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  1. Irish, you're making me feel old. :p Congrats!

  2. Starting Robinson Crusoe today.
  3. Aw, poor Mr. Fat. That's hilarious that he has totally become a lap cat though after how long? So my pooches are starting to get pretty old, Syd is 12 this spring and Java is 11. Sydney has starting to collapse every couple of months. It's only happened about 4-5 times that I know of, but it's really scary. And it often seems to happen when she gets really excited. Her legs will get wobbly and she'll fall over, her eyes will be open, but she can't focus, and she lays there panting hard for maybe 60 seconds, and then slowly gets back to her feet. She'll often loose control and pee
  4. The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears
  5. lol. I started "Road to Damietta" by Scott O'Dell. You know the author of "Island of the Blue Dolphins". Interesting read so far. It's about St. Francis of Assisi. Kind of, really it's about a girl who thinks she's in love with him. I must have picked it up at a garage sale or thrift shop a few years ago, but I'd never read it. I think it will be a one read sort of book though. Want to read it when I'm done Icy? Otherwise I'll probably send it to Rachael.
  6. Sounds like a plan. And I need to read something that's on my bookshelf.
  7. I still need to borrow SS&SM from you Icy. (Abbreviated that looks very, erm, racy? ) I'm be finishing Lawhead's Pendragon today. I orderd Grail from half.com but still waiting for it to get here so I'm wondering what to read in the meantime. I'm debating between total chick lit or nonfiction. All I've read so far this year is fantasy.
  8. Started Merlin by Stephen Lawhead last night.
  9. Finished WoT 12 this morning. This was the book written after Robert Jordan died, and surprisingly I think I liked it more than the last few that Jordan had written. Maybe it's just the fact that I was ready for a new writing style, by the time I got to it. But he also seemed to stay on track more and tied up some loose ends.
  10. WoT 12. Finally. I'm so ready to be done with these books.
  11. Truer words were never spoken. lol.
  12. This will probably be TMI for the guys, but I'm only reading while pumping. lol. Shows how much time I actually spend hooked up to that machine. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have any time to read.
  13. How much snow did you get? I think we got about 8-10 inches at our place. Driving in to work was fun, I took the Jeep, kicked it into 4-wheel and had fun plowing through drifts. lol. And yeah, I think I'll have to come over again soon.
  14. Do you have Zorro or was that a library/borrowed read? I just started Wheel of Time book 10 last night. I'm hoping to finish 10, 11, and 12 soon. Then I can give the books back to my friend and free up shelf space for my books from storage. I think after I finish these, I might have to read Anne of Green Gables or something way girly. lol. Oh, I haven't read Girl of the Limberlost in years. I think that will be next on my list.
  15. Began Wheel of Time Book 9 last night. Only three left to go.
  16. Just finished Wheel of Time book 7 and starting on Book 8.
  17. Joe would say, keep her! Hey, as long as you don't mind her chasing the cats and keeping you up all night barking, sure! We had coons get in the dog food bin earlier this year too. I now keep a concrete block on top of it, so they can't lift the lid off.
  18. He's adorable Daggy! Java, was trying to prove her worth as a good watchdog earlier this week. On the other hand Sydney, completely ignored the whole thing, which just makes it funnier. Monday morning I woke up to Java doing quite a bit of barking, but I didn't think too much of it. I shushed her, she quieted down, and I started to get ready for work. When I went outside to feed the dogs Sydney sat at "her place" waiting for my to give her the okay to start eating. Java normally does the same thing, but before eating she comes up to me to be petted. This time Java ran to a tree in th
  19. What kind of food do you feed her right now? Just curious. Syd's doggy diet seems to be working. She lost about 4 pounds last month. Yay! I usually feed the dogs more in the winter, cause they burn more calories, but I didn't cut back enough this spring when the weather started getting warmer. Major duh on my part. Daggy, I'm so sorry about your guinea pig! And Cita, I hope you cat's surgery goes well!
  20. Aw... poor Small Boy. I wish I could have kept him, but I'm so glad you were able to Icy!
  21. Sydney would have been in heaven. After she rolled in it.
  22. Do you actually have WWZ, Icy, or is it a borrowed copy? Joe was just saying last night that he wants to read it. He heard an interview with the author on NPR a while back and was reminded about it when we were talking about P&P&Z.
  23. You know, I just had a thought. I have to put the Sookie book in a discreet place this weekend. If mom takes one look at the cover and think she failed in my raising. I love my mom. I wanted quick reading when I choose the book, so Sookie it was.
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