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  1. Brand new Historical American Girl Doll, Courtney from 1986 - https://www.americangirl.com/ American Girl MC’s are always 9 years old, so Courtney was born in 1977 and is an “X-ennial” who would put herself in Gen X. Dunno about you, but I had a very, very similar dolly and me Care Bears sleepshirt in 1986. Yes, I do feel very old right now. Also, fun fact, 1986 is when I got my Samantha Parkington doll, if I recall correctly. Also, why isn’t her name Jennifer?
  2. I’m planning on watching it! Children of the Corn. Okay, where are these 1980’s kids with zero adults around getting all these Victorian smocks? I know there was a remake at one point, and I really hope Elijah Wood played Issac. It was okay. But what was the god they were worshiping, and why won’t it allow any adults? I guess there’s a prequel coming out next year and there’s something about how the young people were exacting revenge on the adults who ruined the corn and therefore their future and... way to shoehorn modern sentiments in.
  3. The Abyss is double purring right now, btw.
  4. A lot of the retro stuff is hard to find on the streamers! Prime is adding more (hence watching Amityville), but most of what’s available for free are the remakes. I’ll keep an eye out for these, tho, thanks!
  5. Long shot farm just ordered 10 more bottles
  6. I am highly impressed. I'd be good for nothing today if I was drinking hard liquor. You're Iron Man.
  7. Gotta say, porn in MY thread is extra hilarious.
  8. That’s why I’m not just going back to my old account, I quit it after a nervous breakdown two years ago. I don’t want to go back, but it’s time to with all the things going on in my life that rely on Facebook. So, yeah, I did post this as a “hey, friend me’!” I need friends I won’t want to shoot into the sun.
  9. That’s corporate speak that grew out of the whole “Girl Boss” feminism thing, and if you’re in any “woman in business” space you’ll get hit over the head with it. I’ve found it somewhat useful for dealing with Karens, but there are times that definitely call for a real apology and this is one of them. Also, I despise corporate speak.
  10. Logic! Sammy reminds me of Chris Hemsworth’s character in girl-reboot Ghostbusters, if that tells you anything.
  11. I wish there was something I could do to turn your brain off for you. Just remember it’s temporary, you’ll find the right job.
  12. The Amityville Horror. Basically The Exorcist + Poltergeist + The Shining. The scariest thing in this movie is that crackle window in the master bedroom.
  13. If Biden doesn’t at least try to make them put off the nomination until the next 4 years are secure, I will be BIG MAD.
  14. I mean, they're great problems to have, but... Facebook is toxic sludge.
  15. Yup! Still not trying to get too excited until it's in the bag, tho. How sad is that?
  16. Since it looks like I'm going back to my old company and a lot of my old job duties - including social media coordination - and I have an Etsy shop to promote - and I'm getting more involved with my alumni association, who hubs on Facebook... I made a fresh business account. You really want to friend me there, I'm under Katrina Peshka. Ugh. Oof. Gah.
  17. That is something! I’m 99% sure I got the job. The interview included things like “you’ll be the perf... I mean you’ll be the point person” and “you already have a broad knowledge of the products, so that will be so much easier.” But they’ll tell me officially by next Wednesday.
  18. Mmm, that’s my second favorite pizza, green and kalamata olives with feta cheese. And whole garlic cloves if the place has them.
  19. 11:30am, but honestly, I’m still in the same boat as you. I only shower and get dressed when I absolutely have to anymore. Every morning was a struggle of wills when I had to be to the office at 8am. Thank heavens this interview is for an afternoon shift.
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