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  1. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and just got back from our first glamping trip. Here's my new setup:
  2. Postponed bc of Tyson’s ulcer so once he gets better I’m sure there will be a date.
  3. Isn't what that fights/sports are about? Getting paid and entertaining people? I get what you are saying. Both are fully sanctioned and go against their records, but yeah, you are right, MvP was just two old boxers dancing around each other. This will not be that fight. Tyson and Paul will both be trying to knock the shit out of each other. Plus, Paul is a real boxer trying to climb up. It you forget that Paul's claim to fame was Youtube and just look at his record and opponents you would think he is a legit boxer (which he is). I mean, would he be fighting Tyson, obviously not. But fuck man, love him or hate him, anyone willing to go toe-to-toe with Tyson at any age and in any condition has my respect. Speed, reflexes, etc all go with age...but power remains. I remember watching the Tyson/ Jones match and seeing Tyson punch and in Jones's interview later saying that was the hardest he had ever been hit and when Tyson hit him, his whole body hurt. Mike Tyson was my favorite athlete as a kid and still is as an adult. I can't fucking wait!
  4. You forgot to also call the movie woke.
  5. This is awesome. There is more accountability, community, and greater ability to for everyone to stay on top of shit at a smaller school. I had a mom pull her son because I put him on a safety plan for bullying. She was like, "I don't like this plan because he will be under a microscope" and was all, "he will be--that's the point".
  6. OMG--everyone needs to read the books so we can talk about them!
  7. Hobbes


    Do you think if I saw TCW my opinion would change? I have only seen him in the movies (I hated his appearence in TLJ)
  8. Hobbes


    After the mention of people getting tired of Yoda came up in The Acolyte thread, I thought it warranted its own thread. Yoda is not only my favorite Star Wars character (and always has been), but also one of my top fictional characters of all time. I don't view him as this infallible, wizard trope. I see him as a broken hero (not anti-hero). Something I always wondered was obviously his ego was a large part of the downfall of the Jedi--but wouldn't his pride and ego be a path to the dark side? Whether intended through the writing or not, I thought his ability to swallow his pride and go into hiding to train and NOT tap into the dark side to avenge his ego is fascinating. I can see his recent backlash--over exposure through Baby Yoda, his ego leading to the downfall of the Jedi, etc. But just wondering what everyone's current take on him is and I will reply from there.
  9. Hobbes

