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  1. I should look into that one. Crime and history are two of my most favorite things. I'm reading The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. It's about the lives of those killed by a falling bridge in Peru.
  2. I'm reading I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert.
  3. Oh, and I heard that FOX's rights to Firefly expire in '08, the same year that the Firefly/Serenity MMORPG will come out. Personally, I think there's a possibility of it coming back in '08 or '09.
  4. That's good, since there's going to be a Firefly MMORPG that's supposed to come out sometime in 2008. Also, I'd like to correct my statement. I wrote that Whedon said there would be no sequel. I, and many other people, took that out of context. He said, "there's no secret project regarding Serenity." He clarified his statement, saying he meant that at the moment there wasn't going to be a sequel. So there's a possiblity that there will be one down the road.
  5. I just read on the internet Whedon denounced rumors that there will be a sequel to Serenity. All hope is lost. Time to accept reality and move on.
  6. What do you think the possibility is that Firefly will come back?
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