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  1. I'm honestly getting tired of hearing that the receivers aren't doing what Tom Brady wants them to do. Brady missing open receivers had nothing to do with route running. At no point this year even in our more decisive wins has this offense run smoothly. 

  2. I'm talking about the albums that already have a place in rock/pop/rap history. I think Arch Enemy's Wages of Sin is a great album. Its 19 years old but holds a miniscule place in metal history. Nor have the majority of you probably ever heard of it. 

  3. With that tik tok video returning Fleetwood Mac's Rumours back to the Billboard top 100, music talk at work ramped back up. General consensus is that album is one of the all time greats in rock. Another guy brought up Hotel California and how it belonged on that list. While a lot of people agreed with him, I argued that that album is great because of the song Hotel California. Take it off the record and it's just okay. 

    Obviously this is subjective. I'll concede to the argument that The Black album from Metallica is great album due to its importance in mainstreaming heavy music. I still argue ...And Justice For All is a better record for to there being less filler. 

    What say you?

  4. Talked to someone at work about the AEW-Impact thing. He's more of a watches all the shows including NJPW person. He thinks it's an attempt expand the number of wrestlers AEW used before they launch the second show. Though the rumor is that the second show went be a full wrestling show. At first. I don't watch Impact so I can't get excited about it. It's interesting to see where they will go. Any extended crossover will lead to will AEW buy Impact discussion.

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