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  1. Im calling it! Peter Capaldi's Doctor somehow does not regenerate and the Doctor truly dies due to something in the plot. But because Doc 1 is there during the adventure, the randomness of his regeneration is changed due to a changed timeline and it's actually Doc 1 that regenerates into Jodie Whittaker, thus making a true reboot of the series.
  2. I look forward to the discussion. I've gone from extreme hate (Ep8) to "I think I get it" (again Ep8) to LOVE (Ep4 and Ep15). George Lucas did not steal my childhood. Feaking David Lynch did when he made me despise Shelly Johnson this year. Madchen Amick was literally the first girl poster I hung on my bedroom wall back in the day. My very first celebrity lust. I adored her TP character and looks. And DL broke my GD heart when I saw she's making the same mistakes and dissed a now AWESOME Bobby Briggs.
  3. COOPER IS BACK! So for those avoiding this discussion, it's now safe to watch and/or catch up on Season 3!
  4. The best scene of the 2017 series so far!
  5. BUMP! In two weeks: It is happening again. There's been some great teasing by Showtime. But no new footage until now. This is the perfect tease. Other than this, still nothing is known about the new series (unless you have the "The Secret History of Twin Peaks novel):
  6. I'm actually hoping that we see General Leia use some type of force advance powers. It never stated that she wasn't a Jedi inclined. We just didn't see it. Remember the teaser with her hand taking the lightsaber? It'd be a bittersweet send off for Carrie Fisher.
  7. Gman

    CBS Supergirl

    Good God they printed that in 1962?!?
  8. Gman

    CBS Supergirl

    Anyone see the First two CW episodes? I'd just like to message Zack Snyder et al concerning Superman...THAT'S how it's done!
  9. These X-men movies are just horrid at the continuity game. But otherwise, like Driver, I'm pretty much on board with all of them. Back to my OCD continuity hate, though. Is it ever explained how Mystique is the ultimate X-men good gal at the end of Apocalypse but by the time the Patrick Stewart X-films come around she's wholly on team Magneto?
  10. Considering not a single Whovian (including myself) posted about this past season (utter shite says me), this comes as to no surprise: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/01/22/doctor-who-steven-moffat?iid=sr-link5 If anyone can find this board in 2017...see you then (well maybe...probably not)
  11. Aaaaand yet another canceled sequel after yet another try at relaunching this "franchise" http://www.ew.com/article/2016/01/20/terminator-2-release-date-pulled?iid=sr-link1
  12. Just came back from it. More emotions packed in 2 hours than all of the PT combined. My first "cover my mouth" scene was when Chewie got shot and let out that yell. Like a bear or really big dog that just got hurt. How they got that sound is equally amazing and horrifying. Then THE big death scene. Saw it coming the second Han starting walking on that bridge. And "Ben!" When it happened, THIS felt like my child hood being ripped more than any horrible acting and writing from the PT. But it a raw and emotional good way. The scene accomplished its purpose. The great, like all others before me
  13. My only disagreement is Fantastic 4. I'm just waiting on a good F4 movie (period).
  14. And this is what happens when you go from JJ Abrams to a director of the Fast and Furious "franchise" GOOD GAWD this looks awful!
  15. I guess I don't know the difference between the real Aileen and Theron's "Monster" Aileen. I assume since Monster's and AHS's versions are identical it's close to how she was. On a related note, Jeffrey Dahmer was creepy as f--k on this episode too. Again, great job all around to cast and crew and writers for this episode!
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