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  1. Looks like HBO renewed it Issas vision. As I mentioned, I loved the direction Issa took. Hopefully she will be given a bigger budget and can properly flesh out the story a bit more. Odds on Matt or Woody returning?
  2. Watch S3. It is legit really good. From what you have said, I think you would like it. It is interesting you said that about S2, because Nic said it was supposed to be occulty and have more interesting dynamics between the detectives, but HBO wanted a script so he didn't have time to flesh out what he needed. I agree with you about the return to S1 form. I thought it did a nice job. But I agree with Odine that nothing really happened and then everything was rushed. I think the last episode could have actually been 2-3 episodes on its own. You say the tongue, but I assumed Hank put it there so the detectives would automatically assume the same person was connected with both crimes and taking focus off the mine. But you say it is a return to form, I know I just said I agreed and they did a nice job, but I am kind of changing my mind. They pushed it too much--wtf is the connection to the spiral and what is the connection to Twist and Shout?
  3. I agree about watching Nic's meltdown. Did he forget he also wrote S2? I liked the premose and setting more than S3, but S3 had better writing and conclusion. Both had excellent acting. So to me they are pretty equivalent. I don't think S2 is as bad as most people think, but it's bad when you have to look up episodes to figure out what you just watched.
  4. Season 1 is one of my favorite shows ever. I have seen it probably a dozen times. I actually rewatched it twice while watching this season. I was so pumped for this show. Jodie Foster is one of my favorite actresses of all time and I love love love the setting. As far as this season, I thought it was okay. It seems like we are in pretty much agreement. Pros: I thought the acting was great across the board. I love Jodie Foster and it was also nice seeing Sol Star (John Hawkes) from Deadwood--another one of my favorite shows ever. I loved the setting and mood. I thought the old woman that dated Travis was super fun. Great cinematography. I was skeptical of Kali Reis but I thought she was amazing! I thought the premise was great! Cons: The plot. I thought it was an interesting premise and E 1 and 2 were both fairly strong. But E3-5 nothing happened. I hated the ending. They stumble on a secret lab and somehow can look at the paperwork just laying around and from that figured out what was going on? You would think that by prosecuting the killers they would blow the lid off the whole mine operation. Now it will still be hidden. I am 100% fine with non-closure. I don't think every little thing has to be tied up in a nice little box at the end. However, there were too many things that were brought up that didn't advance the plot...Liz's Tinder (why lie and say it was ff--we got that she slept around already), all of the futile connections to S1 (why repeat that spiral--what connection did Clark have to it)? What did Kayla throw our Peter--when he is working a mass murder?? A killer is on the loose in a small town and you are going after the only person that is actually doing detective work? I get she doesn't like his and Danvers relationship--but now is the time you are picking to throw him out?Why did those townspeople go crazy in the hospital? It's not like he was abusive or manipulative. Honestly, I think it would have been better if they just called it Night Country and didn't try to shoehorn in True Detective. Finally, my biggest irk was the whole Twist and Shout thing. I watch with subtitles and that song was played in most of the episodes. Anyhow--my prediction for the entire show was the town was having mass hallucinations due to the mine's pollution. The scientists discovered this and were going to expose the mine.
  5. Your a regular Sherlock Holmes. Tonight is the only Friday I can do for a few weeks.
  6. I have said this 100 billion times...but mean girl behavior is, without a doubt my least favorite behavior to deal with and the hardest. And I have dealt with drugs, weapons, gangs, etc. There are three things I hate about my job: 1. Dealing with child abuse 2. HR decisions that you can't share the whole story and the other person is lying/ making shit up about why they were non-renewed/ fired. 3. Mean girls--because usually the queen bee's mom is a queen bee mean girl herself. 3b...is when a queen bee mean girl is PTO president or some position like that.
  7. I am getting stressed reading this. Youth sports is about the love of the game, building community, positive interactions... Youth sports is now a cesspool. I hope to god my boys have no interest in team sports. We have a youth club team here, but you have to give up your entire weekend for months on end to travel. Even high school games are all 1-3 hour commutes. There is a rec league here, but its all Team Hobbes plays Team Destiny and one team wears the blue side of the jerseys and the other team wears the yellow side.
  8. No grooming at all? That is insane! I wouldn't even go. What about the beginners area or like the ski run that everyone funnels into or the service roads runs? I don't even know how that is even close to being safe.
  9. Hobbes

    NFL 2023

    I knew him first as a wrestler--I didn't know he played football till I was an adult.
  10. I bought a classroom set of these because a lot of the students in that class have similar issues as E. It is a total game changer. They love it! They are even implementing it to math and science curriculums and has drastically improved on task behaviors. I hate the term try harder. Try harder at what? Be more specific, like "if E doesn't get the answer right away, he gives up" or "triggers X and Y are what often pulls E off task" (just making this example up). Have I told you lately how much I hate the current state of youth sports?
  11. What happened to the groomers? I am so over lift talk. I am tired of having the same conversations. It is starting to warm up so I am not as bundled up and look like I am interested in talking. I am thinking about asking more intriguing questions on the lift. I am leaning towards "So what do you think happens to us when we die?" because, you know, the resort is called Purgatory and the majority of the runs have to do with afterlife (Demon, Nirvana, Hades, etc) or "there sure are a lot of white people here". What would you do if someone asked you this? Now, I wouldn't just ask this, it would only be after someone engaged me in a lame question... "So where are you from?" "I'm a local...what do you think happens when we die?"
