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  1. We decided we are getting the Gladiator…hopefully we can reserve it and drive to Albuquerque before anyone else. All the ski gear stinking up the RAV4 was the last straw.
  2. I feel you. I think one of the first two things parent volunteer struggles with is the amount of planning involved in even the smallest tasks (including planning out how you are going to explain it) and estimating the amount of time an activity will actually take.
  3. That’s a good point—the whole point is to tow or get one of those campers you put on the bed. Have you looked up outdoorsy? I like the idea of demoing and see what the haul is like before buying one. The other concern we have, not sure if you know this, but ULA is in the process of being sold—my guess is to Amazon—because ULA just won a massive contract with them. Who knows if that would impact my wife. If it does, she has lots of contacts within the aerospace industry…it may work out for the better…but you never know. It makes us hesitant to drop that kind of money. On the other hand…we live on the mountains and it sucks not being able to do all the things we want and this just popped up… Just send it!!!
  4. Why would you not recommend an EV truck? I am cautious because this would be the first EV model. We would keep The A4. This would replace our RAV4. It is mainly for outdoors stuff. We want to rent a few different campera through outdoorsy (it’s like Airbnb but for campers) and we can’t do much with the RAV4. Plus, I like the idea of just throwing our gear in the back (bikes, skis, coolers, whatever) and not have to worry about messing with swapping out different racks and worrying about perfectly packing a roof rack.
  5. Well--looks like we are buying a truck. I am leaning towards a Jeep Gladiator. EV comes out next year, but I think it buying a used one this year versus a brand new EV next year, I am looking at 30k difference in price. Anyone have a Gladiator or looked at one?
  6. Well that is good--I sprained my knee REALLY bad a long time ago (I think it was around the time we met). When I straitened it out for the x-ray, it might have been the most painful thing I have ever felt. It took me a few weeks before I could walk could bend it. It hurt even when i bent it slightly to take a shower, put on my pants, etc. Sorry about the ski season. We are getting some great spring snow. I did get my skis last Friday and took them up on Sunday. They are super fast through turns. In my old skis (all mountain), if I had to brake hard and turn, I would have to overcompensate and dig in with the wedge. In my new ones, if I have to brake hard I can do it as part of the natural turn because I am up on the edges more. In my ski tracker app, I am hitting the same top speed as my old skis, but I am maintaining a higher speed throughout the run.
  7. How is she doing? Can she walk on it? I hope this experience doesn't make her too timid (causing her lean back).
  8. I think a 3 is fine...if anything, if she is doing moguls at even a basic level I would even go up. What do I know about moguls...guess my mogul run....
  9. Well here is to a speedy recovery and spring groomers.
  10. We started to watch the new season the other night and in the recap my wife was all, "I don't remember any of this". I decided to re watch episode 6 and 7 of BoBF. We only watched episode 6--but I swear it felt like most of that episode was him putting together his new spaceship with that lady on Tatooine.
  11. How is your leg? How do you think you will fair in spring conditions if it gets slushy? Ever since I looked up Snoqualmie a few weeks ago on TikTok, it is now a regular occurrence in my TikTok feed--so I am starting to be familiar with your hill . What are the conditions like now? What are the night spring skiing conditions like there? Now I am committed to buying now skis I can't stop reading up on them. I think this is what I am going with.   What is your opinion? It doesn't hurt that it uses "dark matter material". Of all of the carvers, this one is the least aesthitically appealing--but I will get over it.
  12. I said adult conversation only. If you can’t handle a conversation about waxing my hard wood…you should leave.
  13. Most of our downstairs is hardwood. With two boys (5/6) and a dog I spend insane amounts of time sweeping and steam mopping the floors and they never get clean. Also, I don’t like the steam mop really doesn’t scrub the floor and they just have like towels velcroed to it and those towels get pretty gross quickly. As mentioned previously in the Christmas thread, I have had my eye on this wet mop and vacuum combo—the Bissel Crosswave. But it’s like $500. Does anyone have one? Is it worth it?
  14. I’m fine. I found out the gruesome details of his death (I’ll tell you if you want to know) and that really disturbed me. I just feel awful for his boys—both of them are friends with my boys. The oldest in 1st grade goes to my school and the youngest will be there next year. It is a very tight community (it came up in three separate lift conversations today). Everyone whom moves here does so to skiing/white water rafting/ biking/etc. I heard the turnout and the amount of support at his memorial was was amazing (I was in Denver for a conference). But on the other hand, it is also viewed here as part of the natural order of things rather than some massive tragedy which is how these things have been viewed in most places I lived. anyhow—my skis were stolen. We left the garage up one night. Interestingly, we bought a new tv at Christmas and the old one—which is also in the garage—was completely overlooked (along with my old skis). we live in a small, isolated subdivision on the side of a mountain and everyone looks out for each other so I doubt it was a neighbor. Everyone here has their garage packed with gear so it was probably someone driving through looking for a house with their garage up. so now I think I’m going to get some high end carving skis out of grief.
  15. To take this in a completely different direction…last Friday a father at my school died in a ski accident. He was skiing out of bounds and fell 25 feet and was impaled on the mountain coaster. I saw him at drop off and we were talking about the conditions. Last week our HOA president died backcountry skiing. He was about 60 and was on the avalanche search and rescue team for the fire department.
  16. I’m bored in my hotel room—ALLL BY MYSELF—don’t wanna be ALLL BY NYSELF…anyone want to hang out?
  17. I think TLJ is second only to the TRoS as the worst SW movie and I don't mind that scene.
  18. obviously I guess they didn't have the runtime to put it into S3. I get if you think too hard about it, my theory doesn't make too much sense, but neither does not putting it in S3. I have never seen, nor will I likely ever see, anything as bad and cringy as Anakin and Padme's scenes on Naboo. Go back and watch that that shit. Go back and watch that horrible, horrible scene with them on the back of whatever animal that is and then getting bucked off then rolling down the hill giggling. Watching that scene gave me SARS. And Natalie and Hayden, if you are reading this...no hate. You did the best you could.
  19. Tin foil hat time: I maintain that S2 was the end to Grogru's arc and they were going to take a few years break and age him up and revisit his story with Luke after Mando is over. However, by the time they determined what a cash cow Baby Yoda is, S2 was already too far into production so they decided to cobble together BoBF to course correct (which is why it looked so cheap and well, cobbled together). Maybe he will eventually end up with Luke but are taking another season or two inserting him into S3-4 of Mando.
  20. I don't think it was a cheap ploy as much as I think it was a late stage course correction to get Grogru back into Mando S3.
  21. Hobbes


    I watched the S3E1 and really liked it. Who is the black lady whom is alone and in distress on a ship? When it was over, Strange New Worlds started playing, and thought it was S3E2 and they were doing a flashback and then Spock appeared and I was all, "wait a minute". SNW was okay but felt super generic. Watching that episode made me remember this Onion article... https://www.theonion.com/star-trek-introduces-alien-character-with-totally-diffe-1819564328 Granted, all the aliens in Star Wars are all generally humanoid, but Star Trek doesn't even try.
  22. sounds like you have shitty skis. better get some new ones asap so this doesn't happen again.
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