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  1. This is some bullshit. I'm thinking midnight showing and you can't start streaming until noon. All you get is for minutes of the opening scene.
  2. Now I might start worrying if I'm a Steelers fan.
  3. Holy shit I had to rewind that. They switched out Bray at the last second. From what i understand the people watching on the Thunderdome are watching the main feed. So they don't see what happens off camera.
  4. So with one win the Jets lose their grip on the number one pick. Lol
  5. Okay so Charlotte has won every women's title now. Just don't know why they are protecting Nia.
  6. I knew it. Charlotte was going to be Asuka's tag partner. Nia put her out. Still wondering if she turns on Asuka though.
  7. I got a Hurt Business shirt. They better not split them up anytime soon.
  8. Tampa Dallas Tennessee Indianapolis New England Minnesota Seattle Baltimore LA Arizona Kansas City Cleveland Pittsburgh
  9. So Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc, and Bib Fortuna survived Jabba's sail barge? I kept trying to say that it couldn't be Luke and then i saw the glove and the lightsaber and geeked the hell out.
  10. Watching NXT. I held my breathe in the Leon Ruff top rope spot. With it being 2020 i can see the whole roster being hurt before New Years Evil.
  11. What they did was they said screw it and deleted everything from an"unverified" source. So a lot of their non illegal stuff got caught in the mix.
  12. Finally got around to Wargames. OMG they need to take it down a notch. NXT wrestlers going full blast is a hallmark of Takeovers. These guys keep getting hurt though.
  13. I didn't see that. That would also ignore the Brett Favre era.
  14. About time! The Vikings have a poor defense. We shouldn't be struggling.
  15. I'm honestly getting tired of hearing that the receivers aren't doing what Tom Brady wants them to do. Brady missing open receivers had nothing to do with route running. At no point this year even in our more decisive wins has this offense run smoothly.
  16. Chicago Dallas Kansas City Arizona Tampa Carolina Tennessee Indianapolis Seattle Green Bay Philadelphia Atlanta San Francisco Buffalo Cleveland
  17. The Wall was a great album for tripping balls and starting laser light shows lol.
  18. I used Justice as an example because it was the previous album. Though i dont think there is a bad song on it.
  19. I'm talking about the albums that already have a place in rock/pop/rap history. I think Arch Enemy's Wages of Sin is a great album. Its 19 years old but holds a miniscule place in metal history. Nor have the majority of you probably ever heard of it.
  20. Holy crap how did the Steelers squander that one?
  21. So we got decent milage with the Elf on the Shelf with the grandkid. I'm going to get a ton of use from The Fiend on the Scene. For myself.
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