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  1. I think it was the cloning process that made them unstable.
  2. It's been forever since i read the Dark Empire comic. I don't remember Palpatine having a clone name.
  3. There goes that Orton match tonight. Hopefully he's asymptomatic.
  4. So the Saints it is. The story writes itself.
  5. With the Seahawks losing we can actually host the game next week if the Bears win tomorrow. The kids are still pretty low, i got my seats if they do pull it off. DAAA Bears!
  6. Been a long time. 2007! Let's Fire The Cannons!!!
  7. Indy Seattle Tampa Tennessee Chicago Pittsburgh I think of the ratings do well this weekend you might see them stick with the 7th team.
  8. We could open our own sports book site. We performed at a percentage on par with some of the "pros".
  9. For the record i only brought up the Mandalorian because it was the most recent streaming show I've watched. I want to put it into the sort of light that Tank was talking about. For fun. The last scene b with Daniel and Kumiko, i tried getting who the other woman was. My guess was one of the girls that she taught the Obon dance to that was giggling. I forgot about the girl he saved during the storm. But only that she is a high up in Doyona and is able to return the favor to Daniel. I liked that. In Star Wars land that would be grounds for a flame war. "That's too convenient!"
  10. The thing that tears at me is the amount of call backs. In some ways it works. Daniel seeing Ali and her going "is that Daniel with an L?" Then you have the soccer game which is sequel level rehash of the soccer game from the original. Even down to Sam screaming "This school sucks!!!" When Johnny shows up to the country club with a white jacket I'm thinking spaghetti. The writers were one step ahead of us and had Johnny call out the server for almost bumping into him. The call backs were intentional and almost South Park levels of trolling. That's probably why i didn't mind too much.
  11. I also thought the kid with the slicked back hair was Silva.
  12. I didn't say it was better than the Mandalorian. I said i can wait until the next session of it. I want to see the end of Cobra Kai because it is obviously close. As far Tank, i have a laundry list of problems that i can't get into now because I'm at work. I think this elicits the response it does because i don't know anyone who ever said they wanted more Karate Kid. No we have and are lovin it.
  13. While i can wait for season 3 of The Mandalorian, i can't wait for season 4 of Cobra Kai. There's no doubt it will be the final season. While there were things I had problems with i just loves so much about the season - you can feel the genuine emotion of Ralph Macchio not having Pat Morita there. You can feel - Daniel going back to Okinawa could have been the most fan service okay of the season but it works perfectly.
  14. I missed pittsburgh- cleveland Cleveland
  15. Buffalo Baltimore Minnesota Jets Dallas Tampa Chicago Vegas Indianapolis Kansas City Arizona Seattle New Orleans Tennessee Washington
  16. They play today? I thought all the games were tomorrow?
  17. Metropolis


    Watched it Christmas morning. Really enjoyed it. 22 was so refreshing especially in today's atmosphere. I asked someone last week how they were doing and he replied "it's 2020!" I just smiled and thought aren't you a ball of sunshine.
  18. Kansas City Cleveland Pittsburgh Chicago Baltimore Houston Chargers Carolina Philly Seattle Tennessee Buffalo
  19. I just saw this. Crazy and sad. I'm so behind on AEW. I'm not sure if he's been on tv since he lost the title back to Cody.
  20. Blaine Gabbert droppin dimes!
  21. The Linda Carter cameo disappointed me. If only because the plastic surgery made her look bad, her voice was messed up as well.
  22. Spoilers. So Mando saves the day because of his love for "the child". Funny coincidence.
  23. The draw with The Trans Siberian Orchestra is their live show. It's pretty damned good. That it draws a crowd with all age groups says a lot. As for the music it's hit and miss. Only two of their Christmas albums are actually good.
  24. Saints Is this a covid rescheduled game?
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