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  1. That's because "YOU CAN'T SEE HIM!"
  2. These Youtubers have formed their own bubble in which they see each other as the true heroes in a fight against what they see as injustice... It is always the same type of stuff they attack... Star Wars, Marvel, Disney in General, DC, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc... And the same things they support... They always have an inside source... And always big up each other... Repeating each others scoops like they are real... Spreading the rumors among each other... And then getting all the dough from the views... That's the only thing that counts... The views... And the money they
  3. Truth. I'm ok with a little Easter egg appearance, but if they legit bring him back that could be enough to end it for me, unless they can come up with a really convincing story that is better than the old EU "he was just so cool that he could eat out of it" Its a good thing Alec Guinness died or Obi-Wan would've been resurrected somehow. Or he just will even though he's dead, since death is no longer a problem when it comes to casting. If they really want to bring older Obi-Wan back they will just use and aged-up Ewan McGregor... Alec Guinness would be 106 nowadays if he was still ali
  4. Dutchman


    Start of movie: Rey, Finn, Poe are on a planet awaiting the arrival of a ship with Leia on board back from a diplomatic mission; as it approaches the landing spot the ship suddenly explodes. Our heroes look on in shock. [Fade Out] At the other end of space Kyle Ren feels a disturbance in the Force. Suddenly the force ghost of Luke shows up screaming at Kylo "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?" But Kylo is confussed, both about what happened and about his feelings. He receives a holo-message from Hux stating his spies have managed to eliminate the threat of Leia Organa. Hux signs off. Kylo goes bezerk
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