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  1. One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd by some guy (I'll double check the author later. A coworker was telling me about it the other day, and I thought it sounded interesting, so she brought it in Monday. I started reading it during lunch yesterday and I'm no halfway through it. It's a historical fiction about a proposal that the Cheyenne Indians made to President Grant in the 1870's. They would trade 1000 Indian ponies for 1000 white women. Apparantly that really happened, but of course the government was shocked and appalled by the entire idea and refused. The book is wr
  2. Why not both? Just lift your eyes to check your path about once every four paragraphs or so. Guys, you do realize who your suggesting that too right? I'd probably walk myself right into the river and not even realize it!
  3. Yes ma'am! I'll pull double duty. Read and sit in the sun and work on getting my legs tan.
  4. I grabbed The Nick Adams Stories by Hemingway off the bookshelf to read today during my lunch. Someone tell me I should read instead of walk, please. Otherwise I'll feel really guilty for not walking.
  5. Ellis Island I can't remember the author. It's a bit more of a coffee table book. Lots of photographs and interesting facts about the island and immigration.
  6. Hotel Rwanda I picked up at a garage sale Saturday for a quarter.
  7. I must find this product. It would be perfect for camping and hiking!
  8. KFJ! I started reading The Three Musketeers yesterday.
  9. The original Jekyll and Hyde. Love it so far!
  10. I'll have to add it to my reading list. I can't remember the last time I read a western. Maybe I should try some Louis L'Amour too. I've never read any of his books. I finished The Sea-Wolf and really enjoyed it. There were some great discussions on characters views on morality (not nearly as dry as it sounds) and it was chock full of adventure! I started Call of the Wild and Other Selected Stories by London on Saturday. I'm on to the "other stories", now.
  11. I'm still working on Jack London's The Sea-Wolf. The further I get into it, the more I like it. If I dared bring the copy I have to work, it would be finished by now, but I'm afraid it will fall apart. I feel a Jack London kick coming on. I think I want to reread White Fang and Call of the Wild after this. And then see what some of his less well known works are.
  12. I started reading Jack London's The Sea-Wolf last night. I was pulled in immediately. I just wish I dared carry it around with me. I picked up this copy at a flea market and I'm not about to toss a 100 year old book around my car. lol.
  13. You were in VIP weren't you? You were in VIP weren't you? edit: What the heck? That's the strangest double post ever.
  14. Is it a comedic horror? That's quite the name.
  15. The Nick Adams Stories have been sidelined for now. I dove headfirst into Terry Goodkind's Confessor last night. I was up way past my bedtime reading. Today is going to hurt. lol.
  16. After reading The Old Man and the Sea for the first time, I am now hooked on Hemingway. You know, I had no idea he had spent time in the UP. Just one more reason to read more his work. I just started The Nick Adams Stories.
  17. Christmas sock monkey!

  18. Yeah, that's where I am. It's pretty, "meh".
  19. Nice! The hubby loved the book. I need to read it yet, but it's on the shelf waiting for me to pick it up. I just started "To Have and to Hold" by Jane Green. More chick lit. I'm about a third of the way into and feel like I know how's it's going to end. It just seems fairly predictable. It's another one of those that a friend gave to me and said, "Here read this". I don't know, after this one, I'm going back to a classic or adventure novel.
  20. I'm reading Aesop's Fables of all things.
  21. I started Jemima J. this week. I think it's by Jane Green. It was in that stack of chick lit, my friend gave me months ago, to read. lol.
  22. The Devil Wears Prada I figured I had to girl things up a bit, I've been wearing too much camo lately.
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