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  1. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K..."
  2. I read about it thru a basic summary of entertainment (film/tv/music/etc) blogs/info. Therefore it's made it's way across the blogesphere/what-have-you. I tracked down the source. It's up on whedonesque.com under his personal nomer, with follow-up comments by him under such, so if it's not him at least he's not claiming it's not. . We should all note that, while he's often claimed to be a huge fan of post apocalyptic stories (see "Dollhouse"'s "Epitaph One", he's just joking around in order to make a broader point about the situation as a whole.
  3. I'm going to assume that we all have a basic understanding of the way this franchise fell from glory. For those who don't, if I understand it correctly (Please feel free to correct anything I may've gotten wrong.): -James Cameron made the first 2, both which are highly regarded. -Fox wanted him to continue, but his basic issue was "the story is over, I've told it" and he wasn't interested in making a 3rd film. (To me such is generally an accepted ideal seeing as how he was the man behind the formation of the first 2.) (All Harlan Ellison arguments aside.) -Fox (owning the rights) said
  4. I get that, it's just curious to me why he would be involved. Are you saying that KoH was destroyed by the studio? (I don't know anything "behind the scenes" about it.)
  5. Why would Ridley Scott sign on to produce? Maybe to get some say on the product? An "they're gonna do it anyway, so I might as well get mine" attitude?
  6. "SFW NSFW clip". I've seen the same thing done with stills many times (there might have even been a thread about it here before), but the moving one is more awesome.
  7. Now with better music, more talent, and less clothes... "Never took a scene check, never were a reject, always looking perfect, but now you aren't so in step..."
  8. In the "Let her be 18" file: http://www.wimp.com/hotdancer/ . Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks:
  9. "Tourette's Guy Tribute Pt. 2 (Danny's Back)" - Remix by Ludachrist.:
  10. Novak is a writer/producer/executive story editor on the show, not just an actor. I guess that gets him the spot in the credits (because he's all those other things as well).
  11. Season premire= Didn't miss a beat. -Loving Holly (Any Ryan). Jim's right in her description. For me it's like she's kind of awkward like Michael. She's def. got more couth, but often ends up with similar results. -Pam may have grown recently, but she's still got that don't rock the boat/keep to yourself thing. Notice how she sat back down when she was in the wrong class as opposed to walking out as she intended to (when noted by the professor or whoever). -I like Ryan. Umm, I mean I often find him entertaining that is, he's still a self-rightious prick. Maybe the specifics of the
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