least one. I’ve had three.
  6. somebody wants a check with their birthday card. Give me your address. I’ve got plenty of money.
  7. My grandmother told me that there was a time when the public perception was that we weren’t gonna win WW2. Everyone was on edge and constantly worried about the boys who were deployed. It’s not like the Wars since, where the worst is that we don’t pacify Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, and so on it was a fear that we would fall under the Nazi regime. Two of my four grandfathers survived (Two were steps) by the skin of their teeth. I often think of how hard that must have been for a bunch of teenaged/early 20s kids trying to survive in that madness. They basically created the world we live in toda
  8. There’s only so much you can do for people. You can’t save them all. From a work perspective I’ll tell you that I write programs that basically compensate for the mistakes that my coworkers make. For the most part they’re good people, but in so many cases they’re so bad at what they do they should simply be glad they don’t work at Walmart. They complain anyway. I do have empathy for the migrants, but they are lost in a sea of opportunists. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don’t see a way to save the kind souls from the “bad hombres”. If that’s to cynical or cold for you, I understand. I just
  9. Wow. My first time seeing this. I would welcome the honor. The first thing I will do is build a statue in your honor. The pigeons need a new toilet.
  10. By her logic I guess we are to believe that Trump’s “racist” stance has actually encouraged immigration. Too funny. Can’t have it both ways. Unless you’re a constant complainer devoid of logic, that is.
  11. Tex

    RIP Stan Lee

    He’s dead for now, but he’ll be back. Nobody in comics stays dead forever.
  12. The Cowboys haven’t lost since I bought my new house. Can’t be a coincidence.
  13. Yeah, they really are gonna have a hard time. Generation X had it harder than the baby boomers, and the next generation will have it worse than millennials. There are just too many people and not enough good jobs. Part of the problem is older folks delaying retirement because they cant afford to. College tuition is a bit scary, too. Its so much more expensive than it was when I went to college. Another problem they have is a lack of social skills. So many of these kids were raised on Facebook/Instagram/whatever and simply dont know how to interact with people in the workplace. Ive se
  14. Every country in the world has laws regarding immigration and those laws should be enforced. If anything is political here it’s the nitpicking of how this whole thing was handled. It’s been widely documented that repelling illegal immigrants happened several times under Obama’s watch. I highly doubt that that we can say with confidence that border patrol didn’t act the same way during his administration. The media simply didn’t care to cover it. And if a couple of kids got hurt in the process, so what? Many migrants use their kids as shields. Some use others kids, whether those kids wa
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