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  1. First and foremost, ZN deserved the ban, especially in light of receiving multiple warnings for similar behavior. With that said... Based on his own his descriptions of his social tendencies, our observations, and his description of behaviors linked to depression and OCD, he definitely has symptoms that correspond with an ASD diagnosis. These behaviors have been consistently met by banishment, whether it is being fired from a job or being shunned from social groups. I suspect there are few, if any, other places he feels comfortable with discussing his challenges, let alone some willin
  2. It is all good. It wasn't so much triggered by you, but I know where the thread was heading. I totally get what you were saying and I should have provided more context so that's my bad. I should have said, "Once I read what Odine wrote and knowing where this was going I felt sick". This exactly.
  3. Holy balls that thread escalated quickly. That was the first nightly thread in a long, long time where my jaw physically dropped. When I read, "don't get involved with single moms" I became physically repulsed and knew the thread was headed no where good.
  4. And as an intern , I am sure you were eager and willing to deal with that in hopes of getting your foot in the door and making a good impression. Now you are made...:)
  5. What if we could all get you an Air BnB for a few nights that has running water and such?
  6. First, was a mom? Second, none of those. They are both pretty cringy. What "research" are you reading? Third, if she was interested she would have gotten back to you. Fourth, if you are going to make a last ditch effort, just text her NOW you are interested in getting to know her and would love to meet up for coffee or whatever.
  7. LOL! It was actually a CenturyLink (a cable/internet company) building. They are currently doing 3.5 million in renovations so it looks totally different now. That picture is from when they were in the paper for buying the property last year. After getting a moving estimate, it will be cheaper to sell most of our furniture and buy new than it will be to pay movers. Honestly, I am okay with this because of memories of certain people that have sat on/used the furniture.
  8. I think Home Depot only allows pick up. Is there another online retailer that will ship? I looked for the parts on Amazon and see some success but some of the parts are perfect matched and I am too stupid about this to know if I’m getting the right parts.
  9. So I made the local news and of course they use a picture of the school when they bought the building and before the renovations began... https://durangoherald.com/articles/365103
  10. Okay...I’m looking at the list and looking up weight and the cost of shipping is considerably more than the items. So priority wise...what is some small stuff I can buy a lot of and ship for fairly cheap? Overnighting like a letter is $40. Just trying to see what I can get that will help the most.
  11. Yeah, her request went all the way to the COO. She kept getting approvals but they were all with the caveat of “let’s check with the next person on the ladder”. Part of that was they don’t have the paperwork or protocols in place, so I suspect she is among the first, if not the first to go fully remote...at least at the Denver office. You are right, part of the agreement is that she is willing to come to Denver. She also has to go to Huntsville and the Cape every so often too. Florida...summer...120 mile daily commute...there’s a whole lot going on there...
  12. yes....what do you need? be specific because i have no idea what i am buying.
  13. ULA just approved full remote for my wife so we could move to Durango. They are also talking about renting out like Regis offices for individual employees. ULA doesn’t want people to come back but I think they have to stay in Colorado.
  14. And again... Spam and Cerina.... Is there a restaurant nearby that is operating we can all load up on a gift card so you all don’t have to worry about and meals and can focus on getting done whatever needs to be done?
  15. I wasn't a huge fan of the Pegasus storyline. I didn't like the Pegasus crew looked down on the Gallatica, but with that said, it made me pull for the Gallitica that much more so I guess it served its purpose.
  16. Everytime I see the news I am thinking about you all...now I see that there is a water issue...ugh. Anyhow...how is Texas right now? Has this impacted anyone here?
  17. For years I have been trying to land a gig in the mountains. I love Denver, but it is way too crowded. Most people, like myself, moved here to do cool outdoors stuff. But now even outdoorsy stuff is packed. It is a 2+ hour traffic jam to go skiing and then the lift lines are crazy. I finally landed the job I have been looking for in Durango, Colorado. Awesome mountain town (with a population of 20,000 plus a college of 4000 it is practically a megacity in the mountains) with a great ski resort within 20 miles so I am pretty excited. With that said, I am NOT excited about act
  18. heart--alone I am pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be some crap like the song that was #1 on my actual birthday, My Sharona. Which might be one of my least favorite songs of all time.
  19. Hobbes


    I am a big Nolan fan. I loved loved loved Interstellar. I haven't seen it yet, but I want to rent it on Prime this weekend.
  20. I loved BSG and I am one of the few that really loved the ending. I watched it when Netflix was still primarily DVDs and I was going through them so fast I had to up my subscription. If I remember, there were a few bottle episodes I disliked, but other than that it was solid.
  21. I know it isn't that exciting and I don't watch the Clone Wars so I have only seen a brief clip, but I liked the Clone Wars Obi-Wan/ Maul duel. The dual itself was realistic (over in seconds) and a great emotional connection. Have you ever watched fencing in the olympics? Duels last a few seconds and that is the best competing against the best. But that leads me to how historical battles in general are presented in movies as a huge pet peeve of mine.
  22. Sometimes I just Google shows I like from when I was a kid and looked up current pictures of the casts to contemplate my own mortality. I looked up Kids in the Hall this weekend.
  23. You are right. I get confused about which kid is on what team. But they went there to fight. Not call the cops or even security. Yeah, Cobra Kai stole stuff...and it wasn't even personal stuff...it was stuff that belonged to the booth. Miyagi-Do is not law enforcement...defense only. Someone you don't like stealing a teddy bear or whatever from your place of employment is not defense. I think I am just frustrated that the show continually has Miyagi Do as the instigators and the acceptability of non-stop revenge.
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