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  1. Five days until May! That's five days until the end of the first BONUS ROUND - http://nightly.net/topic/76000-book-club-reading-challenge-2013-round-2/

  2. No fooling, Round 2 is live, and the Round 1 scores are posted! http://nightly.net/topic/76000-book-club-reading-challenge-2013-round-2/

  3. You have until SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY to solidify your round 1 list and create your last bonus round thread! BE THERE! http://nightly.net/topic/75607-book-club-reading-challenge-2013-round-1/

  4. Just two more days left to take advantage of the first BONUS ROUND - http://nightly.net/topic/75607-book-club-reading-challenge-2013-round-1/

    1. Darth Virul

      Darth Virul

      But no prize. I'm boycotting his by having all my -13 books be under 200 pagers. So there!

  5. That's all, folks!

  6. That's all, folks!

    1. Iceheart


      With thanks and apologies to Virul for that tag line.

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