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  1. Now is the uproar because Johnny Storm is now black or is it because his sister is still white? What if they made Sue Storm black as well? Would that calm the uproar because they would both be black or would there be double the hate? Had an associate at work ask me how blacks would react if the Falcon in the new Captain America movie was white. I said "what? The 5% that know who the Falcon is?" Lol.
  2. Love it! Now if we don't suck this year.
  3. Curious. What is so great about their toilets?
  4. Never really been a huge Stratovarios fan but I've really been digging this Avantasia-esque album from Tolkki.
  5. Man when Lebron hits shots like that it reminds me of being on the other end of routing against Jordan. Sucks to be a Warrior fan leaving that arena.
  6. I didn't get to see last Tuesday's game because I was at work. But tonight's game was hard fought. They need to stop lying saying that this game didn't really mean anything to them. Played like it meant something. On another note, it is so good having Doug Collins back on the mic. Not that I don't like Van Gundy, I do, but I tire of his analysis of every foul call. He sounds like the guy sitting next to you at the game who won't shut up with his "thoughts".
  7. Hell the song that made TSO is a Savatage song. Literally. There is no difference between Sarajevo on Dead Winter Dead and Other Stories. They didn't even re record it. I've come to accept that Savatage is no more. Olive in almost every interview says that even a reunion record doesn't interest them. At this stage in life I can see how padding the bank account for your families future is a good idea. TSO does put on a hell of a live show though.
  8. I must admit this is seasonal but I love this album at Christmas. I've seen them live twice. Would have seen them last week but I have already seen The Lost Christmas Eve. And while I love the music the story is kind of a holiday bummer.
  9. It is scary that right now there are 3 teams in the eastern conference above .500. Now as the season goes along things will even out and it won't look as bad, but you assess what is going on now and it wouldn't surprise me if there is a 10 game gap between the 2 and 3 seeds in the east. Personally I think most of these teams know that Miami doesn't give full effort against the poor teams so they are all sucking to have a shot. No......didn't think so.
  10. If that's canon, I'm super jealous. I would LOVE not to poop.The magazine business is kept alive by our time in the bathroom.
  11. F'n Chris Bosh. Tried watching the Avengers last night and bam!
  12. I swear we play defense only when we want to. There goes the undefeated season.
  13. So the Heat were down 22 early and now only trail by 2 at the half. That's today's NBA. We honestly should be up. As many times as we turned th ball over during the run. Are you at the game Choc?
  14. Well that got closer than I would have liked but 82-0 is still a reality.
  15. I like how Steve Kerr referred to the fans in the cheap seats. There were no cheap seats for tonight's game. If there were I would have been there.
  16. Actually the Heat did it twice. They did it beating Dallas back in'06.
  17. Very happy about this. Don't consider any of the 2-3-2 finals "real." Can start keeping records again. So you haven't kept records for 28 years?
  18. And that's a fact Jack!!! To Riley's own comments he had his best years in Miami. And he never got into any trouble in Miami. If he doesn't learn his lesson, he gets cut and it doesn't cost the Heat a cent because his contract is non guaranteed.
  19. And sticky icky Beasley is back. Riley sees this as low risk high reward. And if he can be productive off the bench then yes. Of course he has to make the team.
  20. Its like Magic never saw the interview with Lebron. He didn't just rail off 3 names. He took his time to think about it and it was like after Jordan he picked names to appease. Would Bill Russell have a problem with someone saying Magic was better?
  21. The guy has problems. I would really hope he is getting counseling because it was suspected he was on suicide watch before his last season in Miami.
  22. No. They could have signed Oden for what they did with Mike Miller on the roster. Letting Miller go saved them 17 million dollars this upcoming season. And they still have a roster spot to fill.
  23. And still made 24 million in the process. You have to love guaranteed contracts.
  24. Tough to see Mike Miller go. But his contract became a burden.
  25. I just don't see the Nets being better than last year. Quote me now! They won't have any more wins than they did last year.
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