    The Acolyte

    I know people have grown tired of him and I understand the why behind the Yoda hate. However, Yoda has always not only been my favorite Star Wars character, but possibly favorite character in all of fiction. I think his ego leading to the downfall of the Jedi makes the character all the more interesting. I am all for more Yoda as long as his inclusion moves the story forward, isn't a forced cameo, AND the writers actually understand Yoda (I am looking at you Rian Johnson).
  10. I remember this being passed on a chain emails in like 1999. In college I even used it as my story submission to the weekly college radio news program. Good times.
  11. stopped reading right here for my blood pressure.
  12. It was pretty awesome and the boys had a great time. It was interested to see how they liked it as they were much closer to Lucas's target audience. On the drive home I was trying to have a very serious conversation on their opinions of different parts and characters but everything kept going back to Jar Jar getting kicked in the nuts by that droid. What your favorite part "when jar jar got picked in the nuts". Who was your favorite character, "The droid that kicked Jar Jar in the nuts". Once we got home and had a much more serious discussion I learned... Favorite characters were Anakin (6 yo) and Obiwan (7 yo). Both loved Anakin was a kid. My youngest loved that Anakin blew up the droid control ship. I asked about Jar Jar, both didn't really have much of an opinion but they both laughed at his tongue getting shocked (and getting kicked in the nuts). I was a bit worried that at 2 and a half hours it was the longest movie they had seen in a theater. They were really into it except the 45 minutes they were on Coruscant in between the pod race and the final battle scenes on Naboo. Also, Disney was never mentioned. No Disney movies in the previews and I thought they would have had the Disney opener...but no...it was all OG 20th Century Fox.
  13. Title. I am excited to see how my boys (6 and 7) like the movie. They have seen parts here and there and know the kid becomes Darth Vader, but have never seen the full movie. As I was typing this, I just remembered that when I heard the prequels were being made (circa 1996) I assumed I would have a child that would be old enough to take to see at least the third movie in the theaters--which was almost a full decade away. So here my prophecy is being fulfilled, at age 44 not 25.
  14. I wonder if using AI to create perfect pictures will flip--society will start rejecting and shaming those that do it.
  15. I don't even know where to start. First, an apology should never be a consequence. Second, if the apology is supposed to be restorative, restorative practices should NEVER be used for habitual bullying. Third, even if it was an accident, there was still harm caused and does not get you out of a consequence. Fourth, I hate the "talk to the whole class" without a clear (clear is kind) progressive discipline plan. Just following the fucking plan. If you haven't been following, just tell students and parents you will begin enforcing it (it is unfair to just randomly start enforcing a rule at the end of April that was never enforced all year). Fourth, if you followed the fucking plan, even if it is just smoke and not fire, you should escalate the consequence if the smoke doesn't stop (which is why it is called progressive discipline). Why is there not a separation contract with a clear progressive discipline plan? That clarity would make everyone's life so much easier for everyone. If Q goes to bully, bully tells staff ASAP and Q is in trouble. If bully goes to Q, Q tells staff and bully is in trouble. This also protects BOTH students from accusations from the other. I put a bully on a separation contract earlier this year for way less than this. The student broke it and was suspended. The next step was expulsion. The parent pulled him because she was worried "he would be under a microscope". I said, "that's the point". The #1 role of a principal is to keep kids safe.
  16. MagicSchool is an AI software that is just for education. It is great as a massive time saver. But what it doesn't really do anything I can't do myself--it is just a massive time saver and makes me more efficient. It is great for writing a job description or anything technical, but when I have it write the newsletter I have to go back and edit it into my voice.
  17. This question has always fascinated me. During the 2016 I became obsessed with this question and I remember one specific research paper that stuck out. First, this is a MASSIVE generalization and does not apply to everyone that chooses to or not to put a bumper sticker on their car. People who put bumper stickers on their car are, regardless of the bumper sticker's message, more likely to view their car as an extension of themselves, their personal identity, and personal space. This is why people with bumper stickers are way more likely to be involved in road rage regardless of political orientation or bumper sticker message. Conservatives are more likely to have this perspective. I do have confirmation bias on this hypothesis. As an American liberal, I do not see my car as an extension of myself, am too polite on the road to a fault, and I get annoyed when people cut me off, but my feelings usually end there (before I sound like I am saying I am some holier than thou liberal, I want to put it out there I get irrationally angry when people touch or move my shit, even if they are trying to help me). Obviously there are other reasons. Regardless of political ideology, people are more likely to put bumper stickers on their car if the sticker is more aligned to the views of the majority of the local population. For example, you are less likely to see a Trump sticker in an urban area or a Biden sticker in rural area even though those candidates may still receive 45% of the local vote. I couldn't find that journal entry, but I did find this one with some interesting findings about political bumper stickers.
  18. Isn't this the real Turing test? An AI creating a piece of good, original art (that isn't dependent on another artists song or voice or movie script or whatever) that fools 99% of the population it was made by a human?
  19. I see these on my TikTok feed and they are pretty cool! However, I get the same feelings from AI as I do from knock off media like this. Some of it might be interesting, fun, or even good (like this). But at the end of the day there is a hollowness to it. Similarly, I recently learned of the new Netflix accent in which every syllable is pronounced so clear, there is no trace of an accent. I was finally able to understand why those campy Hallmark Christmas movies bother me. They are meant to be silly with generic characters, but because the characters are too perfect and (usually) do not have an accent that makes it hard for me not to not notice (kind of like in a movie set in the past where the teeth are pearly white--I can't stop looking at it).
  20. Nice pillows. I can sleep on rocks if I have a decent pillow. I just bought two of these pillows.
  21. She has her own set of issues. What legal action are you considering?
  22. About a month ago a 7th grader was caught masturbating in the bathroom by other students. To my absolute shock, no one really made fun of him for it (we have some pretty decent middle students). I had to have a very awkward conversation with him and with his mom. This morning, he was caught again, this time by his younger brother (6th grade) and he started making fun of him non-stop. I just got chewed out by the mom because I am letting another student (his brother) make fun of him for masturbating AND she was mad at me for making the younger brother miss recess for making fun of his brother and not the other kids that were making fun of him the brother told his mom he was the only one that got in trouble...but there were no other kids making fun of him).
  23. Taker wrestled Reigns so I guess it made more sense from that perspective. Regardless, I thought the surprise drop-in spots were lame. I wanted to see a bit more wrestling from everyone than just a spot. Speaking of spots, Cena needs to tend to that bald spot. He kept combing his hair back with his hand so I know he is self-conscience. I don't get the whole Cody appeal and I was pulling for Reigns. R Truth getting his was my favorite part of the two nights.
  24. I liked it. I liked the main event, but I just don't get why Cody is so popular. I hope Roman retains.
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