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  1. Just read the wiki entry for A Serbian Film, and that's a big hard nope. I can't even figure out which part Shockey noped out at, because it's all so nope-worthy. I also wiki'ed Henry... that one's a maybe if I ever come across it, but I'm not about to seek it out. Honestly, I read so many wiki entries before I see films that I have yet to encounter anything that's stuck with me that hard... because I screen them all out first. The Skeleton Key. Um. I'd love to see someone like Jordan Peele make a horror movie about Hoodoo. A white dude from England? Maaaaaaybe not your wheel
  2. Yay for progress, but good lord is this a process.
  3. On the one hand, my uncle worked there as a greeter for 10+ years after he retired, he loved it, and they treated him well. On the other hand, I was approached and threatened by a sex offender at my local Walmart. On the one hand, they were a lifesaver when I had to replace my whole wardrobe quickly and cheaply and to a ridiculously anal company's dress code standards. On the other hand, they're actually more expensive on a lot of stuff. On the one hand, my eye doctor leases space out of my Walmart. On the other hand, Meijer is just better.
  4. It sounds familiar, but I don't think so yet...
  5. Do it. It’s worth it. House of the Devil - okay, I appreciate a final girl who is totally okay with killing everyone who wronged her. But this was a real snooze, otherwise.
  6. Finally good news! The cyst is asymptomatic and does not need to be removed unless it grows in a year, which the surgeon doesn’t think it will do.
  7. I bought my first wig... brain surgery or not, it was only $10 and I’ll wear it for fun regardless: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07X32YJ9C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_BBKEWTC2ZH7JK3KT1MTC?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. A list of all the things I have bought for surgery and recovery: a knee-length robe, because the packing list was very specific about the length and all my robes were calf length or ankle length. stretchy summer weight slippers with nonskid soles because I usually go barefoot and hate wearing socks in the summer, and appropriate foot coverings are specified in the packing list. a Ta-Ta Towel, because the thoracic incision is going to be right where my bra band hits. Great. cheap underwear with an elastic waistband, because the packing list was weirdly specific about that,
  9. It’s Saturday. Legit just go home and sleep. Get someone else to sit with Grandma, tell Noah to keep Luke occupied and away from you, and just sleep.
  10. Happy Death Day. It seemed schticky so I didn't expect much from it, but it was actually pretty good. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. Not bad, per se, but these movies were better when you couldn't see the ghost/demon whatever that's haunting the area.
  11. I take Ibproufen 800 twice a day, and not a single person told me that I need to not take it before or after either of my shots. But I had to go off the stuff for three days prior to my steroid injection, and that suuuuuuucked.
  12. Today I completely spazzed out because a local concert venue announced that they're resuming all of their concert series this summer!!!
  13. A report for the head honcho that was far, far more complicated than it should have been, and the only training was a 10 minute phone call. We asked for a SOP, and that's when it got taken away, they had no interest in training us properly.
  14. Specialist. And hopefully after the surgery I won't have to be his patient anymore, fingers crossed. Also, I bought this to wear to pre-op and into the hospital https://us.shein.com/Plus-Cartoon-And-Slogan-Graphic-Tee-p-2550286-cat-1890.html
  15. Well! Neurology is a much faster department than Spine & Pain... I have my initial appointment with my new neurosurgeon on Monday to talk about what'll be done about the brain cyst.
  16. Okay! Progress is made! I have a double laminectomy on the calendar for June 18. Turns out that *cough* age related degeneration was actually another severely herniated disc, so both thoracic and lumbar will be operated on at the same time. As for the cyst, I have a referral in to a cranial sacral specialist that I’ll be scheduling in the next few days. So my back should be healed up and I’ll be enjoying summer by late July, if my doctor is correct.
  17. I made an Asian-ish slaw to go with it and put it all in a taco shell and OH MY GOD IT IS ORGASMIC!
  18. I had a work project taken away from me because I was so bad at it.
  19. No, Medicaid has been amazing. They've covered absolutely everything I've needed so far. It's the hospital system I'm in that's slow, it doesn't have anything to do with the insurance. Wait time just for diagnostics is 3-4 weeks if you're not smart enough to call central scheduling yourself and shave it down to two weeks. I have good news!!!! I got a cancellation list appointment on Monday afternoon! That speeds this process up by three full weeks! Okay, so, remember how I called the nurse the day I got the MRI results and she said to wait for a call? And then I called again two days
  20. Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting treated like this because I’m on Medicaid, but I was talking about it on a local Facebook group and other patients in this program say they’re going through the long waits, too *sigh*
  21. “America has the greatest healthcare system in the world!” - probably Fox News.
  22. Okay, I STILL have side effects. They’re not nearly as bad as last week, but I still have a low-to-mid grade headache, joint aches, and the injection site still hurts when I move my arm. REALLY glad I didn’t get the real thing.
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