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  1. ****ing god dammit I've always been a huge Linkin Park fan. Their music provided much inspiration to help move me through some pretty tough times. Once in college I had an opportunity to work security backstage at a concert. They were playing Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix with Korn and Snoop Dogg. Saw him walking around plenty that night, but from where I was stationed, I didn't get to talk to him. My friend did and apparently told Chester I was a fan. Chester gave him his guitar pick to give to me. I carried it around in my pocket for a long time. Went through the wash more than
  2. Great movie, don't get me wrong, but I would have preferred a lot more of Peter making his own way and a lot less of OMG am I an Avenger yet?
  3. Iron Man 4: Tony Teaches a Lesson - Featuring Spider-Man
  4. We've still got Spider-Man and Thor this year before Infinity Wars.
  5. We all enjoyed the movie at our house. It was definitely more of a side story that was personal to Peter than a plot pusher for the overall Thanos/Infinity Stone stuff. I would have liked to see some Thanos and more about the stones, but I'm sure Marvel has plans for that leading into next year. That's what the first movie was about, anyway. I didn't really find anything disappointing about what we were given. It wasn't complex, but it didn't need to be to tell the story they wanted to tell. The musical sequences were perfect and the character interactions pretty golden for the most
  6. Make use of the ropecaster against larger machines. Effectively takes them out of the fight for a time. I like to tie down Thunderjaws and hit them with frost damage, then lay into them with hardpoint arrows at the weak points (in their heart if exposed, double/tripple shot if you have the skill). Don't even bother with the disk launchers most of the time, but they can be fun for ending a fight quickly. The tearblast arrows are crucial to ripping off those armor plates or weapon components that give them the edge in battle. It's very satisfying to watch them get weaker and weaker throu
  7. No, they're working exactly as intended.
  8. I'm about 130 hours in. Level 50, trying to finish up every last little thing before taking it home.
  9. I'm taking all the credit for this.
  10. Link

    Iron Fist

    Yeah, it's pretty terrible. That said, there have been worse comicbook adaptations.
  11. The way the skins work would require me to upload the image directly to the host, which I don't have access to, so oh well. Lesson learned.
  12. I can see Administrator and Admin are two different user groups. If you don't want to give me access to anything, that's fine. I wasn't really serious about that. This is a bit unnecessary.
  13. Its by title only, right? You're just ****ing with me.
  14. Yeah, I still don't think I have access to do that.
  15. http://i.imgur.com/6cnK9dW.jpg
  16. Link

    Iron Fist

    I haven't heard great things, but the set would be incomplete without it. Probably start on it later tonight, if I'm not too busy trashing dino-bots in post-apocalyptia.
  17. I do internet things for a living, so it may not end up being the most inappropriate appointment ever.
  18. I guess it was a cache thing. I had tried logging out already, but I can see everything now and holy shit you really did make me an admin. I thought you were just ****ing with me.
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