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  1. Irish, you're making me feel old. :p Congrats!

  2. This is where I insert some random and witty comment.

    I fail. :(

  3. Christmas sock monkey!

  4. Welcome back Elfie! So good to see (read) you again! ;)

  5. Honestly, I don't know. I just found the av on a random google search once. I liked it and resized it and voila! :)

  6. lol.

    Now the question is, how old did you think I was before you figured it out? ;)

  7. AH! Don't scare me like that. :p

  8. But, I never would have written it so well. ;)

  9. I thought I changed my profile pic! It appears that I am inept. lol. :p

  10. Come now, dessert is meant to be shared. Share please? :p

  11. Thanks. (It's about time.) ;)

  12. Yep, I want to see pics!


  14. Fuzzy hat with a long tail that you can wrap around your neck too. *nods* ;)

  15. Tip noted. lol. :) We're contemplating green, probably something a little earthier than mint though. Or whatever is cheap in the "oops bin". :D

  16. Actually, not having internet at home right now has taken me away from AIM. ;) We're working on it. Maybe another month or so. Have to paint the spare room and then I can get hooked up again. Huzzah! :D

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