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  1. **** you Denver. **** you for having a good game the one time that I decide to start my backup defense against you in terms of trying to manufacture points because my roster sucks so bad. **** you mcgahee for actually performing when you were a. questionable and b. projected to do bupkis. **** you brandon lloyd for sucking so much ass this season.that is all. Oh. hai guyz! Sorry I've been incognito, my October w/ EA was the most brutal month I think I've ever worked in my entire life, but the BF3 launch was so badass. Anyway, sorry for my absence I still love this league and am still tec
  2. well I drafted him so I'm good there. Ok, so I won't start him all year and then he's a development rookie keeper then?
  3. ok so two questions. 1. I have someone on IR. What does that allow me? 2. I have never started Andy Dalton. He's a rookie. Can he be my rookie developer keeper or whatever (never start him all year)?
  4. so long as my 3-5 wins include ass whoopins over Irish, Dexter and Rock, I"M GOOD BABY!
  5. so is free agency up and running now? I still have a slot left.
  6. yeah I'm in the FF league. I'm "Cowboys Rule" there. Dead last. :(

  7. Are you in the NN Fantasy Football league? If so, what's your team?

  8. I'm going to try to go! Looking into tickets and going to decide by the end of the week... otherwise rabid Husker fans will snap all of them up!

  9. airline prices are bullcrap. I know of no other business where price changes upwards of 100% occuring on a weekly basis! >:-[

    1. Bethany


      Yeah, I bought a ticket back to Portland and the price was $70 more than I originally thought b/c I waited over a weekend. Rail prices increase by about $20 the closer you get to the date of your travel.

  10. So are you going to go see Nebraska beat U-Dub part deux?

  11. Man, I can't believe I didn't notice this FB'esque feature before! Hi nanci! Hey, your avatar is coolness. Are yo pointing a wand or what?

  12. I'm still planning on playing when the PS3 version comes out! Hopefully there'll still be a nightly group to play with!
  13. Hope y'all have fun! I'll be joining this fun adventure when the PS3 version comes out...
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