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  1. Don't ask me how Ezra got off the Star Destroyer without Thrawn noticing. I thought Filoni would keep the cartoon stuff separate from the live action but he set it all up. Ahsoka's owl. Balen standing on the statues of the Father, Son, and the Daughter. There is an entrance on that planet to the World Between Worlds. Did Ahsoka see Anakin's ghost?
  2. I think the only F-150 under 50K is the base model.
  3. NO!!!! Damn the Judgement Day. Mysterio won back the NA Championship. Looks like Paul Heyman will be in Brown Breaker's corner next week against Melo.
  4. As good as Melo is am I i the only one that thinks Trick might be better in the long run? He finally got ring gear. He has the size. He's got a great tagline for the crowd to chant along with. "Whoop That Trick!"
  5. Does Edge showing up at WrestleDream do anything for anyone?
  6. The heat stays for the most part until November. The humidity becomes a lot more bearable. October is usually when my electric bill goes down lol.
  7. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    You mean Blake Lively?
  8. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    Taylor Swift is in the building guys lol.
  9. Tim Wakefield died at 57. That's sad
  10. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    The Broncos weren't this bad. They were bad, but they've gotten worse Indy Payton.
  11. Buffalo Denver Baltimore Cincinnati Rams Tampa Philadelphia Minnesota Houston Chargers Dallas San Francisco Kansas City Giants
  12. Huh. I thought i did post in that thread. Oh well
  13. It's interesting that one of lesser talked about things in Ahsoka is that Star Wars basically introduced zombies.
  14. There is a scene in Independence Day where Randy Quaid gives the troops his flying credentials. He then tells them about him being abducted by aliens and the soldiers roll their eyes. Even after they've been invaded by aliens they dismiss Quaid. That's the New Republic. The danger is in front of them and they still turn their noses up at it.
  15. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    I knew with Brady gone a bunch of fans would jump off the bandwagon. That said there is way too much green here. It's embarrassing.
  16. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    I used to be if the "rules favor the offense too much" side. If you watch a top high school game or college football, players just don't know how to tackle anymore. They are few and far between.
  17. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    Either the Dolphins are that good or the Broncos were really that bad.
  18. Tennessee Detroit Green Bay Miami Minnesota Jets Buffalo Jacksonville Baltimore Seattle Kansas City Dallas Vegas Tampa Rams
  19. That seems more like a might as well do it now decision before he really embarrasses us thing. Such a shame.
  20. Ahsoka told Anakin she wouldn't leave him again after she broke his mask.
  21. Didn't think we'd be digging this thread back up. So far...... Emma Mustafa Ali
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