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  1. I was out all day. I saw the Raiders won, but holy crap how they won! It's like the coaches told the Jets to allow that touchdown.
  2. Falcons Bears Colts Dolphins Vikings Raiders Titans Rams Seahawks Packers Patriots Chiefs 49ers Steelers Ravens
  3. With that tik tok video returning Fleetwood Mac's Rumours back to the Billboard top 100, music talk at work ramped back up. General consensus is that album is one of the all time greats in rock. Another guy brought up Hotel California and how it belonged on that list. While a lot of people agreed with him, I argued that that album is great because of the song Hotel California. Take it off the record and it's just okay. Obviously this is subjective. I'll concede to the argument that The Black album from Metallica is great album due to its importance in mainstreaming heavy music. I still a
  4. I can't hate the decision. I just wonder what this does to theaters. I read the relatively low subscription taste for HBO Max. I wonder if that number was paid subscriptions.
  5. Talked to someone at work about the AEW-Impact thing. He's more of a watches all the shows including NJPW person. He thinks it's an attempt expand the number of wrestlers AEW used before they launch the second show. Though the rumor is that the second show went be a full wrestling show. At first. I don't watch Impact so I can't get excited about it. It's interesting to see where they will go. Any extended crossover will lead to will AEW buy Impact discussion.
  6. It was in a nice part of town. It was mostly open air except for the food court area and the movie theater. It definitely wasn't an outlet mall.
  7. Carole Baskin? I shouldn't jump to conclusions but the fire department is over at Big Cat Rescue now because of an "injury". Update: It was a volunteer that got but in the arm by a tiger. So take Carole off the list lol.
  8. Really? I don't know why I feel the need to watch these in order but I need to catch up.
  9. So Sting debuted tonight on Dynamite apparently. I'm almost two months behind on AEW so I don't know where or why he would appear. Perhaps I'll clean it the dvr next week on vacation.
  10. We also loved that huge outdoor mall. My wife said that place is actually outside of Columbus. She seemingly knows every inch of Ohio whereas I know about half of Florida.
  11. I wanted to hate Columbus but the people there were so nice to us for the Miami-Ohio State game back in 2010.
  12. The Ysalimari's force repellent was an evolutionary defense against predators that were force sensitive. As silly as it sounds it had an explanation. The thing for the most part is why? Was it that Thrawn felt that he would eventually encounter Luke? More so that he thought that cloning Jedi was risky and he needed a safety net.
  13. I always thought that Dolphin Stadium looked good for the Marlins when set up for baseball. Looked good on television. Then after all those years I went to a game. It was fine the first two innings. After a rain delay it was brutal that final 7 innings. It was soooo damned got and humid. Tropicana Field might not be a great ballpark but it is super comfortable. I haven't been to Marlins Park yet.
  14. To be fair I don't think most of the original eu holds up anymore.
  15. The further I get from having read the Zahn trilogy the less it stands up. If I had a serious problem at the time with Thrawn it was that he was so brilliant, but the Emperor kept him tucked away because he was a closeted alien racist? I get that you have to answer why we've never heard of this genius beforehand. Making the Emperor anti alien when there wasn't evidence of it was a stretch. Then GL completely bulldozes that in TPM.
  16. There are rumors that the Bucs will be getting a retractable roof. The story hasn't said whether it will be on Raymond James or a brand new stadium. If the Glazers foot the bill I could care less. It is a good outdoor stadium. Since it faces north-south being on the visitors side of the stadium sucked. For a 1 o'clock game it was ALL sun. On the home side the sun is behind you by 2.
  17. Leon Ruff's real name is Dartanyon. How awesome is that?!?
  18. Beautiful weather for what is probably out last game going to.
  19. Raiders Bills Giants Titans Vikings Patriots Dolphins Browns Steelers Saints 49ers Bucs Packers Seahawks
  20. I was excited with the Toronto Raptors playing their games in Tampa this season. I figure "hey that's a great way to see the heat twice this year"without having to drive an hour and a half to Orlando. But noooo. A negative covid test is required. That shit is not free! But if you have a suite then you don't need one. That's crap.
  21. I use lawn mowing day to listen my heavier music because the wife doesn't like it.
  22. If anything it sounds like the guy is ocd when it comes to the leaf blowing. He's probably doing it no matter what shape his lawn is in.
  23. It's actually the opposite. Decomposing leaves take the grass underneath with it. If the grass is covered with leaves, it blocks or the sunlight and causes those patches to die off. Depending on what type of grass you have it can be a bitch to grow that spot back.
  24. Usually I don't Black Friday shop because most of the deals aren't what I usually want. This year most stores are extending their BF sales. This Friday I'm actually going to purchase a 50" 4K tv for our patio. An all weather 4k set costs at least $2000-3000. Why not put a cheapo set out there. Don't need high quality there.
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