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  1. Turns out, now that I'm planning a horror movie festival, this thread is SUPER useful! The Curse of Aurore. It plodded, and I have no idea why torn ACL girl tolerates bald rage guy and shaggy klepto guy. But they were REAL subtle about the haunting scenes and watching a bunch of clueless people be obviously haunted and have no idea is pretty intriguing.
  2. I’m drawing a blank on the animated horror series, but I’m betting the literary horror is Clive Barker. Maybe Stephen King. But I’m feeling Clive Barker. I know you can’t say, it’s just fun to guess.
  3. Good luck! My toxic workplace wouldn’t accommodate, talk to my lawyer, or fire me.
  4. I do still have all my teeth! On top of the fibromyalgia I’ve had for forever, I also have arthritic hips that are getting worse. And my PT found evidence that I still have spinal compression even after surgery, so that’s fun. And I have a PILE of mental illnesses. And then there’s a cyst sitting on my brain stem. Cystina is getting a checkout in May to see if she’s grown, but I’m not too worried about it.
  5. It’s a lady, and I have 90 minutes with her I put The Conjuring on in the background yesterday, and just as the exorcism scene was starting a lady in the witch group I run posted about needing help dealing with a demonic entity and vampire double shot, and all through the exorcism scene I was typing out instructions on how to punch a demon in the metaphorical balls. This is my life
  6. They were saying something g on the news this morning that peak will hit in like 2-3 weeks. Yeesh. Feels like peak already.
  7. OH Tank will think this is hilarious! I was invited to participate in a study a PhD student is conducting on witches’ opinions on their depiction in pop culture. I’m doing my interview on Wednesday.
  8. Guess who got some of those virusesseses? Omicron, to be exact. I’m vaxxed and boosted, so the worst part was losing my taste and smell. My unvaxxed dad got hit like a flu. None of us have it in our lungs.
  9. I know I’m totally late here (you could text me, Tami!) but I would have showed her The Conjuring 1 or 2 or Veronica or possibly Sinister 1 or 2. Why movies considered to be some of the scariest ever made? Because I am the kind of auntie who when the child says she laughs at horror movies would be like “okay, prove it.” And those movies have kids about her age, I always wanted to see kids my age in what I was watching when I was that age. I did actually have a 12 year old (who’s mother is connected to the industry and who has been watching horror since birth), ask me for a recommendation, and I recommended Hell Fest. There’s no sex, and the theme park setting is fun for kids.
  10. The news desk scene at the end of that one… I could not have deadpanned that, kudos to that actress! Black Christmas (197…4?). And here I thought Scream was the first to do the “killer is calling from inside the house!” bit. Grave Encounters… so the last third of the movie or so is actually really good, but getting there was so boring that I was in a doomscroll by the time it got good, and it never quite managed to keep my full attention. I think you need to watch this one in a theater. Seance. I figured the maintenance guy was the killer from the beginning, but the why was actually pretty clever. I enjoyed this one.
  11. V/H/S 94, because I had my disability hearing yesterday and needed a good scare. The mad scientist making cyborg/human hybrids was my favorite, the Michigan militia was my least favorite, but overall it was really good!
  12. OMG. I just spent an hour trying to print a document. Every time something went wrong. And it wouldn't save any of my printer settings, so every attempt was starting from scratch. Thankfully, that particular project has a flexible deadline, because I either had to step back, or take a sledgehammer to the printer. How's your work day going?
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