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  1. I hate every other team in the NFC South. Loathe them.
  2. Philadelphia Atlanta Cincinnati Pittsburgh Baltimore Houston Detroit Denver Chargers Indianapolis Minnesota Kansas City Tampa I don't trust Atlanta, but I don't know if I can pick New Orleans with Tasyon Hill playing a whole game at qb.
  3. It's a shame that NXT isn't involved in Survivor Series this year. Can you imagine Leon Ruff in there with Zayn and Bobby Lashley? Maybe a slot in the Royal Rumble lol.
  4. You can't cast your phone to your television?
  5. So it's going to be released on HBO Maxx on Christmas day the same time as it's released in theaters. Guess I gotta get up early before breakfast and gifts being opened.
  6. All that Golden State talk is about to stop. Klay Thompson ruptured his achilles in workouts yesterday. He's out for the season again. That's a shame.
  7. As much as I genuinely marked out when Drew McIntyre hit the claymore, I couldn't help but wonder why give Orton a short title reign. And with a go home Raw there was no Survivor Series invasions and I don't really see one happening Friday.
  8. How is it I picked Philly here, but in the fox sports app I picked the Giants? I'm gonna get your money Terry Bradshaw!
  9. Cleveland Detroit Green Bay Philadelphia Tampa Vegas Miami Buffalo Rams New Orleans Pittsburgh Baltimore Chicago
  10. So Chelsea Green debuts on SmackDown and promptly breaks her wrist. Sucks.
  11. I like Io as champion. Right now though I think Ripley has to win the title back. She has nothing to do otherwise.
  12. Holy shit. Leon Ruff beat Johnny Gargano for the North American Title. Can me crazy but I love it. Maybe it's payment for Karion Kross breaking him in half months ago.
  13. I keep telling myself that the year we won the super bowl we lost both games to the Saints
  14. If Killian Dain starts dancing to that entrance music I might lose it.
  15. So glad this wasn't one of the games we decided to go to.
  16. I hate that penalty so much. I get that it's the rule, but I think it's criminal to call a penalty for less than a slap.
  17. The ever loving man?!? I picked the Steelers!!!
  18. I'm trying to remember a top team with such a trash defense. Man Seattle is far from the Legion of Boom.
  19. Atlanta Buffalo Tennessee Baltimore Kansas City Minnesota Giants Houston Vegas Pittsburgh Arizona Tampa New England
  20. I drove my old assistant's Wrangler. It might sound funny but it feels like a Jeep. I've never been in a Patriot, but I'm sure you lose that sense. If you want a Wrangler you might feel some regret if your settle for the Patriot.
  21. Packers I swear if the Niners pull this out with all the guys they're missing.....
  22. Obviously I'm biased and thought I was a good call lol. The Giants have always been a team we've had trouble beating. Tonight was no exception.
  23. If there was one thing I looked forward to with Brady coming here was his influence as a leader in the locker room. I rooted for Jameis, but if he were the qb now we'd be 4-3 at best. Probably 3-4. That's if he didn't cut down on the turnovers. Tonight will be a barometer. We've lost the last three to the Giants in games we should have won. Especially last year. We should win this game by at least 10 of we don't turn the ball over.
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