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  1. 3 hours ago, Fozzie said:

    Another thing about Columbus is that Ohio State Football is the primary religion. You might have heard that Ohio has professional sports teams - 2 NFL teams, 2 MLB teams, an NBA team, a hockey team and a soccer team - Columbus being the home for the latter two. Nothing comes close to OSU football. I used to volunteer to work every OSU game Saturday when I worked at the public library, because nobody is doing anything other than watching football. It was great. 

    I wanted to hate Columbus but the people there were so nice to us for the Miami-Ohio State game back in 2010. 

  2. The Ysalimari's force repellent was an evolutionary defense against predators that were force sensitive. As silly as it sounds it had an explanation.  The thing for the most part is why? Was it that Thrawn felt that he would eventually encounter Luke? More so that he thought that cloning Jedi was risky and he needed a safety net.

  3. I always thought that Dolphin Stadium looked good for the Marlins when set up for baseball. Looked good on television. Then after all those years I went to a game. It was fine the first two innings. After a rain delay it was brutal that final 7 innings. It was soooo damned got and humid. Tropicana Field might not be a great ballpark but it is super comfortable. I haven't been to Marlins Park yet.

  4. 17 hours ago, Zathras said:

    The Thrawn trilogy is far from perfect for sure.  I think Heir to the Empire was probably the best of the lot, with the other two books being of lesser quality, with the Last Command being my least favorite.  There was all kinds of set up with Thrawn, and his fate was anti-climatic, IMHO.  I did like the Sparti cloning module aspect, and the need for them, but the Katana Fleet does not really line up with the continuity that TPM-present established.  I liked the idea of Joru'us C'Baoth being a clone of a jedi master, who went insane.  I did NOT like Lu'uke, and C'Baoth really ended up becoming an Emperor-lite, and some of the ending of the Thrawn Trilogy seems a rehash of ROTJ.  

    Tank your  issues are totally valid, and if that trilogy came out today, it could now almost be labeled young adult books.  That said, I personally find Thrawn an interesting character because back when those books came out (and besides the fact we didn't know we would be getting any more Star Wars films at the time), is I started to become interested in history, and historical military figures and Thrawn reminded me of Caesar, Alexander, even Hannibal.  TO be sure, Vader and the Emperor are hard acts to follow, and I think ALL Star Wars suffers from not having villains that stand up to them. 

    In the PT, other than Palpatine,  yeah you have Maul, and he is a cool villain, but is more like Boba than Vader (in TPM).  I LOVED Christopher Lee, but he was in his mid 80s and really wasn't written very well for or did much in AOTC and ROTS.  The ST had a good villain in Kylo, but really, was he ground breaking?  No, he was Vader 2.0. Snoke could have been interesting, but ends up being an Emperor meat puppet.

    Contrast that with Thrawn, who was one of the first attempts to have a unique post ROTJ villain, and I think he is largely a success considering all that.  

    The further I get from having read the Zahn trilogy the less it stands up. If I had a serious problem at the time with Thrawn it was that he was so brilliant, but the Emperor kept him tucked away because he was a closeted alien racist? I get that you have to answer why we've never heard of this genius beforehand. Making the Emperor anti alien when there wasn't evidence of it was a stretch. Then GL completely bulldozes that in TPM.

  5. On 11/29/2020 at 9:29 PM, Gamevet said:

    I'd love to one day attend a game at that Stadium. It's a perfect place for outdoor games. It's a shame that the Chargers had to leave San Diego. I've always loved the weather there.

    There are rumors that the Bucs will be getting a retractable roof. The story hasn't said whether it will be on Raymond James or a brand new stadium. If the Glazers foot the bill I could care less. It is a good outdoor stadium. Since it faces north-south being on the visitors side of the stadium sucked. For a 1 o'clock game it was ALL sun. On the home side the sun is behind you by 2.


  6. I was excited with the Toronto Raptors playing their games in Tampa this season. I figure "hey that's a great way to see the heat twice this year"without having to drive an hour and a half to Orlando. But noooo. A negative covid test is required. That shit is not free! But if you have a suite then you don't need one. That's crap. 

  7. Usually I don't Black Friday shop because most of the deals aren't what I usually want. This year most stores are extending their BF sales. This Friday I'm actually going to purchase a 50" 4K tv for our patio. An all weather 4k set costs at least $2000-3000. Why not put a cheapo set out there. Don't need high quality there.  

  8. It was such a long day of working and going to the game, I didn't even have the energy to be upset. i think we've had 3 home Monday Night games since we've had season tickets, and the only one we've won was a game against a bad Colts team with Curtis Painter starting at QB. And even that was a close game.

  9. Are there acorns falling from the trees? I'll admit I was in my front yard last week for over an hour getting those damned things off the grass. Of course the tree just dumped a new bunch on it that next day. Though if his grass is mostly dead then acorns wouldn't be a problem.

  10. Philadelphia











    Kansas City



    I don't trust Atlanta, but I don't know if I can pick New Orleans with Tasyon Hill playing a whole game at qb.

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