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  1. Does anyone else see an article about the Washington Football Team and on a glance thinks that it says WTF? I wonder how many articles were written at the beginning of the season that had an actual headline that said WTF WFT.

  2. The upper deck is probably closed off. Even if you have six feet between ticketed seats it can still look like a lot. Especially since we've gotten used to seeing completely empty stadiums.

  3. The Bucs players talked about the night and day difference when they allowed fans for the Chargers game. The noise they pump into the stadium is a steady crowd did which I've seen some players refer to as white noise. It's not 60-70 thousand, but the players do play to the fans

  4. I don't really know what to think of it. Obviously there is a "reason" they are in the state they are in. That learn is interesting. The classic television side is lacking imo. My wife thought they were "ripping off Bewitched, but not doing it well". Maybe that'll part of it gets better.

  5. 1 hour ago, Hobbes said:

    I was looking up the cast and discovered Ralph Macchio (now 59) is older than Pat Morita was (then 52) when Karate Kid came out. 



    Daniel brings up the exact sentiment to Kumiko.

  6. 1 hour ago, Darth Krawlie said:

    I never saw any of the movies besides the first, so I’m glad they did the flashbacks. Only just got to the Okinawa episodes last night.

    It would be hyperbole to call KK2 the ESB of the series. Especially since KK3 isn't in ROTJ's level. Though it does hold up over time. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Lord Darth Hunter said:

    The return to Okinawa episodes brought back the same feelings I had when originally watching the KK movies back in the 80's. In KK2 Daniel had a fight to the death. After something like that, you figure he'd have a sense of perspective, which is why I thought it was dumb for him to come back home and be deathly afraid of the Johnny Lawrence clone wanting to fight him for points in a California tournament in KK3. Dude, seriously? Chozen was going to literally kill you.

    If not for the Okinawa episodes, this show almost plays like the sequels never happened. 

    The scenario we'll never have answered. Could Johnny have beaten Mike Barnes? Probably not. Barnes was in the cover of national magazines. The actor that played Barnes before the beginning of last season said he'd love to do Cobra Kai, but he didn't see where he would fit into the story.

    The thing that I was relieved about with the Okinawa scenes was that they didn't play up a Daniel-Kumiko relationship. His marriage was really strained near the end of season 2. They thankfully never went there. Amanda was a standing by her man this season. 

  8. With the Seahawks losing we can actually host the game next week if the Bears win tomorrow. The kids are still pretty low, i got my seats if they do pull it off. DAAA Bears!

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