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  1. we had a few lurkers pop in and out. Its like the x-files up in here.
  2. goat is here---we got a sausagefest on our hands!
  3. is it your camera or zoom? Do you have another video app open?
  4. i see 3 people keep popping in and out.
  5. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87489175060?pwd=L0NsNFhkMjJ1R0hmbXduS0hkUjVxUT09 Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87489175060?pwd=L0NsNFhkMjJ1R0hmbXduS0hkUjVxUT09 Meeting ID: 874 8917 5060 Passcode: 523805 One tap mobile +17207072699,,87489175060#,,,,*523805# US (Denver) +16694449171,,87489175060#,,,,*523805# US Dial by your location +1 720 707 2699 US (Denver) +1 669 444 9171 US +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston) +1 386 347 5053 US +1 564 217 2000 US +1 646 558 8656 U
  6. I will set it up for 6 MDT (the best time zone). So that is 5 Pacific--7 Central and 8 Eastern.
  7. Just had a meeting with the parents of transgender students that moved here from Texas because of the anti-trans law. Also--we are interviewing someone with the last name of Sprinkles.
  8. I am noticing that I am starting to occasionally forget the names of things that I should know. Not things I think about everyday, but things I know the name of but it takes a minute to recall--for example--Diebels is a primary grades assessment tool, but I straight up could not remember the name of it today.
  9. Cool--lets do this! What time works?
  10. I tried reffing and I was TERRIBLE. I would get too caught up in the game and forget to make calls. One game I heard a parent say, "this is the longest half ever" and I realized the half was like 20 minutes over. We had a principal meeting today and the high school coach said he needed a boys soccer coach. I was so tempted...if I didn't have a family I totally would have taken it.
  11. Lack of knowledge about different formations...poor practice management...but yeah...that is the rub...they are all volunteers. I remember when I was a middle school dean and we literally had NO ONE to coach boys basketball. So I stepped up--we had like 70 kids and without a cut policy. We were able to have 4 teams--but it still was soo challenging. I am a casual fan of basketball at best. I was literally googling drills before practice. I had so many kids I had to rotate...i even kept a spreadsheet of playing time, so one rotation got an extra minute I made it up the next week---an
  12. I just turned 43 and I feel like I am holding up well for my age. Mentally--I feel like I am in my mid-20s but more responsible. My hobbies and interests have been the same my entire life so in some ways I feel I haven't aged at all--but I get pissed when people my age don't take our similar hobbies as seriously as I do. But at the end of the day, I just got hair transplant surgery and I am in complete denial of time so what the fuck do I know.
  13. A box-to-box midfielder is having issues holding up in a 3-3-2? I have no idea why????? Why not a 3-4-1 and rotate forwards and/or run a false 9? Or a 3-4-1 with attacking wings and holding center mids? Or run a 3-4-1 with a diamond AM/DM? Or what I would do--a 3-4-1 with your daughter as a deep lying playmaker mid and that one girl that is supposedly good but plays with the ball too much as an attacking/ ball winning mid. That way, when she looses the ball she isnt leaving the team more vulnerable and as an attacking mid--the forwards will put peer pressure on her to get the ball out f
  14. A box-to-box mid is tough even at the International level. It is a relic of the past. He should run a 4-2-3-1. That give more of the offensive minded girls more opportunities to score at attacking mid and allow his players like your daughter (good control but lacking fitness) at defensive mid or a high stopper center back to better distribute the ball.
  15. I wish I dreamed of my grandpa.
  16. My school dream is ALWAYS the last semester of undergrad right before graduation and it is always the same class-a US history class. The interesting thing about this specific dream is that towards the end I realize I am in a dream--I remember I did graduate and have another degree based on my graduation. I consistently come to this realization at the same point every time. Friends from undergrad show up. My driving dream seems to be completely unrelated to time or place or people. That might be why I don't seem to care I driving so out of control.
  17. I saw this graph and thought about my two recurring dreams: 1. I think it is fairly common, but I regularly have the dream that I forgot about a class all semester only to remember it finals week and I am in a panic to pass the class. 2. I am driving a car that is out of control, I am side swiping other cars, mailboxes, etc...but I am okay with this. No panic. To the best of my recollection, I have never dreamed about my teeth falling out, snakes, or marriage. What do YOU dream about?
  18. We have a family at the school that takes in foster kids. They took in two bc their parents beat their 6 year-old younger sibling so bad he had to be life flighted to Denver and has permanent brain damage and is in a semi-vegetative state since the incident. They have not been found guilty so they still have some educational rights. We are holding back one a year so we had a meeting. Their lawyer has to come--and surprisingly she is pretty cool and realistic. When talking about the kid (neither have ever been in school and were only allowed to read the Bible) all she talks about is how wo
  19. I am barely holding it together right now I’m so pissed. I have a shit ton to do so I got to the cutting corral like 20 minutes before opening because there’s always a wait. I am the first one by like 15 minutes and I’m hanging out by the door. Anyways, like three minutes before it opens there’s a line of like 5 guys. They unlock the door and I do the polite thing and hold the door for the next guy—there are two check in kiosks. While I’m doing that, the two guys behind the guy I’m holding the door for rush in to the kiosks. So here I am with an hour wait to get my hair cut because I
  20. I got the FUE procedure.   I initially was in line for 2000 plugs. I was upsold to 2100 and I ended up with about 2300. You are charged full cost ($7) for those 2100 and any plug over that was $4 up to 100 over and any plug over that is free. With the coupon, the total was about $13,500. The "fun and pleasurable" drug just made me feel a bit buzzed-but it wore off quickly. After that shot, they numbed the back of my head (which hurt quite a bit--think about double the pain of a Novocain shot at the dentist). Probably took like 15 shots that I could feel. They cut out a
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