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  1. I'd start before 8. 


    Is it better than the theatrical cut? Hell yeah! Will it change your mind if you didn't like Batman vs Superman? Probably not. It will sway a lot of people that were on the fence. 


    I'm having a hard time believing the rumors about WB execs wanting to walk away after the Snyder cut. First they put so much money into this that that seems crazy to begin with. Second what Justice League potentially sets up is pretty exciting. You already have a Flash movie in the works. You've signed multiple Batmans to work in a multiverse that JL references. If you have in to making the Snyder cut a reality, you can't walk away from the positive buzz the same fan base might create.


    In all honesty the Snyder Cut is his vision via the hindsight of having heard criticism of the first movie for going on four years. There is a lot this movie corrects. The one thing that still sticks with me is how on earth could Snyder have fit this into a feature length film. Granted there is enough filler that could cut 45 minutes, maybe an hour. He added to this though. I think it's because he knew he could go four hours. Enjoyable though. 


    As a side note as to not drop too many spoilers. The Batman nightmare sequence comes after the movie. Mainly because it was re shot and wouldn't have fit where it originally was. It is good. Yet it gets my hope up for something I have doubts will be delivered 


  2. This seems to be getting pretty good reviews. I guess I'm staying up late tonight. Actually at for hours I'll just watch it early tomorrow. I didn't care for Justice League, but loved BvS. 


    If a four hour movie gets a good review, does that mean a Snyder theatrical cut was still destined to disappoint?

  3. I don't watch the Oscars because i haven't seen a majority of the movies nominated. Since I stopped listening to fm radio bi jabber no clue about the current artists. I might know a name but i couldn't put their faces to a song if i wanted. 

  4. It will be interesting to see how these WrestleMania tickets go tomorrow. I read in cagesideseats that they are only selling tickets in pods of up to six. Hopefully that means a pod can contain two. 

  5. Catching up on AEW, I'm reminded the purpose of NXT in the first place. Developmental. There are so many of these newer wrestlers in the roster that are just plain BAD on television. In the ring they're okay. It's glaring in AEW's  womens division. There are a lot of new faces but there has been little done to refine their characters. Take Jade Cargill. Now she's green, but her look is horrible. Ditch the blonde hair. It makes get look like a tranny. She's actually a very beautiful woman. 

    Props to Shaq for taking that bump though. Don't get the disappeaering act though.

  6. Catching up on AEW off the dvr. I have to say that the face turn for the Dark Order is working for me. Maybe some of it is the passing of Brodie Lee or the less serious nature of group, but I don't fast forward through them anymore.


  7. You paid for that? 

    I just watched what Moxley said after the match.

    AEW was never going to deliver on the hype of the new signee. Christian? Okay. 


  8. I think it's funny that there were stories about Murphy not wanting Michael B Jordan playing his son because he thought the focus should be on him. Fair enough. After watching the movie though, i came away with the feeling that the movie should have focused on Jermaine Fowler. 


    Wesley Snipes was great in a limited role. He's funny the whole time even when he's saying I'll assassinate you if you don't have someone marry one of my kids. 



  9. If the pandemic has done anything, it has saved some movies the opportunity to bomb at the box office.  While I'm not sure what box office expectations would have been, a sequel to one of the best comedies of the 80s works draw interest from some of us "getting old" fogies. 

    I'll admit i was always skeptical about the premise of Akeem having an illegitimate child as it was in no way past of his character. That part is explained away in a hokie manner that you forget about. It plays the hits so to speak. Almost all the major characters from the first movie make an appearance save a couple. Honestly how Sam Jackson didn't worm his way into this one is beyond surprising. The new cast is alright. I loved Jermaine Fowler in Superior Doughnuts, but that for cancelled. He masks being Akeem's bastard son work. 

    Overall the movie is okay once you get past the fact that they relied to much on nostalgia and not the story they tried to tell. As thin as it was it was touching in a way. 

    If you ever wondered, it is blue confirmed that Coming to America and Trading Places do exist in the same universe. What was a throw away gag in the first movie was played into a whole scene in this one. Maybe we can how for a Trading Places 2? Maybe we should leave will enough alone.

  10. Now that i think about it, I'm not sure Drew McIntyre should get the belt back at WrestleMania. McIntyre giving Lesnar the claymore would have brought Raymond James Stadium down. A half full stadium won't have the same energy. Also it would ruin the tear Lashley has been on. Have Lashley keep the belt and build McIntyre back up for a win at SummerSlam.  That way you build the anticipation and you don't have Lashley look like a place holder. Win win. 

  11. They made a mistake thinking Otis would be a singles draw. They should have had him use the MITB to get Heavy Machinery the tag titles. I think Lashley was on a path to face McIntyre at Mania anyways. They've basically done what they did a couple of years ago with Lashley. They have him win the IC Title so that Finn Balor could have the win at WrestleMania. Looks like it's happening again.

  12. I am going to go out on a limb here. Santos Escobar is main roster ready Now! Going head to head with Karion Kross showed he can with bigger guys. Bring Le Gato Delphantasma with him, and add Angel Garza. That would be a money stable. 

    Kross on the other hand kept himself on NXT until next year with that Damien Priest match. He was out of shape and looked bad. He needs to build himself back up to the monster he was.

  13. Cobra Kai existing had brought up stories i would have never even sought it. I never knew that the reason Daniel and Jessica were never me than friends in KK3 was because the actress that played Jessica was 16 when they were filming. Macchio was 27 and the producers thought that was too creepy.


  14. One of the things you do when your ratch NXT(or AEW to an extent) is figuring out if a wrestler will become a star. Example, i thought Damien Priest had the build, but was weary of his look. The S&M tights for the most part. Since his call up he's been very good. Pairing him with a rapper hasn't hindered him. He has a lot of potential.

    Along with Priest, Rhea Ripley was called up as well. Other than the Royal Rumble, she has yet to make a television appearance. Now all of the wrestling sites are calling out WWE predictably. Since we're saying they've ruined her before she even debuts. 

    I'm going to make a different observation. Ripley had struggled since she lost to Charlotte at WrestleMania last year. Not because of Charlotte, but because she hasn't been compelling outside of the title picture. She excelled chasing Shaina. She was the next big thing that conquered the beast. She was good going after Io Shirai. Even though she was never suppose to beat Io, i came out of that thinking it would have been a crime if she did best Io. Her goal was to put over Raquel Gonzalez and she did. Now knowing she is in the main roster i can't see a place for her....yet. She didn't go after Charlotte now so it's a good idea to put her on SmackDown. Where does she for in though? Inserting her into the title picture diminishes Belair. Is she good enough to carry a mid card story? Is she Matt Riddle or Keith Lee? If you want hey to be Keith Lee then you have to hold her out until Mania. Thrusting her into a title picture if you're not going to give it to her. 

    I'm still of the opinion the women need a show their own with the main parts making it into Raw and SmackDown storylines.


  15. 16 minutes ago, Fozzie said:

    The main benefits I’m looking at are size and amount of hot water. We are already at a point where we run out of hot water in the middle of showers, but I don’t want to replace our tank with an even bigger one. Especially since current tanks are better insulated and therefore already bigger than what we currently have.

    We have a 40 gallon gas unit and have never had that problem. A couple of my neighbors have thought about it, but ultimately ended up getting new tank heaters.

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