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  1. So Paige errr Saraya is All Elite. While she got a huge pop, i don't see that meaning much for AEW. Maybe she's cleared to wrestle, but Paige has had so much work done she is almost unrecognizable. A lot of her appeal when she debuted was that she was relatable to most girls.
  2. So Daniel happened to marry the cousin of the female lead in Karate Kid 3? Convenient.
  3. MIKE BARNES!!! I knew he would turn out to be a good guy. But Daniel has to drag him back into this.
  4. Cleveland Detroit Tampa Carolina Pittsburgh Indianapolis Baltimore Rams San Francisco Dallas Denver Vegas Green Bay Buffalo Minnesota
  5. If Herbert doesn't have broken ribs they are at least bruised real bad. On a side note Herbie really did his homework. I knew he could do well in a pro booth.
  6. Roger will do it one more time and the call it a career.
  7. The ending saved it for me. I thought the kids fighting was super cute. Sue me lol. There is a thing at too much humor. Taika went after every piece of low hanging fruit. He was watching YouTube videos of goats on the toilet and thought "I'm going to put that in the movie". I usually don't harp on plot holes or inconsistencies, but this movie almost begs for them. Everyone always asks why doesn't a hero just call the rest of the Avengers. Why not call the Guardians of the Galaxy? They're already IN THE MOVIE!!! The Stormbreaker thing rears its ugly head. Not the fact that an axe was copping an attitude. That thing took out Thanos with the full Infinity Gauntlet. I'll give you the Endgame argument of Thor being out of shape, but you're telling me God Bod Thor couldn't take out Gorr?
  8. You ever root one way in a game only to realize you picked the other way?
  9. I think Dexter Lumis just wants to be on Miz and Mrs.
  10. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    I just read 6-8 weeks. Still sucks. I hate seeing players go down with bad injuries.
  11. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    Well that was the antithesis of last year's game.
  12. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    We're winning, but they're killing me on third down. I don't want to be doing Dennis Greene impersonations later.
  13. New Orleans San Francisco Cincinnati Detroit New England Baltimore Washington Carolina Indianapolis Tennessee Minnesota Kansas City Las Vegas Tampa Denver
  14. H trying to be cinematic with the Karion Kross run in McIntyre.
  15. Like like 2/3 of Toxic Attraction are on SmackDown now. Interesting.
  16. I forgot about that. I was 19 when i read it. The EU aged horribly IMO. But to be fair it wasn't one on one with Vader and Luke.
  17. There was a story i see a couple of days ago that mentioned the promotion of two people noone has ever heard if before to EVPs in WWE. The writer cleverly stated that the two were not believed to have superkicked any doors in Connecticut. I mean it's funny lol.
  18. The Bucks just turn me off. And stories of them burying FTR was so obvious. It's seemed like Kahn tried fixing the situation by getting them the AAA and Ring of Honor titles. AEW home grown talent isn't during enough to get past any mass exodus if talent.
  19. Ricky Starks? Oooooo. He has huge potential if he were to go to WWE. I think he would need to go to NXT first though.
  20. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    I looked on several sites and didn't see Russell Wilson mentioned. Yeah Spam he was traded to Denver before the draft.
  21. Seeing i missed the majority of the Cena era, i tangentially missed most of the Punk era. I only know what I've read about him so i see what you're saying as a possibility. Though what I've heard about what the Bucks have been like backstage I can't see them as not at least equally responsible. Report was that they kicked the door in to Punk's locker room. You can't do that. As the boss Khan needs to put the hammer down on all involved. The Bucks and Omega need to be stripped of their executive roles. Kahn needs to put all of the locker room cliques in their place. If he fires Punk it might solve one problem, but it is going to let to more people wanting out. The list of guys asking for releases reportedly include Danielson and Regal. AEW can't take those loses.
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