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  1. Why do you want his babies? I mean go have sex numerous times in many uncomfortable places. And a few comfortable ones if that's what you like. But do you seriously want to carry around that burden for 9 months and be responsible for at least 18 years?


    What if he can't perform? What if the "Force" isn't with him? Are you going to accept "It's all Obi-Wan's fault" as an excuse?

  2. Overload!


    Man GL put a ton of stuff in this movie. The novel didn't read like that. I definitely have to go spoiler free for episode 3. I think that's why I loved TPM so much. I could go on, but basically I really liked it. Not as much as I liked TPM but hey.

  3. Otanku:

    Actually, football players get paid the most. Base line salary for a 3 year veteran is 200 thousand a year. For baseball it's about the same, but take into account that football season is only 6 months (counting the minicamps) versus 10 months for baseball (counting minicamps), so football players get paid more, since their income is earned over a shorter period of time.

    You forget to take into account that football player salaries aren't guaranteed like in basebal and basketball. That is why the signing bonuses are so important. And the way contracts are structured now a days the base salary isn't as simple as 4 years 28 million dollars=7 mil a year. It's more like a 4 million dollar signing bonus, 1 mil the first year, 3 million the second, 6 million the third, and a balloon of 18 million the fourth. Actually that example would be more of an NBA contract, but you get the idea.
  4. A Trekkie? NO!


    Honestly though. I can talk Star Wars till I'm blue in the face(and that would be a sight), but I choose not to becaue it gets old. I just feel like Jay and Silent Bob in the movie where they want to go to all the net posters houses and kick their asses.

  5. After reading that crap on the prequels board I no longer want to be associated with them. I am now a singular entity. "That guy that thinks Star Wars is pretty okay". I honestly think most of thm had a hard time sleeping sunday night crying because GL "disappointed" them again.

  6. quote:

    considering who I'm up against I wasn't very surprised. Yeah, it's true, I'm a guy...



    Disformed, derranged and slightly disillusioned anti-padawan of JLP,

    Idoliser of Thyham, Yogie and Chalcedony,

    Secret lover of KKBB

    Cybergirl for Spike23,

    anti-padawan teacher to the egolomanical but okay looking King JT,

    and supposed dream girl of Macstorm.



    Listen up you post happy Boy George! I don't give a rat's ass about your "superior mental accumen". Once you figure out if you're wearing pink satin panties or white stained cotton underwear you can get back to me.




    You heard me.

  7. You know Akpik...




    You can growl...




    You can shake your head...




    You can grin...




    You can snort...




    But that don't scare me because you're not the first girl I've woken up to that's done that and you won't be the last!




    ::punks her out with the mic::

  8. A three time champion today is not as impressive as it was in boxing's heyday. Like you said, Lewis wasn't prepared for the fights he lost. Says a lot about him. Even his trainer criticized him for not being prepared for the fight against Rahman. There aren't many championship quality heavyweights out there. There are good ones, but none with the drive it takes to be great. Might have something to do with the Heavyweight division being run by thugs. Tyson clearly isn't the fighter he used to be, but if he trained hard enough, he could put lewis on his butt. Though I don't really think that Tyson has it in him anymore.


    [ 11-26-2001: Message edited by: Metropolis ]

  9. Being a 3 time champion means he got punked out twice. and not by what many would call quality opposition. Lewis could have real problems with Tyson. He has problems with shorter fighters. If he doesn't go after Tyson, that leaves him 12 rounds of worrying about getting popped in the chops. Tyson can still deliver that knockout blow.

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