  12. I totally get it. The progress report should be enough. But to take the side of the teacher, I have dealt with parents that are all "I thought he was improving because you didn't say anything on the report card" despite it clearly saying he wasn't on the IEP progress report and then think it is the case manager's fault because the kid is only having issues when working with the case manager. Kinda like warning labels. It is better to document that shit because if not, it will come back and bite the school in the ass. But yeah, as a parent I get it. You aren't wrong.
  13. Winning all these Super Bowls is getting crazy expensive for me. With two boys, now I have to budget for all the Super Bowl swag.
  14. Also--they got a divorce because dad used/ stole all of their savings to transition to a woman. He doesn't work and mom works at a gas station.
  15. Whoops--thats what I meant to type--they will boo Rock and/or chant Cody. I am doubling down on Rock being the owner/heel character.
  16. My response: And before you say-"that's too harsh", parents refuse to admit there is a problem and refuse to get outside help, and refuse to get her evaluated--someone has to give her boundaries. I think there is something weird going on at home--she tries to get under staffs dresses, touch their breasts, etc. Super weird.
  17. I usually stop bullying by telling kids to knock that shit off and if they do it again they are in ISS for the day. It seems to work.
  18. Email I got from a parent today. Student (1st grade) is blue, teacher is red. We provide sooo much support for this student. Anytime she is asked to do something she doesn't want to do she cries, rolls around on the floor, throws things, runs from staff, punches and kicks staff (I have been punched and kicked repeatedly and had rocks thrown at me) and students. This happens everyday. This teacher is probably the kindest, most gentle staff member. When we have dad pick her up, she is punching him and he is all, "what's the matter sweetheart--please be nice". I almost lost it on him when he did that when she was repeatedly kicking me while I was explaining what happened.
  19. I think this whole Cody/ Rock is fucking genius. I think they are going to make the Rock into the next Mr. McMahon kinda like how Mr. McMahon was created at the Montreal Screw Job. I can just see it--Cody wasn't ready...Cody screwed Cody! It will be Seth v. Cody. People will be cheering for The Rock over Roman--but that will suck for Roman with all the Cody chants.
  20. I have flow spirit and frontier both multiple times. Never again. Sure, every now and again you have a bad experience with an airline but it usually pretty easy. It is the exact opposite with Spirit and Frontier. Every now and again you have a good experience but it is usually shit. Like, I could tell you about how are bags took six hours to get from the plane to the pick-up because they didn't pay their baggage handlers, or how I was standard at the airport (along with the rest of the flight) for TWO days for them to get a working airplane to us and didn't tell us it would take two days and didn't give us ANY vouchers until minutes before the working plane arrived and then wouldn't accept the vouchers on the plane.
  21. I like those skis! I have noticed since getting my carving skis I get much better grip and control. We even had powder this weekend and I didn't feel a difference from my all-mountains. But with more grip comes more tuning. I see so many people with powder skis when there really isn't powder--mainly rentals. They look like tongue depressors--I don't understand the appeal. I can ski mogels if I have to and I am solid C. But they are negative fun and it kills my knees impacting my fun and ability for the rest of the day. Join me on the dark side of skiing...give into your age...with each passing run you make yourself want to go 100% on piste. To piste, or not to piste: that is the question: Whether ’tis radder in the mind to shred The fluffy powder stashes of secret, Or to arc the pristine groomers of plenty, And to choose between? It’s fun, with smile; Once more, and with smile to say we laugh We laugh with full face grin, our way to the bottom.…. ‑Bill Skispeare
  22. Mostly sci fi and nerdy science channels I watch with my boys: Isaac Arthur Quinn's Ideas Kurzgesagt DestineSpace And channels of video games I like that I watch for strategies: Rimworld (Noobert) and a bunch of super nerdy shit like that.
  23. A few days ago Murray stopped eating except for treats. Last night he walked around a little bit outside more than usual, but once he came in he could barely stand and wouldn't even eat treats. His breathing changed so I figured the time was near. We snuggled in bed up until 1AM when passed peacefully and loved.
  24. I hate any sort of chase. You didn't say helicopters, but I hate anything with a helicopter in it. Mainly because in elementary school I thought people liking Airwolf over A-Team was absurd. The exception was when those people outran the cold in Day After Tomorrow. You never see that--talk about a fresh and original idea!
  25. Get this, last week we had a 5th grade opening and our counselor knew of a very low income family from her previous job who was a severe victim of bullying and our counselor encouraged the family to apply. The girls that were bullying also found out about the spot and all four families applied. It was insane to hear each families take on the events to make their daughter out to be the victim and get the open spot--fortunately our counselor knew the situation. This is why mean girls are, by far, my least favorite thing to deal with. It is the one behavior that is not only learned, but openly encouraged and supported by parents. I cringe every time I hear the phrase, "my daughter tells me everything" or "my daughter doesn't lie to me". Usually these moms (sorry--it is always moms) want be best friends with their daughters. It doesn't surprise me the parents of the girls bullying Q are volunteers. Usually (not always) PTO/ girl scouts/ whatever volunteers are the most toxic parents on campus and the smallest amount of power go to their heads. I once asked the PTO for $100 to buy a classroom set of basic calculators with big buttons for an 8th special ed life skills math class so they could take them on their field trips to the grocery store. It was a TWO hour debate and they eventually voted against it because they thought 8th grade students shouldn't need calculators. I once had to "fire" a PTO president because she was so toxic no one else would volunteer and she threatened to sue me.
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