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  1. Iceheart


    I’m almost through episode three. Okay, how weird would it be to be a fan of a work of fiction and to suddenly have the characters you read for years right in front of you just continuing the storyline in real time? That’s a fun concept to play with here.
  2. Iceheart


    The UK version is not available in the US on Prime, I just checked. Just a blu-ray set for sale. Which sucks, because I read up on it while I was bored at work today, and I really want to see the UK version now. I didn't even know it existed until this morning (I didn't know the US version existed until last night right before I started it, for the record).
  3. We really need to figure out a system for choosing who picks the next movie.
  4. I'm starting to see the appeal of protesting with something that might actually get attention, tbh. But it's thankfully optional
  5. You had to re-type that five times to get the pronouns right, didn't you? I would have.
  6. The Guardian has an article out today that people with Neanderthal genes are the ones getting the really bad reactions to the virus, so, uh, congratulations on finding out about your Neanderthal ancestry?
  7. I finally got the call this morning. Of course it came in as I was in the shower. But the lady did leave a helpful message, so I went and protested the thing she told me to protest.
  8. Iceheart


    I watched the first two episodes on Amazon Prime last night, anyone else checked it out yet? It’s about an indie comic book that accurately predicts the end of the world, because it’s all being manufactured. A bunch of fankids end up knowing too much and have to run for their lives and save the world. And if you thought George R.R. Martin killed characters for fun, Gillian Flynn is plain sadistic. The vibe reminds me of The Umbrella Academy, but more violence and gore. Anyway, I’ll watch this one through.
  9. The whole world needs a nap break early and often.
  10. True confessions - “them” throws me. I know a few people who use it and I have to train myself hard every time to use them as a singular pronoun. It’s impressive how stubborn the brain is when you introduce a non-binary.
  11. Work in publishing (I can say that again, yay!) can confirm. Copy editors were the first to go.
  12. Bex was in Arrow and Dumplin, too, right? I’ve always liked her (them?), she plays a lot of really diverse roles really well. And yeah, I have 100% been out with friends like Taylor before - they’re the best to take to these kinds of things.
  13. Okay, so Bob farted so hard and so loudly today that it made his back legs jump and tail twitch. Last night was the first I left my door open so they could interact more with the big cats. I hardly saw them. Tonight, it’s 10pm right now and they’re all hanging out with me. No interest in the rest of the house. Okay, then.
  14. Sinister II. Better than the first movie. The Deputy is actually one of the smartest characters I’ve seen in a horror movie. Also, it’s nice of Bugghul to let them know when they’re on the right path. He’s a real bro that way.
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