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  1. **** you Denver. **** you for having a good game the one time that I decide to start my backup defense against you in terms of trying to manufacture points because my roster sucks so bad. **** you mcgahee for actually performing when you were a. questionable and b. projected to do bupkis. **** you brandon lloyd for sucking so much ass this season.that is all. Oh. hai guyz! Sorry I've been incognito, my October w/ EA was the most brutal month I think I've ever worked in my entire life, but the BF3 launch was so badass. Anyway, sorry for my absence I still love this league and am still tec
  2. well I drafted him so I'm good there. Ok, so I won't start him all year and then he's a development rookie keeper then?
  3. ok so two questions. 1. I have someone on IR. What does that allow me? 2. I have never started Andy Dalton. He's a rookie. Can he be my rookie developer keeper or whatever (never start him all year)?
  4. so long as my 3-5 wins include ass whoopins over Irish, Dexter and Rock, I"M GOOD BABY!
  5. so is free agency up and running now? I still have a slot left.
  6. I'm still planning on playing when the PS3 version comes out! Hopefully there'll still be a nightly group to play with!
  7. Hope y'all have fun! I'll be joining this fun adventure when the PS3 version comes out...
  8. I think I noticed why my test was unusually low based on that specs page: * On a 64-bit OS, the software will run via WOW64 ( Windows 32-bit On Windows 64-bit ). My OS is Vista 64-bit, and if they are activating a 32-bit service layer process in order to run the game, that's going to impact how the hardware can run it. I think that's kind of dumb since the 64 bit OS utilizes the true power of the dual core CPU and the 32-bit processes don't. Looks like I'm gonna have to wait for the PS3 release!
  9. So I guess the only other question I have int hat scenario is: does that mean one set of actual 'gear' is fine, and changing the weapon is what affects job change? I know it was cool seeing different armor vs different mage gear in XI, but the one thing taht was a huge PIA was the storage problems with all that gear. If you don't have any gear changes, that's a plus in some ways, but then does that mean we'll have a bunch of clones wearing the same "level 30" gear? Oh look, there's the level 30 elves! Oh look, there's the level 50 elves? I know we could say that about, say a level 30
  10. oh, are they going to re-release the benchmark? Also, they had 2 download areas (nvidia and squenix). I did the squenix one, I'm assuming it didn't matter? I didn't mind going to the house moogle to chain jobs so much. My prior concern was the game's inability to truly self-level aside from Beast Master (and even then it was a chore due to needing to always enchant a pet), and that hampered interest for me in the end, since playing catch up meant I had to go find random parties just to go play with peeps I really wanted to party with. I understand the MMO experience is dependent on party
  11. I had to run mine on "low" because my LCD is 1330x738, so 1280x720 is the only one that will fit. I might try closing every other background app, except wifi and see what happens. I played XI on a laptop and it ran just fine, so I was rather miffed that my score was so low, considering I have a pretty awesome notebook. I would definitely be up for another NN linkshell. If I end up having to wait until the PS3 version, then hopefully some of you earl adopters will be willing to have a new job to level for the PS3 folks so that way I don't have to worry that I'm 50 levels behind in order t
  12. WOW! This game is so pretty. I'd love to play when this game launches for the PC but I just ran the benchmark and apparently I can't! I honestly don't understand because I have an XPS notebook and it's only a year old. My specs: Intel Core Duo 2.53GHz 4GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 3670 512MB My score: 863 17000 millisec load time I guess I have to wait for the PS3 version...
  13. Again, Federer's dominance is something to be appreciated, I haven't said it's not a notable accomplishment, it is. He's the Jim Brown of Tennis as far as comparing how dominant he is in relation to his peers. But what I'm saying is that when you have a significant drop off in your competitors it makes you wonder if maybe part of that reason is because there's not enough talent to provide stiff competition. Pete rose above his peers in a decade where it's indisputed the overall field had proven winners and thus good matchups and so his skins on the wall just carry more weight, IMO. Federer
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