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  1. The question I have is, how did he manage to not spill the Pepsi?
  2. Looks like Amanda is attacking religion again... Wait...what are we talking about?
  3. I just don't want everyone knowing how often I read the Green Beauty thread
  4. Thanks Lohr On another note, anyone heard from Garrison recently?
  5. Saw this at the foot of the "Say Something Random" thread just now, whats up with that?
  6. Thank you GT for clarification So the draft order would look like this? 1. Ponies 2. Steelers 3. Jokers 4. Dragons 5. Puppies 6. Team Carr 7. Heels 8. Haters 9. Micks 10. Kangaroos 11. Nitemares 12. Vikings
  7. No seriously, I want an explanation In a league that allows teams to keep four players as well as 4 rookies, I am at a major disadvantage. I inherited the worst team in the league and the only way I can improve my squad is by quality draft picks and now despite having the worst record in the league and second lowest point totals by a slim 4 points I am slated to have the #3 pick in the draft rather than the #1 pick. WTF? With a league that continually preaches competitive balance how is this justified?
  8. So does Austin take it back or is he done? And why am I not ranked last in the final standings?
  9. ...For some unkown reason Peter Jackson decided to go with Vigo Mortensen and Liv Tyler instead
  10. I may be wrong but it appears to me that the snake and the bird are lit from differing light sources. The image of the snake appears to have a light source from the upper left while the image of the bird appears to have its light source from the right. Notice how the back of the snake is heavily lit and the bird's breast is also heavily lit? The only way that could be possible with natural sunlight would be if that shot was taken on a planet with two suns. So unless that photo was shot on Tatooine it's most likely a fake
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