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  1. I can't promise I can stay up past 9 EST, but I'll do my best to make an appearance.
  2. I was getting skinnier and skinnier during lockdown proper, it's the arthritis in my hip and back that did me in. I haven't been able to exercise or even really move at all since the beginning of December. I was so hoping the weight was Prednisone bloat, but it didn't come off when I stopped the Prednisone So, that's another project I get to work on - PT starts on Friday (nearly three months after symptoms started!), and I'm getting an MRI next Thursday. Further treatment will be discussed then. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back to exercise, but starting PT before the spinal in
  3. Ha, thanks. It's been so long since the weight loss that I've actually gained 20 of it back in the meantime.
  4. Mine's a weird one. I'm building a wardrobe. I think I mentioned that in 2018 I lost a ton of weight? So I had to donate almost every stitch of clothing I owned, and start from scratch, while on a tight budget and while shopping for that terrible job I had in 2019 - the job had a very strict dress code that my current job really does not. I've hated my whole wardrobe now for two years. So, now that I have money again and a job that will let me be glamorous, I've been buying a TON of dresses from Shein, makeup sets from Amazon, and nice jewelry pieces from Etsy. Feels good, man.
  5. I heard something about Creep 3, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does it exist?
  6. Creep and Creep 2. Creep was so different that I wiki-ed it to see if it was worth finishing, and then wiki-ed Creep 2 to see if it was worth watching. Creep is WEIRD. Just weird. I liked it a lot better in hindsight. Creep 2 is really good, though. The acting is phenomenal. And it's surprisingly romantic.
  7. Oh, we midwesterners get over it just as fast as the rest of the country does, we just have to live with being over it for a few months. ... we also insulate our pipes, so we can be miserable and functional at the same time.
  8. Some BODY once told Reese that she is a C-word, he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...
  9. Awww. It seems pretty popular, maybe there will be a sequel you can rewrite. Death of Me. Okay, it started as a really original story, but then it turned into a bad Wickerman hack, complete with shout-out. But it was still unique enough that I enjoyed it.
  10. Yes, loved it, one of my favorites. Winter Halloween is a “ehhhh, maybe?” at this point. We’re supposed to get about a foot of snow this weekend on top of the 6” or so on the ground. My bonfire pit may be essentially inaccessible :( And if it happens, now I’m thinking about watching Hell Fest on Netflix to shower Seth in nickels. Okay - Eli. Whew. I don’t think they could fit and more twists and turns in there. That did not end where I expected it to end.
  11. I bought a projector and screen for my backyard, and may have just started a bonfire and horror movie club. First screening is on February 13th. My backyard is quite adjacent to fields and woods, so I’m thinking something like The Ritual for maximum effect. Any winter themed horror movie suggestions are welcome. ”Spring Halloween” will be May 1 or thereabouts, where we bonfire and Wicker Man, which is wholly appropriate. “Summer Halloween” will be Friday the 13th on Friday, August 13th. And Actual Halloween will be a whole month of Halloween themed movies. You’re all i
  12. I love sushi, but I could definitely see trying it the first time not really knowing what to expect and noping out. Especially if you started with some of the more complicated stuff. I made a coconut curry pasta dish to bring to work today, after seeing the video recipe on Facebook this morning. I've already had two bowls.
  13. I went back and finished this and it was TERRIBLE. Anyway, Kadaver. An elegant movie about post-apocalyptic cannibalism. I haven't watched a lot of German horror, but I feel like it's mostly there to keep the fairy tale tradition alive.
  14. I have so many credit card miles I don't have to. I'm just waiting for Covid to end, and then my ugly dress wearing ass will be on your doorstep.
  15. The judge ruled in my favor, and the money is pending in my bank account. Holy shit.
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