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  1. Let's just pray that it somehow gets a fourth season so that a stripped syndication package can be gotten by Sony; doesn't look good for it right now though. Ugh, why can't NBC put THIS on after The Office & put 30 Rock at 8pm? Those 4 shows would be my dream lineup!
  2. Key word, to me, on why I despise Will Ferrell; he seems to think that all he has to do to be funny is shout, & he's not alone, since all of his fans tend to agree. Even with all my personal gripes against him, I was willing to give him a shot for his stint on The Office, since it is my favorite sitcom, but I feel that he was HORRIBLY miscast, & he has been the final nail in the coffin of the show's worst season, IMO.
  3. Parks & Rec won't be back till midseason, either! I even miss Kath & Kim
  4. Don't any of you at least have the morbid curiosity of what the show would be like without Carrell? Personally, I've never seen one epi that just outright sucked, so I'd be interested to see how they handle it.
  5. I love how you employ the very methods you claim to despise when attempting to prove a point. Shows real guts. The Beowulf film is probably a step in the right direction, but it's the American attiude toward animation that REALLY needs to change. 95% of America automatically thinks Animation=kidcrap, no matter the content.
  6. Neither would I. FFVII:AC was my choice, & I would put it up against Toy Story any day.
  7. Uh, ok. & SOL, like I said, in terms of story, Appleseed isn't really the best, or even that good. However, when compared to Cars, it still stacks up as much better to me because of the action & some of the visual shots to it. Cars had nothing going for it in those departments, which is why Applseed is a lot better IMO. I know that a good story in a movie is what is usually the main thing we look for, but let's be honest with ourselves: it is rarely, if ever, the ONLY thing we look for.
  8. I've REALLY gotta disagree w/ you on this one. Cars was nothing but a Doc Hollywood ripoff. The story for Appleseed might not have been the best, but it was WAY more original than Cars was. There are also shots from Appleseed that are absolutley breathtaking visually, while there is nothing of the sort in Cars. But, I guess that you are entitled to your opinion.....however WRONG it may be.
  9. Thank you SOOOOO much! You just proved my point that Disney only makes kidcrap! LOL Seriously, you're going to try and use a 2 year old's opinion to try & justify your argument?
  10. I would agree that there is a huge gap between them & the Japanese in terms of name recognition,box office, budgets(the main reason why the CG animation is mainly kidcrap), etc. but not in terms of animation quality(& yes Tank, I mean ALL AROUND quality, not just visually, oh righteous hair splitter). Can you honestly tell me that you think Cars is better than Howl's Moving Castle? It doesn't even compare.
  11. Well, it looks like Toy Story is the favorite by far, followed by The Incredibles. FFVII:AC got a decent numbers of votes, at least. It's still sad to me that people ALWAYS think of Disney as #1 in animation quality, but that's probably not going to ever change.
  12. Are you saying that Finding Nemo wasn't mostly comedy? Cuz it was.
  13. Every Pixar movie has been at least 75% comedy, except maybe The Incredibles, IMO. Yes, there are other elements to it, but if you took away all of the comedy, there wouldn't be much of any Pixar movie left. & how do you get "macho" from "mature"? I like any animation that has a good plot that's not dumbed down for kids; if you think anything like that is "macho", then that's your problem. Other than the pics SOL mentioned, I also enjoyed Millenium Actress & pretty much every Miyazaki movie.
  14. Uh, what anime are YOU talking about? Grave of the Fireflys is nothing like what you just described, yo.
  15. Well for one its got a gay name. And another things is that animation cannot portray human emotions such as anger, sadness and fear in a way that seems real to me yet. Comedy is easy to do because animation suits the exaguration of features and actions. But to tap into other movie genres you need more realism. That looked totally fake to me, becuase it is. I can't emotionally invest in a character or a situation that to me does not exist. Note the bold. All I've got to say for that is watch Grave of the Fireflys.
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